Tessa Y.

We have pretty strict dietary guidelines – vegetarian (not vegan) – do you have a menu that we would be able to view for options?

steve r.

Scheduling a delivery time for our household may be tough…according to the website there is a storefront for pickup as of Summer 2010.

Anyone know if that happened?

Also, in picking out the Thanksgiving choices is there a way to choose low fat options?

Cherie S.

We are outside of the delivery area, how does that work?
Pick up?


Is free delivery included since the site states free delivery for orders over $30?

Where can I find the list of available items, and the other questions are good, if we are spending more than $30 then isn’t delivery free and what about the pick up site.

Susan B.

I found the menu and decided on my five choices. Then when I went to do a preliminary order I wasn’t able to choose roasted brussel sprouts anymore. Will they be available again after November 2nd? I hope so!!
I may just treat the cook (myself) to Thanksgiving twice. Once a few days before with Cellar Door Market’s fixin’s.
Here’s what I chose: Wild Mushroom Herb Rice, Cornbread and Sage Stuffing, Butternut Squash & Apple Soup and Potatoe Leek Soup.
Sounds yummy…now that wait…kind of exciting huh?

is there any way we can redeem the groupon earlier (ie. deliver before actual thanksgiving week)?

Deborah M.

What is the delivery fee? Also, any chance I can just get any 5 dishes anytime? We have a close relative dying far away and can’t predict if we will be here for Thanksgiving.

Eric S.

Cherie S.-
Yes, you can pick up on site.

Deborah M.-
($4.99 delivery fee not included; see delivery area here)

janice m.-
Not Sure, sorry

Eric- Groupon Staff

Chase L.

Tessa- We can provide vegetarian sides. Just choose your sides and request vegetarian under special instructions.

Steve R- We can drop off your order if you leave a cooler outside for delivery. While placing your order list your low fat request under special instructions.

Barbara- Our policy has changed and all deliveries are now charged a $4.99 delivery fee.

Florence- Go to our website www.cellardoormarket.com and click on Thanksgiving Package and you will find a click down box with a list of all sides.

Susan- Brussel Sprouts will be available when you place your order.

Janice- We may not have all supplies needed for an early order but we might be able to work something out for you.

Deborah- If you email us with a special request we will try our best to fulfill your order.

Shelly L.

Do they deliver to Troutdale? Thanks


thanks for the reply. we’ve got relatives visiting this week & i was hoping to do an early thanksgiving dinner with them. would it be possible to have an order delivered for the 5th? i know it’s early…..

Soes anyone know what the actually quanity of the sides is? Six to eight servings for my six may not be enough for any leftovers.

I would have love to try them but I could not redeem my group-on. I may never try them. I as for help but no answer. Best of luck to those who like them.

Rachel M.

Okay, can ANYONE HELP ME?!?!?!?!? OMG!! I have been CALLING AND CALLING AND CALLING Cellar Door Market as WELL AS EMAILING THEM in regards to their Thanksgiving Groupon!! I didn’t even GET the Groupon in time so I just ORDERED thanksgiving sides from them at their REGULAR price and NO ONE is answering their phone OR EMAILS!!! HOLY COW AM I NERVOUS!!!?!!?!? They are NOW posting that DELIVERY TO VANCOUVER IS ON THANKSGIVING DAY FROM 9AM-9PM!! HOLY COW ARE THEY CRAZY!?!??!?!?!?! IS THERE A STOREFRONT THAT I CAN GO TO TOMORROW?!?! I ordered my stuff on November 3rd and paid over $135!! I WILL BE SOOOO UPSET if they fall through on this as I have COUNTED on them for Thanksgiving sides!! I am SO VERY UPSET I cannot even TELL YOU!! My friend who DID get the groupon is having the EXACT problem with them! !NO RESPONSES TO CALLS OR EMAILS!! SOMEONE HELP!!

