Is this valid toward flowers and delivery on Valentine’s Day?

Elaine F.


Jim S.

Jim here from Groupon…

Yes it can be used for Valentine’s Day delivery. Yes it can be used towards shipping. You should be able to shop for chocolates and gifts and have them direct shipped to you.

Susan M.

Can we use this groupon for delivery to the US?

Since i’m allowed to buy a limit of two, can i use them both on the same order?

Bill P.

Please describe the services included in the “Service Fee”.

QUESTION – the terms and conditions don’t say limit 2/person, but when you buy the groupon – the printed version says limit 2/person , 1/order. Can they be combined on one order?


$19 US service fee to deliver one small bouquet on Valentines Day?!?!?!?!


forget it….

Katherine  D.

Can this be used for shipments to other provinces?

Erin M.

It appears this can only be delivered to your own address. Is this correct? I’d like to send flowers to someone else

Natalia G.

Can I use this groupon for delivery to Russia?
May I use two coupons at one order?
How much is delivery to Thornhill?

Jim, could you please confirm… Your fine print states that the activation date for this voucher is Feb.15, so it can NOT be used for Valentine’s Day delivery.

how soon can I redeem the one I order for Valentines day delivery?

Derek H.

So I click on the FTD link provided, but every time I make a selection and enter my Toronto/GTA postal code, I get the error message “The product you’ve selected is not available for delivery in this postal code.”

Is this not a Toronto/GTA Groupon deal?

Service fee!?!
$18.99 per order. That’s ridiculous.
Technically you are saving money with the coup, but I’m sure there are other deals out there.

The delivery fee varies for different items. For some of them it’s only 10$. It is a good deal, because other services charge more for Valentines day.


Cheaper to go to a local flower shop I’m sure…unless you NEED delivery

Adrienne W.

It says “online only” but then in the description, it says, “If you’d rather defer to the expertise of someone who speaks the secret language of flowers (Flemish), a local florist can arrange a bouquet out of the finest flora they have in-stock, with same-day delivery available on florist-designed goods ordered before 2 p.m”

Does this mean I can contact my local florist, if they’re affiliated with FTD, to use toward an order?



I agree with Evan, cost of delivery totally negates the deal. I guess I don’t get delivered flowers much.

Natalia G.

I doubt you will be able to use it on Feb 14

Johnson T.

Is it true that this coupon is ONLY valid for the “Groupon Valentine’s Day Featured Products” products outlined in the link?

John W.

It is kind of bait and switch, when you look at the flowers on www.ftd.com/groupon there is a dozen roses for $49.99 for example, but when you put in a Toronto postal code it says those aren’t available to ship to Canada, then for a dozen roses the price is $89.99 even though the loonie is the same as the greenback – so the options are totally different be careful.

Just placed my Valentine’s order to be delivered to my sweetheart on the 14th. :) Good deal, if someone you love lives far.. :)

John W.

Oh and when you put the Canadian postal code in you are taken to a different website for Canadian FTD prices, the same dozen roses that was $39.99 on FTD.com/groupon is suddenly $54.99, even through the dollar is the same right now. I understand that vendors have different prices on both sides of the border and Groupon doesn’t manage that, but when you look at the flowers you can get before you order the groupon (from ftd.com/groupon) it is misleading – Groupon needs to make sure that they add some wording in the fine print in for Canadian clients so they know what they are actually buying – the prices are very different !


Ryan S.

This is not really a deal… None of the cheaper options are available in toronto for roses your cheapest option to buy is for $80, then it adds another $20 when you check out… So pretty much you are spending $60 if you want to have 12 roses delivered. I guess its not a bad price but its not really any savings, for $60 any flower shop in town would deliver 12 roses…

Natalia G.

How could you place an order if the voucher does not work while the deal is on?!

Maria B.

Ya, this deal is wonky. Service charges are outrageous and prices are in USD. I should have researched this deal better before I bought it!

Bilal J.

Don’t they have a refund policy? Since the coupon isn’t even available yet?

I chose option print voucher but not use it, that opened my PDF voucher and then I just entered prom code from my voucher and it did work. I got -40$ off my order.

I used it to ship to the US, maybe for Canada it is not that easy.

I used this to cover the chocolate gift set and it worked towards shipping as well.

Cesar V.

I just bought one of these deals. But, how do I redeem it online? the “redeem online” option is off. So….how do I use my coupon for a Valentine’s Day order?

Cesar V. click print on the voucher, there is a promotional code in the PDF voucher. go to http://www.ftd.com/groupon Place item you wish to buy, then chose check out now and just enter the promotional code in the field given. You will be deducted -40$ from the total of your order.

