Anita D.

This is not a 1-year membership – it is a 6 month membership until the end of this year…

@Anita D.:
It actually is a 1yr membership. You have to Activate the membership within the 6mth expiration time-frame….then it is valid for 1yr after activation (read “The Fine Print”).
This is a great deal!

Anita D.

great, thanks!

stephanie H.

Thanks for the explanation – I was confused by the Dec 2010 expiration date also.

Cheng A.

I notice this membership for a family of 2 adults and 2 kids. The problem is they are in their late 80 and early90 yo, so it will be an adult kids. Can be husband and wife register under thier name since they are so old and dont need to go at the same time?

I have few questions: if you buy membership how many times can you go within that one year? Is there a limit of visits? Is there an additional cost for members each time they visit? If you buy the $7 ticket do you still have to become a member and pay any additional fee? Or the $7 get two people in and no additional fee? Thank you.

Mike M.

I would like to save some paper & not have the One-year subscription to Better Homes and Gardens magazine sent to me. Can we donate it?

Hi Inna and Mike… this is Sam from Groupon. Inna, the membership allows you unlimited visits to the Conservatory, no additional cost per visit. If you buy the $7 ticket, you’re all set to enjoy the Conservatory for a day, and won’t need to buy the membership as well. Basically, you pick which you’d prefer, membership or single visit with the ticket for two. Mike, you do not have to activate your magazine subscription, and you can give it away if you like. The voucher will come in your membership package, and you can do with it as you like.

Gary S.

Are the single tickets good till 12-25-2010?

Jennifer M.

With the family membership, can I bring in anybody, or is it restricted to the same 4 people each time?

Gary S.

you go marianne!!! In SF or Ohio people who love you are family. Great point made.

Hey Gary, Jennifer and Marianne… it’s Sam from Groupon. Thanks for the questions! Gary, the ticket for two expires in 6 months from tomorrow, the membership sign up expires in 6 months as well, so if you buy the membership, you’ll need to activate it in the next 6 months. From there, it will cover you for a year. Jennifer and Marianne, I’m not sure on your questions, but will ask someone with the conservatory to jump on the comment board and address those for you. Have a great day!

Susan S.

I tried to email membershi@sfcof.org and I received a unable to deliver. Can you please check the email number.

Hey Susan… it’s Sam with Groupon. It looks like there is a letter missing, you should be sending that to: membership@sfcof.org. The email you posted above is missing the P at the end of membership.

Arusyak K.

Is there an age limit on the children for the family? Can you bring 3 other adults in the family package? Please answer if you have to have all the same 4 people all the time?

Sharon P.

I have the same question – I am thinking of getting this for my brother and his wife. My parents are visiting SF later this year, and it’d be great if they could all go to the Conservatory together under the family membership. Hope someone from the Conservatory answers soon! (before the deal runs out)

Just confirming for single tickets .. is this like Buy One (for $7) and Get One (for $7)Free…I a little confused by ‘a’ ticket for ‘two’ people. Sorry!

Hi Heena… this is Sam with Groupon. This $7 Groupon is for admission for 2 people. You’ll both need to use it together when you redeem it at the Conservatory of Flowers. I’ve reached out to the Conservatory and someone will be jumping on the discussion board soon to address the family membership questions.

Conservatory o.

Hi – this is Jane, Director of Development for the Conservatory of Flowers. Thank you for all your enthusiasm – we look forward to seeing you here.

Now, to answer some of your questions: The certificate for the one year, unlimited admission for 2 adults and 2 children under the age of 18, Jungle Pass entitles you to redeem your Jungle Pass for six months. If you redeem it today, it will expire on June 23, 2011. If you hold on to it and redeem it on December 10th, for example, it will expire on December 9th, 2011. You must redeem the certificate within 6 months.

The single admission tickets which are available 2 for $7 are good for 6 months. Both tickets must be redeemed at the same time. In other words, the tickets cannot be used by the same person on 2 different days. You can purchase multiple tickets at 2 for $7.

I understand that there are questions regarding what constitutes a “family”. For the purposes of the Jungle Pass, we offer admission for 2 adults and 2 children under the age of 18. We will certainly take into consideration your comments regarding families as we evaluate our membership program, but for this offer, it is for 2 adults and 2 children under the age of 18. You may visit every single day we are open as a group or as an individual. There is no need to have 4 people in your group to visit.

For Sharon P. – I would like to suggest that you purchase the Jungle Pass for your brother and his wife, then purchase the 2 tickets for $7 for your parents.

Thanks again for all of your interest. I will be watching this site today and will try to answer all of your questions.