Rachel, I have had the same problem and I’m quite nervous about this whole thing now. Wondering if I just put myself into some kind of scam! I’ve made multiple phone calls and emails and NO ANSWER back ever! I’m on a very strict budget and can’t afford to go out and buy anything else for Thanksgiving and I have guests expecting a nice dinner.
Can someone help answer our questions? I read we were suppose to get a phone call telling us when delivery will be and have I have not received a phone call or e-mail….nothing!

If anyone from Cellar Door Market reads this, I left a change of delivery address right after I ordered. Which was right after midnight on the 3rd of November. I left numourous phone calls and e-mail since then and have not received word that they have that change taken care of. PLEASE LET ME KNOW, SO I KNOW THEY WILL RECEIVE THANKSGIVING DINNER!

Rachel M.

Okay JEAN M. AND TO ALL THAT PURCHASED THEIR THANKSGIVING TRIMMINGS GROUPON THROUGH CELLAR DOOR MARKET!!! WAAARNINGGG!!!!! : Okay folks, you all need to know this: I stated above the problems I had for days trying to get someone from Cellar door market to call/email me back in regards to my delivery date and order for Thanksgiving. So Chase at Cellar Door Market did call me back almost immediately after my post went up. I was thankful to finally speak to someone!! SO we worked out everything and I got my trimmings delivered today. Only to find, that after spending $135.00 The amount of food I got was barely enough to feed my family of FOUR MUCH LESS 6-8!!! I ordered the roasted brussel sprouts and recieved a half full container with a total of 8 BRUSSEL SPROUTS!!!!! I ordered DOUBLE sausage stuffing and SERIOUSLY….IT IS ENOUGH FOR MY FAMILY OF FOUR AND NOO MORE!!!! THE MASHED POTATOES SAME!! THE AMOUNT OF FOOD THEY ARE GIVING OUT IS NOT NOT NOOOT ENOUGH FOR 6-8 PEOPLE!!! If you don’t believe me, I’m posting my email address…..email me and i’ll SHOW YOU THE PICTURES I TOOK OF THE FOOD SO YOU CAN SEE FOR YOURSELF!!!! For all of you thinking you don’t have to cook on Thanksgiving??? GET TO THE STORE ASAP and START PREPPING!!!!!! This is NOT enough food AT ALLL!!!!!!! Chase however was very kind about this and was willing to make it all right and deliver me the rest of the food I would need but I declined. It’s too much of a headache at this point and I’d rather just make it all myself now. He was accommodating and very sorry and I do appreciate his willingness to fix this. I’m just done worrying about it all and want this to be over!! here is my email address: monty2mom@me.com….. Good luck people! And be warned!!!!

I have to agree with Rachel M. I was able to receive my Thanksgiving sides today that I ordered with the Groupon. These portion sizes are WAY TOO SMALL! The food I received today, MAY feed my family of 4 (and my 2 children are little). As I write this, I am making a grocery list to head to Freddie’s tomorrow. For everyone waiting for your Groupon delivery, be forewarned—you will not have enough food to serve 6-8 people! I cringe at the thought of you all receiving your delivery on Tues or Wed only to see that you do not have enough food. I am thankful that I have 2 full days to get to the store and start preparing food to feed my friends/family at my Thanksgiving Table on Thursday. I will be frantically preparing my own sides now so I can, hopefully, enjoy my Holiday with friends and family.

steve r.

All I can say is this is one heck of a holiday to decide to play “Let’s run a catering business !”

I began getting worried when I placed my order for the sides of my choice and I never got a confirmation email or anything.

Why isn’t the business owner (Chase?) making clear answers to any of these questions right here on the public forum for their own deal?

Is each person supposed to call him see if he can scrounge up enough food to satisfy the terms of his deal?

Rachel M.

