noah a.

Would I be able to use the $3 coupon on their website now for extra days not paid for with the groupon during a longer stay?

if I am going to be gone 7 nights what is the best way to use this groupon

Michael G.

I’ve used Xpresso for years. They are highly accessible and provide good services.

Ron E.

Noah, we will allow the internet coupon that is up at that time of your stay, no expired coupons will be accepted and they are only valid for days stayed after the prepaid amount.

Diane, please feel free to use the internet coupon from www.expressoparking.com for additional days.

Jenya, the deal is live, simply show your coupon to the cashier at the time of departure.

Many Happy Returns to all,

For additional questions feel free to email me directly at Ron.McDaniel@propark.com

Are we able to buy 2 groupons and use them for 1 six day stay?

Leslie R.

Can I use three coupons for a single nine-day stay?

Ron E.

We will allow you to combine groupon coupons during your stay for up to 9 days.

-Ron McDaniel

What was supposed to happen after I put in my credit info and clicked Buy? A coupon? An e-mail? Cause I got nothing, so now I’m not sure I really bought it.

Never mind- I was too impatient :) Just got my coupon.

Just wanted to let you know- used the groupon here without a hitch! Loved the service, wish I had bought more :(

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