Monica S.

The store is adorable and they have really cute stuff! Buy the groupon! Great gift ideas!

Tina H.

Would I need to use the entire Groupon at one time?

Josh at Groupon

Hey Tina

These are the universal restrictions that apply to every Groupon (unless specifically contradicted in the deal’s fine print):

Not valid for cash back (unless required by law).
Must use in one visit.
Doesn’t cover tax or gratuity.
Can’t be combined with other offers.

Customer Support

Monica S.

Can I bring in my own items to monogram and use my groupon?

Monica S.

If I buy more than one groupon, do I have to use them on seperate visits or can I use them all on one visit?

Josh at Groupon

Hey Everyone

Sorry for any confusion with this.

Per the Universal Fine Print, the Groupon must be used in 1 visit and there is no cash back.

If you have further questions about this, please let us know at support@groupon.com


Customer Support

Hey Groupies!

This Groupon can go towards products or you may bring in your own items to monogram! You may purchase multiple Groupons and may use them in one visit if desired.

Monica S.

Thanks for clarifying the groupon!

Sally G.

Okay, my groupon for Decadent Designs expires in 4 days, so today I visited her store to use my Groupon. I walked in and she told me she was closed, even though I was there during her business hours, as clearly marked on her front door. Long story short – she told me she was about to leave for vacation so I could not shop and use my groupon. I was dismayed and asked her when I could come back and shop, then, and she said she would be on vacation for a full week and her store would be closed the whole time. She told me I had a year to use my groupon and shrugged her shoulders when I asked her if she cared at all that I had purchased a groupon for her store that has not yet expired and I had wasted my money because she was not willing to let me use it. It was one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had and I am still floored by how rude she was! Rather “convenient” of her to take a week-long vacation and close her store the very week that the Groupon is expiring! Thankfully, Groupon itself DOES have GREAT customer service, and refunded my money right away for this useless purchase. I will NEVER visit her store again and will be sure everyone I know does not either.

I went to the store today as well and was not happy to see she was closed for the week. Good to know about the good Groupon Customer service – I will be contacting them asap and won’t be shopping at Decadent Designs again – and since I live in the Roswell area I will be spreading the word about the poor customer service – not good business sense in this economy!

Just to update my last comment – I was assured on their FB page that they would honor this Groupon until July 1st – great news!

Sally G.

Very interesting. The owner must have gotten a call from Groupon about honoring her commitment. She made it very clear to me yesterday that she had no intention of letting me use my Groupon beyond the original 6/25 expiration date, even though she would be closed until 6/28.
At this point, even if she offered me twice the value of the groupon I would not patronize her business due to her TERRIBLE attitude and customer service.
But that is good for everyone else who purchased this groupon!

Interesting for sure. I had already received a refund from Groupon and this feedback will definitely keep me from patronizing her store in the future.

This is a great shop and you were just unfortunate to possibly have caught her in a bad mood. I shop there frequently and have never had any problems – great customer service and great store. There have been times I have gone by and the store was closed. It is a small business and she is a working mom; most likely she was unable to have staff to work while she was out of town.

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