Danielle J.

I see a limit of 1 per visit…is there a limit to how many one can purchase?

Michael L.

Hello All:

We have updated the fine print as of 11a with a limit of 2 per person for the EJ’s feature. Any purchases prior to 11am will be honored at EJ’s that exceed 2. The limit of 1 per visit remains.

Greg B.

I brought multiples. Plan to visit there more than once.

Michael L.

Hi Greg – EJ’s will honor all vouchers per the Fine Print details. And multiples that were bought prior to 11am will be honored as I noted above.

After 11am there is a limit of 2.

Groupon Staff

Wendi P.

We’ve been eating there for years. Great place!

nishita d.

i just bought one voucher. I saw a mention of 11am on this discussion board, do I have to use that voucher for a meal before 11am only or can I use it at any time of day on any day?

Michael L.

Hi Nishita,

You can use that voucher anytime, any day of the week.

Thanks, Michael/Groupon Staff

Steve F.

help! this is not letting me buy. my credit card is saved and i am putting in e-mail. then when i go to purchase a error message comes up that says to check below but there is nothing else written! is there any other way to purchase am i doing something wrong?

Gabriel G.

The header says EJ’s East but both locations are listed – can I use this at EJs west?

Do I have to spend all $30 credit in one visit or can I use it in two visits?

Michael L.


To the Groupon subscirber having trouble with entering your credit card I recommend contacting support@groupon.com

Gabriel – This is good for both locations!

Lisa – Yes you would have to spend atleast the $30 or if you spend less you do not get cash back or credit – please see the Fine Print.


Groupon Staff

A Great N.

Oh no. E.J.’s is already crowded.

But ah-ha! The fine print says the Groupon is also good for Takeout, which means if I’m really hungry … no lines, no waiting for a table, I just call in my order and go pick it up. (Right? DELIVERY is excluded, but takeout is a great plus.)

Where is everybody? I want my referral dollars. I e-mailed half the UES. Join! Buy. Esp., you, big bro. Forget about your cholesterol.

Michael L.

Yes Your Groupon is good for Take Out at EJ’s! Enjoy.


Hey Sis. Got your heads up & joined w/ your link (shrug) I think & Im in for two. Lemme buy you dinner sometime?
A good deal. Been watching the site, but till recently most stuff was downtown.
Nice one.


“Yes Your Groupon is good for Take Out at EJ’s! Enjoy.”

She saves on tips. :P
C’mon sis. You’re already saving 50%.

My groupon says it expires on Nov. 13th — does that mean I have to use it tonight?

Oh, duh — the deal itself says it’s good for a year. Um, this is my first purchase on here, can you tell?!?!

Karen P.

Does anyone know this answer………..I signed up for Groupon and the $10.00 referral thing, but where do I get my URL for the link?

Peter C.

the coupons were supposed to be available by midnight Thursday night, but still aren’t available here on Saturday morning. Waddup?

Any update on when these will be available for printing?

Nina O.


How do I print this coupon? I clicked on the link and was only lead to the deal page. Thanks!

The original fine print did not limit 1 one coupon per visit, nor did it say they expired. I bought 2 and expected to use them at the same time.
What’s the deal?

William S.

We went to EJ’s (east side) tonight. When the waitress brought our menus we showed her our Groupon and she acknowledged that we’d be using it. My girlfriend ordered one of the specials from the “Sweet 16” menu — an entree, beverage, and dessert for $16 — and I ordered off the regular menu. It was only when the waitress brought our check that she told us, “Oh, you can’t use the Groupon for the Sweet 16.” We asked for the manager, who repeated this and pointed to the fine print that says, “Not valid with other offers or recession specials.” We saw the “Recession Specials” advertised separately (any blue plate for $9.95, if I recall correctly), but I can’t imagine how the Sweet 16 menu could be considered an “offer” any more than a standard diner “complete dinner” menu would be an “offer.” After making it clear to the manager that we exepected EJ’s to honor the Groupon — especially because the waitress had said nothing when we ordered — he finally agreed. not the best customer service, and this has left us in no hurry to go back to EJ’s. Hopefully something can be done to avoid this misunderstanding for other Groupon users. Thanks.

Senthil K.

i planned to go today

I’ve loved all my other Groupon purchases, but this place’s ambiance is horrible/nonexistent. The food wasn’t great, either.

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