Ann L.

Become a patron of the arts with today’s sweet deal! Got questions? Post ’em here.

-Ann @ Groupon

Do members still have to pay the photography fee or is that a bonus of membership as well?

Ann L.

Hi Lynnell-
Can you explain what photography fee you’re referring to? I’ve spoken with someone at Cummer and they’re unsure of what you mean. Thanks Lynnell!

-Ann @ Groupon

They charge a fee, as far as I’m aware, to shoot there (like an engagement shoot or bridal shoot).

Ann L.

Hi Lynnell-
Unfortunately, photo shoots like the ones you mentioned actually aren’t allowed on the premises. However, if your actual event (for example, a wedding reception) is taking place at the facilities, photos are allowed. Hope this clears things up!

-Ann @ Groupon


It reads expiration date of 31 July 2010, it’s supposed to be an annual membership expiring 1 year from date of purchase.

Is the 31 July date the last date it will be on group on for purchase and it expires from group on then.

Josh at Groupon


As the Fine Print outlines, you must activate your yearly membership by 7/31/2010. The membership is still good for a year from the day you activate it.

Customer Support

Lillian D.

With the family membership, is the second adult name required?

Ann L.

Hi Lillian-
The name isn’t required upon the purchase of your Groupon but it is required upon activation of your Groupon.

-Ann @ Groupon

Ann L.

Hi Eva-
If you scroll to the top of the page on the right hand side, you’ll see a icon that reads Refer a Friend. If you’re logged in, it’ll assign you a personal link to send friends so you can get your ten bucks when they make a purchase!

-Ann @ Groupon

Rebecca U.

Can my boyfriend and I get a “family” membership although we are not married?

Christopher H.


I am not sure of the answer to your question. I recommend calling the museum to get an answer. Have a great weekend!

Groupon Jacksonville

S G.

I just bought the family membership and intended on activating it today, on Father’s Day. I’m a little miffed, because after I paid for it, the Groupon says I can’t activate it until tomorrow. I had intended on taking the family there today for Father’s Day and now I can’t. I don’t understand why this process takes 24 hours. You should tell people on the main Groupon page that they can’t use it until the next day. I would have purchased the family deal yesterday had I known this.

hope m.

Rebecca U…if you use the same address you can get a family membership. We have a broad definition of family and understand that “family” can be any two or more people that live together, at least some of the time.

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