can you guys find something like this in Chicago for a groupon – that would be awesome… :-)

Jason K.

Hey Renee—

I’ll make sure to get on the Chicago rep’s case to get a bike deal ! In the meantime, we highly suggest you ride your bike in -345 degrees from Chicago to KC to get this great tune-up deal….Tell your friends.

Jason, Groupon KC

I just redeemed my Groupon….they were so helpful. I couldn’t print out my coupon, so I saved it on a jumpdrive and took it in with my bike. They were so nice and pulled the groupon up on their computers and treated it as if I’d printed it out. How nice is that? They didn’t have to help me out and could have insisted that I go and find a place to print.

Customer service isn’t dead…in fact, it’s alive and well at Family Bicycles.

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