Peter R.

If you guys aren’t happy with your purchase you can still cancel it for a refund! I just did!! Just go to “My Groupons” section, click the FTD Groupon, on the bottom right is an option to cancel your purchace. Click on that and you’re set!

Bilal J.

Thanks, ordered on FTD as well. Their terms and conditions also indicate that the coupon is valid on delivery.

“This Voucher is valid as of the date of activation and delivery to you. This Voucher is redeemable at the $20.00 face value only against the purchase price of merchandise plus applicable service fees and taxes, available at the time of redemption at the following website: www.ftd.com/groupon. If this Voucher is redeemed within 4 months of the activation date of the Voucher (or such longer period as required under applicable law), you also will receive a bonus of $20.00 additional credit for a total credit of $40.00 towards your order.”

Beats any other delivered flower deals.

Jim S.

Jim here from Groupon…

The voucher is good for shipping and taxes.

You can use the Valentine’s Day delivery option right away…print out your voucher and go to www.ftd.com/groupon shop and enter the code at checkout.

If you choose the local florist offer you still need to go to FTD.com/groupon to select your product.

One coupon per order.

There are products on ftd.com that are on sale and the Groupon is not valid for the sale items.

Delivery charges are pretty standard and are determined by where they are being delivered.

Christine C.

I have just unsubscribed due to the inconsiderate nature of the Tibet commercial this company , Groupon, put out at the Superbowl this weekend. I have waited 3 days following for an apology but since it seems they don’t have the common sense to consider others in their corporate business, I cannot support them. If you saw this ad where they used the suffering people of Tibet for their corporate/personal gain, please show them and the corporate world that this will NOT be tolerated! Thank you for considering my opinion!

Simon H.

This is such a poor deal, in fact, I think it’s a con!

I would have been WAY better to go to my local florist to buy flowers.

Yes, you get $40 value for $20, but delivery is $19, plus taxes….you still end up paying $60 for flowers on valentines day!

Spend your money somewhere else – this is not a good Groupon. I feel cheated.

Cesar V.

@ Natalija- MERCI!!! ;o)

Raaid M.

How can I redeem the groupon ??

Forget about the refund policy; i tried to get a refund and was outright denied even though I never even used it. Purchased a deal, based on terms/conditions which the vendor later changed.

Groupon’s response was – that they can’t be responsible for the vendor changing things on them since they have no control.

Amelio M.

Feel very ripped off since no where did it mention that there is an additional $15-$19 shipping fee…outrageous…

I wish to cancel this but do not see a cancel option within my groupons as stated above.

Sandy G.

I wish I had read this thread before ordering. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS DEAL. As everyone mentioned, it costs $18 to deliver a small amount of flowers on V-Day (I’m sorry, I have delivered much bigger items for less). 75% of deals aren’t available in Canada. When I go to the checkout page I can’t locate a box to enter the promotional code. Only an option to pay by credit card or paypal. I called customer service and I swear this is the worst possible service I have ever recieved in my life. I was so frustrated I had to hang up (I’m pretty sure the service rep didn’t speak english).


I had a very bad experience with FTD.com when I ordered flowers from their website to a friend of mine in Vancouver for her birthday. As it turned out the flowers delivered was totally not the same thing as shown in the photo on the website. It was a total disappointment and I wrote to FTD.com about the dissatisfaction but never heard back from them at all. You may want to consider my experience before ordering.

Melissa A.

My Groupon voucher didn’t work, and when I decided to try it again, the FTD Groupon site gave my first day for possible delivery as the day after Valentine’s Day (for anyone, not just people who bought those vouchers).

Hey all,

Thanks for your discussion and feedback.

Here are some general instructions for some FAQs straight from FTD:

Service fee:
FTD’s service fees are in line with fees charged by other floral providers and this is a standard practice in the floral industry. The service fees for Groupon customers are the same as for other FTD customers.

Discounts not available at Groupon:
As is standard practice in the floral industry as well as other industries, it is commercially impractical to allow multiple discounts or combining of discounts with special offers such as Groupon’s. A benefit of the Groupon redemption bonus is that it is available on ALL products on www.ftd.com/groupon. Your $20 redemption bonus will be deducted from your total in the checkout at www.ftd.com/groupon.

Product availability:
FTD florist fulfilled items are available for delivery everyday throughout the year within the coverage of our nationwide floral network. FTD’s direct shipped products are available for delivery Feb. 10th – 12th and on Feb. 14th. FTD direct ship products, which are delivered by FedEx and UPS, are not available for delivery on Sunday, Feb. 13th due to standard rules of our national overnight shipping couriers.