Steve, you’re totally right. They are SO overwhelmed!! And unfortunately, we are the ones that are suffering. Like I said, Chase I must say was extrememly sorry and very willing to work with me. But honestly, I just want to be done with this and get into the mindset of doing it (once again) by myself. I guess depending on others to help you with such a big Holiday is not such a good idea. 8 brussel sprouts Steve, EIGHT BRUSSEL SPROUTS!?!?!?!? That’s ALL i got in my portion size for 6-8 people!! “Okay folks, Here come the brussel sprouts but you can only have ONE EACH!!!” AAAAGGHHH!!!
I just thank GOD I got my order now so I know and I’m not scrambling on Wednesday or God forbid, on Thursday!! :)

Courtney S.

I received my delivery today and was pleased. I did everything online and didn’t try to do anything outside of the norm in regards to my order or the delivery time. My sides were enough for four adults to eat for dinner tonight without anything else, and we have some leftovers, so I actually think that if we had a turkey and the five sides (plus a dessert!) it would be enough for six-eight people to eat a normal, not overstuffed, meal. There wouldn’t be enough for eight people plus leftovers, which is usually some of the fun of Thanksgiving, but I think this was a great deal. For $35, the portions were more than adequate and the food, especially the stuffing, was really good.

steve r.

We live in NE and were suppposed to get our delivered meals today (according to their website schedule between 9am-9pm). I guess I’ll assume they will contact me to re-schedule as they say they will if they have to reschedule – , although I may start trying to reach them just because I’m getting that sinking feeling.

Thanks for sharing your experiences I’m glad it was tasty but I ordered the Brussels sprouts and 8 aren’t enough for me let alone the others at the table.

I have anxiety building about what was supposed to be the easy way to a stress free holiday. Anybody have a contact number that gets through?

Kristin C.

We are also in NE and did not get a delivery. If someone gets through could you please post what we are supposed to do?

same boat but hoping for the best. we were supposed to get our order yesterday both from special request in the comment box and also per their website that SE would be delivered yesterday.

I called Chase this morning and he pulled my order and says he will get it to us before we leave for the coast today….I am in charge of sides for Turkey Day and cannot fathom trying to get to the coast and start over on planning…..

Joyce M.

I also, in SE did not receive my delivery. I am starting to freak out that we will not have a Thanksgiving meal ready, especially now with the icy roads

I got my delivery before noon as Chase said I would. I think when all of the sides are out there will be enough for 8 of us because with 5 sides you take a much smaller portion than if you just had 1 or 2.

Not sure if I’d order again with full price though….

steve r.

Delivery was scheduled for Mon and it is now Tuesday night. No door and no contact from cellar door market. The number I could find is 503-322-7833 and it is the Chase Person people have mentioned but the voicemail is full and can’t take more messages.
So if you read this Chase, we are not getting a very good feeling over here, and we expected a bit more as far as communication leading up to the delivery day and CERTAINLY MORE SINCE THE FOOD DIDN’T COME ON THE PROMISED DAY.
Couldn’t this have been predicted and averted weeks ago when you sold so many meals?I get busy too, but silence is deadly. Get a friend to make some calls for cripes sake!

steve r.

Correction, should read: "Tuesday night and still no FOOD and no contact from Cellar Door…l

Also, the number I have is 971-322-7833, not 503 area code.

Any help in the way of a contact number from Groupon staff or others would be appreciated.

steve r.

Here is what I now know, although they really should be the ones communicating this:

They hired people from Craigslist to do the deliveries. Some of those people took off and STOLE some of the food on Monday (the food heading to SE and NE Portland).

At this point they don’t know who didn’t receive their food so you need to call them at 503-730-8668 if your delivery day has been missed. They say that they are going to try and deliver all the meals today, but I decided to go to their pickup location at 92nd and Glisan with a copy of my invoice and get the food myself.

The woman on the phone was nice. “Chase” no longer works for the company (!!!)- so that 971-322-7833 number is no good anymore (and the mailbox is still full so if you left a message on that number you should call the correct number right away.

Good Luck, and remember Groupon has a guaranty so you can call them for a refund or someting. I’ve never tried using it.

Susan B.

