rita s.

What does “activation” by Nov mean? In person? We will not be in Az until December. Rita

Eric C.

I am a little consused about this membership.

Is it for a single adult for a family ?

My membership just recently expired at the Garden & I would love to take advantage of this wonderful offer….but I see that this is supposedly for new memberships only. I have a family member that would like to buy this as a gift for me…can they do that & am I going to be able to use the groupon to renew my membership?

Do I receive an email or card in the mail that shows I purchased this? When can I go use my new membership?

Desert B.

Hi all,

Desert Botanical Garden here. If you have an active membership, you can’t use this to renew it. if your membership has already expired, you can. This groupon is part of our fall membership aquisition of new members. We want to introduce the Garden to a new audience.

Just to clarify…. my membership expires at the end of August. If I wait until September or October to re-join I can use this pass no problem?

N. W.

Hi. The fine print says this must be activated by 11/5/11. what does this entail? Do we have to visit the garden to active or will we be able to online? Thanks.

Benjamin V.

Hey all,

Sorry for any confusion on my part. In this case I will defer to them.

Benjamin V
Groupon Forum Moderator

Belen G.

It says that this expires Nov 5, 2011 but must be activated by 11/5/11, membership expires 1 year from activation date.

If I buy and activate today, I have a membership though August 2012, right?

Benjamin V.

Hey Johnny, and many others

As the Desert Botanical Garden just posted, this is valid towards people with expired memberships. I apologize for any confusion, and I’ve removed my post.


You should receive an email after you make a purchase. If you don’t, I would recommend that you contact our Customer Support team at support@groupon.com or by giving us a call (9-5CST) at 1 (877) 788-7858.

Eric and many others that asked,

Per the list of benefits for the Senita Club on their web site this includes: “Annual admission for two adults and your children or grandchildren under 18 years of age”

The full list of benefits can be found here: http://dbg.org/membership-support/membership-benefits#senita

Benjamin V
Groupon Forum Moderator

Tianna G.
Is this a family membership or one for single people? There are two adults and three kids in my family. Does this membership admit us all or will I need to buy additional tickets?
Benjamin V.

Hey Tianna,

This membership will cover your family! From information on this membership on their website: "[includes] Annual admission for two adults and your children or grandchildren under 18 years of age”

Benjamin V
Groupon Forum Moderator

Mara M.

If I were to get a membership, can I bring a different adult every time if I wanted? Or do you need to put that name on the membership acct., and only they can come.

S S.

I have been waiting for this deal. My membership just expired June 30th and I had called DBG to find out when this offer would be available again. I was told probably not until Oct as this is a yearly deal. Thanks for making this available again as I could not afford to renew this year without this.. I love spending time at DBG and use my membership quite often along with being a volunteer there.


is this for a family or one person?


What happens after I purchase it? Do i need to take it to the gardens to sign up by November?

Desert B.

We also have some great exhibits like David Roger’s Big Bugs that opens in September and Design for a Living World that opens in January. Going to be an exciting year at the Garden.

Courtney K.
<hr />

Does “Annual admission for two adults and two children” mean we get in for free once per year, or unlimited times for the year? Why the guest passes if it is unlimited?

Benjamin V.

Hey Sue,

The membership covers admission for two adults and your children and grandchildren.

You’ll have until November to activate it! On the Groupon you’ll see instructions on how to activate your membership.

Benjamin V
Groupon Forum Moderator

Desert B.

Mara – you can bring a different adult each time.

Benjamin V.

Hey Rita and others who asked,

I just spoke to the folks at Desert Botanical Garden, and they confirmed you can activate your membership over the phone. If you’re not in town until after the expiration date, you’ll be able to call in and get it set!

Benjamin V
Groupon Forum Moderator

Anita G.

This is very unclear. If I buy this, will the membership be just for
me or for me and my husband. I read the fine print. It says
annual admission for two adults + but it is not clear if that
means we can only visit once (as a couple) or if annual means it
is good for one year and we can visit as often as we like.
Cannot purchase unless I know about this.

Benjamin V.

Hey Anita,

I checked on their site, and they had this to say on it:
“Visit as often as you want, whenever you want with unlimited annual admission.”

Benjamin V
Groupon Forum Moderator

If I have a membership that will expire around the 5 November can I use this to sign up for the next year’s membership or is this only good for first time memberships? I really enjoy the Dessert Botanical Gardens and the butterflies were very special event.

Hemant P.

@Johnny T,
You say “It is unlimited for the members. You are able to visit whenever you want. This does not apply to special events, which there is a fee. You also receive two guest passes for others.”

So membership allows 2 adults and other immediate family members unlimited number of entrance per membership year. What is this about receiving two guest passes for others? Do you mean member receives 2 guest passes per year? Thx

Benjamin V.

Hey MaryAnn,

You can use this post your membership’s expiration, but you’ll want to watch out for the Groupon’s expiration.


Yes, you will receive 2 guest passes annually (if you choose to renew at the end your first year).

Benjamin V
Groupon Forum Moderator

Desert B.

Hi all – My apologies for any confusion about how Groupon wrote the copy. The groupon expires after six months. So you have six months to redeem it. The membership is an annual membership that is good for two adults and all children under 18 in that household, and grand children. One of the many benefits is unlimited admission for listed those above for a year from the time you activate the membership. You also have free admission to the season live butterfly exhibits, and anything else that is included with general Garden admission.

Thanks for buying the groupon and supporting the Garden.

Desert B.

And of course I made it more confusing. The groupon expires November 5. The membership is good for one year from activation. Thanks!

Benjamin V.

Hey Yuanqiong,

When you’ve purchased the Groupon you’ll receive the Groupon certificate itself with instructions on how to activate it. You should be able to activate it once we stop selling this deal.


Sorry for the delay!

We currently wait to post folk’s questions until we have answers. We have also started to moderate them to prevent spam.

Benjamin V
Groupon Forum Moderator

pat s.

I had surgery last week and was unable to book my deal on time. Is it still possible to get a membership? If not, is there any way to get a discount on membership?

Benjamin V.

Hey Pat,

Sorry to hear about that. Unfortunately, at this point I wouldn’t be able to extend the deal.

Benjamin V
Groupon Forum Moderator

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