Please visit and enjoy the very best oxygen in the City!

Emily P.

I’m assuming if I’m the one who buys and activates the membership, I always have to be present when it’s used, yes? Or is there a way to have two separate names on the membership, so it can be used as long as one of the two of us is present? Thanks!

Jennifer M.

So for the 2 adults… does that mean I can bring Bob today and Joe tomorrow? Or does it always have to be Bob?

Rick R.

I have no children of my own, but am the uncle of many under 18. They often visit me. Could I take each of them (two at a time of course) when they are in town OR only the same two? Does the pass cover the same two children or can they be different children on differrent visits? Thank you for this exciting offer!

Andrea B.

If 8 of us are going at once, do I need to specify names for the 3 groupons I’m giving as gifts? I can’t get the interface to accept more than one name as a gift…. thanks.

If I buy 2 sets of “1 time visit”, are they going to check my ID and only allow me to visit once? Can’t it use the first set to go w/ Friend A and use the second set to go w/ Friend B at another time? Or the record would show that I’ve been there before and thus not allowed to enter the second time? What is the rationale behind I have to give away to other people if I buy multiple sets of “1 time visit” passes!? Please advise, thanks & apprciate any feedback.

Conservatory o.

Hi – It’s Jane again.

Jennifer, you can bring Bob this morning, Sam this evening and Mary tomorrow. We’ll be happy to see you whenever you visit.

Rick, many of our current members are grandparents to many and bring 2 of their grandchildren at a time. Be sure to read our Conservatory Chronicles http://www.conservatoryofflowers.org/sites/default/files/COF_Summer_pub_forweb.pdf
with more information about Jungle Passes.

Andrea, I’m not sure how the mechanics of the Groupon purchase works. I’ll try to get an answer for you.

We are so delighted to have so many new members and we look forward to seeing all of you at the Conservatory soon!

Andrea B.

Jane, no need to check back — your answer to Jennifer takes care of me. If there is no name tracking, I assume I can just buy 4 tickets and names don’t matter. Thanks very much, though.

Cheng A.

Can the membership have name of husband and wife?

Yuzuki M.

Does the membership admit two adults and two children for other 250+ museums under reciprocal admissions as well? If not, how many people get admissions?

Arusyak K.

In the family pack, can I bring a different adult and kids each time? (I am not married)

Conservatory o.

Hi again,

This is Jane, Director of Development at the Conservatory of Flowers.
Cheng, yes, each of you will have your own membership card. Both cards will read “John and Mary Smith” for example.
Yuzuki, the reciprocal membership program is administered by the American Horticultural Society and here is a link to their website: http://ahs.org/events/reciprocal_events.htm
Each member garden has its own set of restrictions. In general, the card holder whose name is on the membership card will be the one (or ones – see above) who receive the benefit and an ID card matching the membership pass is most often expected.
Arusyak, you are welcome to bring guests. The member name on the membership card is the one we check and verify. We do not intend the ‘family’ membership to be restrictive. It is valid for the card holder and admits 2 adults and 2 children.
I hope this helps!

Cheng A.

Since it will showing two names(husband and wife), can each person bring other adult at the same time to visit. This is because the couple I am going to give the membership to is 90 yo and they need someone to assist them if visited. Please advice.

Conservatory o.

Each membership card can have 2 adult names on the card. The membership admission is good for 2 adults and 2 children at the same time.

Cheng A.

That means old couple can visit the conservatory at the same time with two different adult caretakers?

Conservatory o.

Cheng, the membership is intended for 2 adults at one time and 2 children can also attend.

Jane Scurich
Director of Development
Conservatory of Flowers

I’d also like to skip the magazine subscription.
What do I need to do to do that?


Conservatory o.

Hi there – Jane again

You will receive a post card with your membership card which will invite you to receive a one year subscription to Better Homes and Gardens. If you do not wish to receive the magazine, simply recycle the card. No one will submit your information to BHG. It is a gift only if you want it.
Hope to see you at the Conservatory!

Naomi S.

So sorry I missed this one! The SF Conservatory of Flowers is AWESOME!!!!

I accidentally bought two… is there any way of returning the other one for a refund?

If you can’t return the one j.e.m. I can buy it from you – assuming it was not yet activated and I can activate it under my name (I doubt we’d go to the conservatory together :)). E-mail sip@ufl.edu. Thanks :)

G. S.

Hi, I’m selling a couple on Lifesta.com if anyone’s interested.

Cynthia E.

I never received the card for the magazine subscription. What can be done about that?

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