I cooked my turkey, potatoes, yams, pumpkin yesterday and waited for the side dishes until 9:30 pm. Finally gave up and two of us ate

. I have Thanksgiving guests coming tonight (had a “feeling” so changed the guests date from yesterday to today…they already have dates for the actual Thanksgiving Day dinner.)

My cooler is still sitting opened on my front porch. Tried calling the 503-730-8668 number. Now this, Paul’s, voicemail is full and not accepting messages.

I considered asking Cellar Door if they needed assistance…I wouldn’t want to be their new delivery person…unless I could put food in coolers and RUN to my next stop.)

Guess I’ll proceed cooking all day again today. At least I didn’t order the aforementioned items!!

Susan B.

I am in Beaverton…anyone else in Beaverton get their delivery yesterday? Wish I knew whether to expect today or not. Too bad such an “unforgettable” Thanksgiving for so many…including everyone at Cellar Door Market.

My phone just rang and they are outside right now…food is in my cooler. Yeah!

steve r.

I went by to pick up my meal. They had nothing that I ordered and were down to the last few odds and ends.

Carolyn P.

I had scheduled to pick up my food today only to realize they don’t have an address….supposedly their kitchen is located on SE Glisan and 92nd…but they won’t give me an actual street address. I keep being told its a couple blocks down and I would find it…..1st of all I CAN’T FIND a SE Glisan. I know of NE Glisan. The best the girl on the phone could say was “Well, its a major street…everyone knows it.” I ask for a land mark and she said “SE…near 205”

I spent an hour in my car on the side of the road in 20 degree temps trying to call someone, anyone who could help me or answer the phone and had no luck.

I ended up having to go buy everything since they were providing my Thanksgiving dinner. Words can not express how disapointed I am.

Being a corporate event planner, all I can say is I will never use them as a vendor EVER again.

Carolyn P.

As far as I’m concerned, they’re a scam….

Joyce M.

Picked up my food, they were very kind, The address is to go south on 92nd off of Glisan about 1 block down, behind the Christian school (not the bible college on the north side of glisan). They are in an upstairs room in a brick building.
People were nice but some of the food was not there but they were doing their best to make it up, offered us a turkey too for free.
I think there was a major company upset and some delivery issues but they are doing their best to get everything fixed as soon as possible.
Sight says all deliveries by today so call if yours doesn’t come!

Kim b.

My food was delivered but the quantity was very, very small. I used two groupons and planned on having enough to serve 10. The two orders don’t even come close to serving sizes for 10 people.

Went out and bought extras of everything and have been cooking most of the day. If you’re still waiting on your food, I’d suggest going shopping tonight….

Tamara W.

I got off the phone with Paul a bit ago, and he was very apologetic, but there is no more food. If you don’t have your food by now, you’re not getting any. He also gave me the story of delivery people stealing the food, but what kind of business doesn’t FULLY check out the people they’ve hired? In this economy, there are literally MILLIONS of people looking for work. They had the pick of the litter essentially. Did no one think of asking for references? Background checks? Really Hopefully they at least know who these people are and where to find them to have them arrested and prosecuted for theft!

Off to the store to buy the rest of what I will need to feed my family. Thank goodness there’s only 5 of us this year!

Still love Groupon and will be getting my money back, but I’ll be more careful next time with a company that only has customer testimonials on their website to back up their reputation. How do we know they don’t just make those up themselves?

Carolyn P.

I was at that Glisan and was parked right behind that school and the woman on the phone was insisting that I was in the wrong location and that it wasn’t NE Glisan…I specifically told her where I was….instead she fought with me insisting there was another Glisan and I was on the wrong one….

And I agree, I still love Groupon!

steve r.

I think Groupon shares a little of the responsibility here.

They make money for every deal sold, and somebody didn’t ask the right questions to find out how these folks were planning to prepare and deliver a sell-out figure of 750 meals across 3 counties in the space of 3 days.

When I saw that they had sold just shy 750 of the meals I was shocked. They needed people to prep, cook, pack, load and drive to individual addresses in the space of 3 days. Insanity.

