Sarah F.

Menu looks great. Excited to live in free delivery zone, but disappointed to see that there are no evening or weekend hours.

Melissa M.

Do we have to use this amount in one visit or can it be used on several different visits

amy s.

Is this valid for carryout?

amy s.

sorry – should have read more carefully – carryout is OK!!

GREAT! just bought 2 of these and now just noticed they are not open on weekends. I go to SA on the weekends! so how can I use these? :(


Hi Janet,

We will be opening our downtown location on Saturday’s in the near future—probably in November sometime, don’t worry!!!


Thanks San Antonio for your support of small business!! We are very excited to be partnering with the great folks at Groupon!
-Kate Hendrix Druthers Cafe & Catering

p.s. Melissa, Groupon requires you to use the entire certificate in one visit. We do this to promote new customer business!!


Okay, Kate. I just read your comment about opening on Saturdays some time in November. I work M-F so I would otherwise not be able to come. Thanks for posting.

I should have gone to your website and checked your business hours. I live near Druthers but work far away and there is no way I can use this Groupon during your business hours.

We used our Groupon today. Since Druther’s is only open at lunch in the Medical Center, I picked up a late lunch combined with dinner to bring home for this evening. I had the Garden Veggie Sandwich and it was extraordinary. The spinach artichoke soup was also yummy. If eating healthy were always this good, I would certainly make it a daily habit! So happy to hear about the Saturday opening downtown, too.

Great Groupon!

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