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23andMe Coupon Codes & Promos

23andMe Coupon Codes & Promos


About 23andMe

Founded in 2006, 23andMe set out with the goal to help people benefit from the human genome by allowing them to access and understand their unique, paired set of 23 chromosomes.

The process to get your personalized reports is easy. You’ll first pick between the Health + Ancestry or Ancestry kits and then place your order. Once you get your 23andMe kit you just follow the simple instructions to spit in the provided tube, register your tube online, and then mail it back to the lab. Within 3-5 weeks you’ll be notified that your reports are ready to view. If you purchased the Ancestry kit, your report will detail your ancestral origins and how your DNA breaks out across 1000+ regions worldwide. You can even opt-in to the DNA Relative Finder to connect with people who share the same DNA as you. For customers who purchase the combined Ancestry + Health Kit, you’ll also receive detailed reports on how your DNA impacts your chances of developing certain health conditions, influences your traits, and contributes to your well-being and lifestyle. 23andMe is the perfect way to find out what truly makes you the way you are.

The sooner you order your 23andMe kit, the sooner you’ll get all the amazing info you’re dying to know about yourself. To get started just use the top 23andMe offers from Groupon Coupons to your right and place your order today.