No wonder the pumkin pie is a mass produced store bought dry looking sad pie. Gourmet indeed.

So on the BS meter this deal was full of it. Sure these people may well inded sound nice when you talk to them but this was a recless crapshoot by all involved. And when the sh*t was hitting the fan the communication was/is non existent from the Cellar Door or from Groupon.

Does Groupon ask qualifying questions to determine the maximum deals they will sell together? Wasn’t there a rational business mind involved – not just a fantasy?

Juli A.

I just went and got my Thanksgiving meal @ 9:30pm from New Seasons as I’m a groupon buyer that never got my delivery from Cellar Door. So, is it Groupon that will be giving me a refund for this crappy deal?.

Benjamin S.

We ordered dinner for seven three weeks ago and for the past two weeks, they listed on their website the option (if emailed) to pick up the dinner any time between 9am and 5pm, today at their site at SE 92nd and Glisan. After 20 minutes of driving around looking for the location, I call and they say, “Sorry, it’s not SE 92nd, it’s NE 92nd and don’t bother making the drive, we’re completely out of food.” On Thanksgiving Eve, at THREE in the afternoon, ON A CALL INITIATED BY ME, they informed me that they’d “miscounted” or some other pathetic excuse I couldn’t hear over my pulse. The absolute worst part was listening to Paul offering me credit against some future purchase from them. Hey Paul, choke on it.

Benjamin S.

One other thing, and this one is for the folks at Groupon. To date, I’ve your service as an inexpensive way to try out new things around Portland.

I’m done with that. From here on out, I’ll only use the products or services that I’ve thoroughly vetted myself, even if it sounds like the best deal on the planet. You guys blew this one too.

This is Andrea from Cellar Door Coffee Roasters. We are NOT connected to the company that advertised this Groupon. In the past few days we’ve received a number of distressed calls from people who didn’t receive their Thanksgiving meals. I’ve just realized that if you Google “Cellar Door Market Portland” ours is the first listing that pops up, but again, we have absolutely nothing to do with that company.

I hope everyone is somehow able to figure out their food situation and get a refund from Groupon.

So those of you who complained about the portion sizes, that sucks, but try not getting anything at all, no contact, no calls no emails, nothing. I called Chase, I emailed 3-4 times starting 3 days ago. No contact was made at all. So after 9:30 at night last night I finally figured out that this is not going to happen. So first thing this morning-Thanksgiving freakin morning- I had to send my husband out to get all the Thanksgiving sides for todays event that I was hosting! This was such a frustrating experience and could have been a great opportunity for a small company to blow up and do well, word of mouth is huge for a business and they totally screwed themselves.

Groupon, how do we get our money back?

Ok, so I just called 503-730-8668 and Paul (the chef) answered the phone on Thanksgiving night. Said that he is working with Groupon to get everyone refunds that did not get their deliveries, he said how sorry he was that Thanksgiving was ruined he will do whatever he can to make up for it. He said we should expect an email from Groupon with information on refunds.

Benjamin S.

Upon hearing about my plight, Huber’s (our go to guys for the past few years) hooked us up with a turkey, ham, mashed P’s, greens, gravy, beer bread…the works, at the last possible moment! They’re the real deal.

I made a HUGE tactical mistake, deviating from a known quantity like Huber’s to “experiment” with clueless restaurant newbs like Cellar Door.

For what it’s worth, I HAPPILY gave Huber’s a 40% tip today, you CAN NOT overpay for good customer service.

Susan B.

This “deal” started out with CDM adding a delivery charge which HAD to be paid. CDM said two things had changed, one: you could no longer pick up deliveries. Two the website rules “changed”-though still posted- and our amount of food no longer qualified for free delivery.

I dislike getting to the purchase place and they say you can’t have what you came for unless you also buy/pay for something else. So I wrote CDM and got a note back that said how much Groupon takes of the “deal” and how expensive it is to operate with a list of things to consider. I felt that CDM had second thoughts about what they had done and were now trying to recouperate money where ever they could. That could be where the bad karma started coming their way.

