Has anyone tried this place

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Is the hydrafacial good for minimal acne scars? Would just one treatment be worth the money?

Hi Kristen – I am checking with the experts and will have an answer back to you asap. Thanks for looking at today’s Groupon!

Lisa R.

I’m interested in having hair removed on my upper lip. Can you tell me approximately how many sessions that would take? Thanks, Lisa

Hi Kristen – Here is the response from DERMIQUE:
The Hydrafacial will help some acne scars. If they are old or deep scars, something more aggressive may be more effective for that purpose. However if they are new & surface related, they respond wonderfully to a Hydrafacial. The hydrafacial is great also, to clean out the pores and help to prevent/minimize the breakouts.
One treatment will brighten & smooth the skin. Most like to receive a Hydrafacial before a big event, date, party, etc because of the instant results or between seasons when the skin become dull.
Make-up, when worn, goes on much better after a hydrafacial & high-quality products have a greater penetration for more effectiveness.
Of course, if there is greater concern with hyperpigmentation or lines, a series of treatments will warrant better results. Maintenance hydrafacials (about every season) are excellent to keep the skin healthy & beautiful.



Hello Lisa,
For laser hair removal of any area, you should plan to receive at least six treatments for a optimum results. For areas on the neck or face, your treatments should be approximately four weeks apart. For body areas, the treatments are typically 8 weeks apart.
Thank you for your question
Suzanne Sullivan, manager


I’d like to offer answers to some of our most popular hydrafacial questions from this morning:
Hydrafacials are one of our most popular treatments. There is no pain involved. You will see an improvement in the softness and brightness of your skin with one treatment. Of course, a series will achieve even greater results. It involves, a gentle yet professional exfoliation of the dull accumulation on your skin’s surface, uses a special solution to clean and extract congesstion from your pores and infuses antioxidants into your skin for optimum health. Also, you will receive a full, thorough treatment regardless of the discounts you’re receiving.
We love what we do here & are looking forward to meeting you.
Suzanne, manager

lina m.

has anyone who has tried the zerona have comment on proceedure/sucess/value/ can it be use to remove fat under chin


To Lisa,
I hope you do get feedback from some of our many ZERONA clients for personal, neutral feedback.
I wanted to answer the question regarding the chin. The ZERONA does not target specific areas such as the chin. That would be best treated with our Smartlipo MPX procedure.
The ZERONA is a systemic treatment that is focused over areas of the body with the most subcutaneous fat, and your results are typically throughout your body. The ZERONA helps to reduce sizes and allows you to feel more comfortable and look much better in your clothes.
We have been providing the ZERONA treatments for 15 months and our clients have successfully lost a total of over 400 inches.
We combine each of your six ZERONA treatments with SmoothShapes treatments to optimize your results and also provide the high quality, pharmaceutical grade supplements which also improve your final outcome.
Prior to any treatments, we meet with you to discuss your areas of concern, assess the fat in those areas and come up with your optimal treatment plan to help you achieve the results you want.

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