Hope this helps!

Rocco O.

I can’t believe I bought this. What a horrible deal. None of the group on deals are valid for Delivery in Toronto…which is where I bought the coupon.

Horrible…I can’t believe I wasted my cash on this.

What a waste of my time and money.

Eila B.

I talked with support because I accidently purchased two. It is pretty easy to cancel your order if you need to. Just click on your name at the top right and click on my Groupons. There is an option with a link for edit purchase where you can cancel the transaction.

Agree it is probably easier to go to a local florist and buy them, but is a great option for those who have family elsewhere.

Jen B.

I would like someone at Groupon to post instructions on how to get a refund. The guarantee says if you’re not satisfied they will fully refund but then it is hard to figure out how to actually get the refund.

A lot of people are dissatisfied with this deal. Time to step up Groupon.

Rebecca Y.

I’m a bit confused…they talk about a bonus $20 if used within 4 monhts, for a total of $40 taken off the order. There should be $40 taken off my order to begin with, as that’s how much the groupon was for. I paid for $20 of that $40 they are talking about has so the “bonus” is a misrepresentation. If they want’ed to give a bonus $20 discount there would be $60 off my order…$20 for the paid portion of my gropuon, $20 groupon discount and $20 bonus discount.

Costs of the deivery and flowers aside, I find this deal misleading.

Scott C.

@Jen B. Agreed, my code came up invalid, and I am not going to spend my time on the phone with FTD customer service on this. I’ll go to my local florist instead.

Natalia G.
Tom S.

Hi All,

Apologies for the confusion.

You can edit your purchase (including quantity, billing information, or canceling your order) when a deal is still live.

To change your purchase, be sure you are signing into your account. Once you are signed in, you will see your name at the top of the deal page. Click on your name and your account menu will drop down to access “My Groupons”.

Once you’re there, click on “edit purchase” next to the Groupon you purchased. On this page you’ll be able to make changes to your order; you can change quantity, billing info, or cancel.

If you were already charged, please allow up to 10 business days for your statement to reflect this refund.

If you have further questions, please contact our Customer Support team at support@groupon.com or 1 (877) 788-7858

Hope that helps!

Ada A.

Agreed. This is a pretty craptacular groupon for Canadians. Had to send this to my Chicago friend to make it still worthwhile.

Scott C.

@Kevin Thanks for the response, but I don’t have an “Edit Purchase” option there, only Print or Mark as Used. I’ve emailed support as you mentioned.

Joseph B.

@Scott C…I don’t have this “edit” feature either and I also emailed support.

This FTD groupon is a real mess. I suspect there will be many thousands of customers upset over this……


I also don’t have any “edit” feature available on my account and have also emailed support with no response yet (emailed yesterday afternoon). This has got to be the biggest ripoff yet. Very, very misleading.

e. g.

This was a lousy deal. I feel like Groupon really let us down on this one.


UGH — can someone help me?? I have been trying to redeem – I have tried everything but can’t get the promo code field to show??? I need the flowers delivered today – I’m panicking


and I sent am email to support, but so far no help


@Natalia Y. That trueler article pretty much said it all.

If I buy the cheapest flower selection – a SINGLE rose – choosing the date with the lowest possible service fee – Not the weekend or Valentine’s day – the total, after service fees, is $48.27USD. (So $28.27 after I count the money I saved with my groupon.) And I’m pretty sure I can buy ONE ROSE for less than $30 elsewhere…

Not to mention more than half of the arrangements “aren’t available in my area” Why post it as a GTA deal if they don’t deliver here?

Awful deal.


I just spent time looking for a bouquet to send then realized like all of the other users that they have different cheaper prices on the other FTD site. Crazy! They are charging higher prices at the groupon version of the site. Then when I go to cash out – my coded didn’t work and it says to call FTD. The wait time to talk to someone was 30 minutes! This is unacceptable – I’m really disappointed with GROUPON not to mention FTD. I feel duped and cheated. Can someone from Groupon please comment as to why my code is not functioning?

Scott C.

One good thing that will come out of this – I will go out and support my local independent florist now. I wasn’t even going to buy flowers for Valentine’s Day this year, but after seeing this, I thought I would spend the money because of the “deal”. Now after this experience, I will be going out to spend my money at their competition, even if it will cost me more, which I highly doubt. Thanks FTD!

Taha A.

So I just got my groupon deal, but none of the codes work on the FTD website.

Apparently, the code I should be getting from groupon should start with a GC.

Someone help!

Leonard S.

