Tal C.

We have a 1.5 years old kid. Would he be allowed to join us (w/o drinking obviously…)

John F.

Does this groupon include parking at the botanic gardens (which can be pretty steep)?

Jamie M.

It says must be 21. A wine tasting isn’t really an appropriate venue for a toddler anyway. There’s nothing there to entertain children. Other adults are going to the wine tasting to enjoy an adult atmosphere, not a family one. That’s just my advice, though.

Towards the bottom of the Deal FAQ, it reads “Attendees must be at least 21 years old.”

gabriela j.

Okay this is silly, but I don’t understand maybe someone can hep me out. Does this deal give me two tickets for one day, which are the 12th of June and 13th?


gabriela j.

I reread the deal. Thanks

gabriela j.

@ Tal C, if you go to the website (Chicago Botanic Garden) it states “Individuals under 21 years of age are free when accompanied by an adult. Designated driver tickets are available at $10 each in advance and at the door. Designated driver tickets include 2 non-alcoholic drink tickets.” Which I think is great! So, If I were you I would also bring my toddler.

you get two tickets and choose one of the two days

Dominique L.

I’ve never been to the festival before and am not sure how this works. At the risk of sounding like a lush – what if I want to taste more than 10 wines? Do I have a ticket for each taste or something like that? Can I purchase more if I want?

Dominique L – I went to this festival 2 summers ago and, although I wasn’t a Groupon member then, they didn’t limit how much wine/beer you could sample. And i can’t imagine that they’ll be verifying with who is there on a Groupon ticket and who is not. ie. i presume/hope that the attendees can sample as much as they like.


I’ve been to other wine festivals/tastings before – it sounds like they are going to do this indoors since it is a “ticketed” event – BUT I am hesitant to purchase this just based on the “10 tastings” Most vendors only give you a 1 – 2 ounce pour so you can sample their wines for purchase (the deal did say the wines would be available to purchase)

I could see how the venue could give you a “punch card” ticket and when you go to a vendor they punch your ticket, once it has 10 punches you’re done.

Allison S.

I also want to know whether or not parking is included. I think parking rate around $20 a car.

Matt M.

parking is not included, but you can take the metra and a round trip trolley to/from the Garden is $2…

Matt, which Metra stop would I get off at and where would I pick up the trolley?

Matt M.

Sharon, take Metra‚Äôs Union Pacific North Line to the Glencoe station… not sure where the exact pick up is, but I’m sure there’s signage pointing you to the right place.

Jessica K.

Did anyone else buy this and have it show up as Sudachi Sushi?

Sarah R.

Did anyone else purchase this and have Groupon cancel it?

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