After complaining to both companies that I had no option of pickup and HAD to pay more $ unexpectedly, I saw there was now an address in SE (which I mapped and did not exist). So I decided to wait for my delivery. As time progressed another map on the sight was posted in NE showing how to actually get to the kitchen. This was the day after my food should have arrived and I didn’t want to put a kink in what I hoped was my food in transit somehow. At this point maybe they decided getting our “help” with distribution wasn’t such a bad idea after all?

Two of my five items, delivered a day late, had “surprise” substitutes made.

Do you see my inquring about brussel sprouts in this “comment section” prior to ordering? The brussel sprouts were now carrots. (I won’t go into how much brown, orange and yellow I had on the table and all the other reason’s I wanted to try their green brussels.)

I cooked on Tuesday and made over 4 quarts of gravy and mashed about 10 lbs of potatoes. I was so looking forward to the apple/squash soup and now that was switched to mashed POTATOES. Oh no…not MORE potatoes! (should I be laughing now?)

Yes, I am grateful that I had anything delivered (as some paid but still had nothing) and that I cooked early and ordered two soups just wanting to “try” this service. I am grateful for so much…my fortune to have a warm dinner at all…homemade or delivered.

We did care for two of the three items ordered. The POTATOE leeks soup was excellent as was the cornbread stuffing. Yum, yum! The mushroom herb rice was…. meh…dry and lacking in both mushrooms and herbs. I still have some left over and will try again today to offer at every meal possible.

The delivery person left a voicemail upon delivery and thanked me for (still) having my cooler on the front porch (per the website my food and thus my company was due the day prior). He was most pleasant and wished us a “Happy Holiday”.

If I were delivered brussel sprouts and apple squash soup, without additional fees, I could be okay with all the bumps along the way. As things sit now I’m still…meh about the $40.00 not too well spent . (And something I choose to waste time on ….even here on black friday!!! A sign that I am really not OK with what I experienced.)

I am sorry for CDM and for all that they have gone through. (I hope insurance will reimburse for the stolen food.) I am sure this is a Thanksgiving not to be soon forgotten by many of us.

Happy Holidays! I say this particularly to those who kept well composed (my delivery person). It is said that a measure of a persons “Grace” is best tested under pressure. May we all be kind and supportive of one another inspite of what may be happening behind the struggles and lessons we are each experiencing.

I found linking to these comments was more challenging than usual so I’m unsure how many will be able find and share.

Kari K.

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for purchasing the Cellar Door Market Groupon.

While this deal was a great success, we understand that there were recently some problems regarding order delivery. If for any reason you were unable to redeem your Groupon or encountered issues during the redemption process, please contact us and we will issue a refund for your purchase. In the rare case that something like this happens, we will do what we can to make it right and get your money back to you as soon as possible.

Please contact us at support@groupon.com or at (877) 788-7858 during normal business hours and let us know what we can do to help.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.


Groupon Customer Support

Benjamin S.

Here that everyone?

Kari, Paul and Chase are giving us our $35 dollars back! Everything’s fixed! My biggest worry over the past three days has been, how am I getting my $35 dollars back?

Were sorry about fatally stitching that valve into your father’s heart backwards but we’ll tell you what, “That one was on us. Free of charge. Here’s your $35 back.”

steve r.

“a great success”????


Benjamin S.

Hilarious. Here’s what they’ve had on their website since Thanksgiving:

“We are working with Groupon to resolve this quickly. We will be in touch on refunds or credit for all that experienced our situation.”

So I wait TEN DAYS before asking CDM where my money is and THEN I receive an email telling me that they’re refunding my money.

When I called to ask where my food was on the day it was due, they replied that they were “just getting ready to call me” to say it would never come.

When I emailed to ask why they hadn’t refunded my money after a week and a half, they refunded my money.

My CDM lesson reinforced once again.

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