I just finished order through FTD.com and this is defiantly not a good deal at all. I usually buy flowers from proflowers.com so I did a price comparison with the groupon savings. For 12 roses w/ vase on FTD.com my total came to $43.71. Total price $63.71 if you include the groupon. If I buy the 12 Roses w/ vase on Proflowers my total is $69.95. So the “deal” is a difference of $6. Also the shipping fee on proflowers is $12 not the ridiculous $20 ftd is charging.

This is my first groupon and I’m pretty upset about this deal. I would cancel it if I could but the deal is no longer active. Someone please reassure me that not all Groupons are bait and switch scams :(

Leonard S.

Marci – You have to go through the ftd.com/groupon or the promo box doesn’t show up

Ashish D.

This sucks ! I bought he Groupon yesterday – and placed an order on ftd.com/groupon – got a confirmation number too – but when I called to check status on my order today – both FTD and Groupon claim they have never reced the order !!! WTF – I will never use this site again – just got screwed out of 20 bucks for nothing !

Saba R.

This was my second coupon purchase with Groupon and the first one I’ve redeemed…..and I’m sorry to say I’m sadly disappointed. This was such a waste of money. A bouquet that was $63 cost me $87 due to the astronomical service fee. With the groupon, I still ended up paying $47. I could have gotten a much better bouquet for that much. And the actual online purchase was a pain as well….the directions leave much to be desired.
I’m now wary about using the other groupon I have. Will it be as much hassle this one was? Don’t think I’ll be purchasing another one any time soon.

David C.

So… let me get this straight.
I bought the Groupon when it was available on the first day.
I used the Groupon yesterday (Thursday Feb 10, 2011) at approx 5:30pm EST.
I paid for my flowers to be delivered.
I’ve not seen or heard about a delivery.
I got the Groupon “Oh.. we messed up” email saying the following:

“For those of you who already purchased items that were on sale on FTD.com, FTD will automatically issue you a refund on the credit card you used with the difference as additional savings. Please allow 5-7 business days for this to show on your statement.”

So.. is the Used Groupon I have no good?
Will FTD refund my FULL PURCHASE PRICE that I paid for the flowers? (i.e. approximately $61 USD AFTER the Groupon savings)

So.. is the Used Groupon I have no good?
Will FTD refund my FULL PURCHASE PRICE that I paid for the flowers? (i.e. approximately $61 USD AFTER the Groupon savings)Please clarify.

So.. is the Used Groupon I have no good?
Will FTD refund my FULL PURCHASE PRICE that I paid for the flowers? (i.e. approximately $61 USD AFTER the Groupon savings)Please clarify.Thank you

This deal was awful!! They tack on these service charges at the end, so its not even worth it! and they don’t even tell you upfront that they will do that, I didnt even find out until after I bought my groupon and had entered my promo code. and can I tell you- I think this is the first time I’ve said anything negative about anything online! It would have been a better deal if I had just used another florist.

i have bought many groupons and have never had an issue until this one. in fact after dealing with this crap i will never use FTD again period. it was very misleading and a huge rip off. this groupon back fired for them. they may have snowed a lot of people into buying this time, but they lost a lot of future business. not cool.

Cesar V.

Hi Groupon. I read today on the Globe and Mail (see url below) that you will be giving us (the people who purchased this offer) the sale price of the product and not the one advertised on FTD/Groupons site, which was higher than regular FTDs prices.

Will you be refunding my credit card? If so, when?


Amelio M.


I placed an order on February 9 for delivery on Valentines Day and they never came.


Awful.. Huge scam!

Awful.. Huge scam!Total bait and switch, no deal at all here. And if that wasn’t enough, order didn’t arrive. I want my money back.

Awful.. Huge scam!Total bait and switch, no deal at all here. And if that wasn’t enough, order didn’t arrive. I want my money back.I’ll never use FTD again and perhaps even Groupon if my refund doesn’t go smoothly. What a joke.


Groupon built its business dealing with local businesses. it is strange they went with US order gatherer for Canada. For me it looked fishy from the start: USD currency, “special” redemption page, inflated “service” charge. I went with Bloomex and got away with $19.99+9.99 ( delivery) this Valentine’s. I wish Bloomex has this $40 for $20 deal, so I would have free flowers and $10 left. That is a dream though.

Christelle F.

This groupon was false advertising. It says it can be used for gifts, but when I try to purchase something from the gift galleria it tells me the items are not available for Canada, only the flowers are. This is NOT what was advertised. Now the Groupon expires tomorrow and I cannot get anyone from Groupon to answer my emails or even their toll-free line! And they have the nerve to send me an email reminder to “go use my groupons”. I would if I could buy what I was promised!

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