To make sure I understand, this deal comes with the items listed and a coupon book? What coupons are in the coupon book?

I think it doesn’t come with items just the coupons

Adam B.

Ravi M., please at least read the first paragraph before you try to inform others.

“up to $10 in shipping costs (up to a $40 value). Today’s sampler pack arrives at the doorstep stuffed with the following delectable edibles:”

Yes, it comes with the items listed.

I would really love to know what coupons are included before purchasing this deal.

Cheryl D.

Ditto on the wanting to know what coupons are included! Sure, it’s theoretically $40 of food for $20 (I checked my local supermarket’s shop at home database, and the $40 value is spot-on), but for those of us who use coupons, we might only pay $25 or 30 when we use our coupons.

In addition, if the booklet’s a bunch of $1 off 2 sort of coupons, they really don’t make a huge impact on the bottom line at checkout. Now, the .75 off 1 sort of coupons are doubled by many local grocery stores – those would get me off the fence and purchasing this deal! :)

Would the shipping cover costs to Canada?

Shannon P.

I’m with Melisha, Beth and Cheryl D on the whole coupon deal. Waiting to read more and definitely need clarification. Thanks

I had a 10 dollar credit, so I didn’t pay but 83 cents for each item…I figured for that price, it was worth trying out and seeing what kind of coupons I get! :)

Sunny M.

I think the cereals alone are valued at $20. great sampler pack!

I would evaluate this deal based on the value of the products that are delivered, period. I’ve received their coupon books before and they’re about as good as what you get stuffed in your Sunday newspaper. Based on what they’re sending in the kit, it’s worth $20. I’m in!

Ashley O.

This is the first time I’ve ever done Groupon. I got something in my e-mail to print off, but just to clairfy this will be sent to my house, right?

Yes, this is sent to your house…and includes products, not coupons. The items listed are in the package. This IS a good deal with most cereals this size priced at about 3.85 and higher where I live. Yes, .75 coupons would be great because we get double coupons every day at my market, but even $1 coupons are fine because I’ll match them with a store coupon.
A good Groupon deal! :)

hi, this seems like a good deal, but if could would love to know what coupon book holds as do others.
thank you,

sooo this is getting delivered to the house?? it was just odd because ater the purchase it says to allow so many hours to receive a paper or something?? is this legit?

got 2. what is the estimated delivery time?

The Reese’s Puffs Cereal is not too tasty…

Christine K.

after purchase you receive a confirmation that “prints” out to redeem and says allow 2-3 weeks for delivery, redeem at your home!

After doing the math, the 12 items come to .60 apiece. I consider this an awesome deal!! I ordered 2!!

I also went thru ebates for a 6% rebate!

i did it through ebates as well looks like a great deal saves ma from wasting some time @ grocery store for breakfast

Naomi M; how did you come up with the items costing .60 a piece.. 12 × .60 would be $7.20… ; I must be missig something? thanks!

I’ll have to go look at the store and see how many of these products have High Fructose Corn Syrup. Ick!

Jennavieve F.

Maybe she meant a $1.60/piece? That’s more accurate than .60 since the real cost per item is $1.66.

Jennifer H.

Too bad you can’t choose the ones you want. I refuse to have a cupboard full of junk food. Also, it’s not that great of a deal if you use coupons anyway.

If you won’t use the items yourself, donate them to a food bank!

“we might only pay $25 or 30 when we use our coupons.= According to your math, you’d still save $5-$15 with this deal. :)

I’m in for FOUR – sending some as gifts to those I know who need some extra help right now.

I agree with Jennifer H. I would say there are only about 1/2 the items that I would even use and I would have to bet I wouldn’t even use 1/2 the coupons in the book. It would have been nice if they would have told you which items the coupons are good towards. It doesn’t matter if they are $.75 or $1.50 coupons cus if I won’t eat it then it’s a waste to purchase the deal hoping for great coupons! I think it is ridiculous to add the $10 shipping into the deal value cus that is another deal breaker for me, just raises the cost per item.

It is a great idea to gift them to families in need ot to donate to your local foodshelf. Great suggestion Melinda P.

$10 shipping is cheap for all of that, IMO!

I hope a Groupon rep can answer this for me (or maybe someone who’s purchased Groupons that are delivered via snail mail vs. email printables): If you purchase as gifts, can you enter the recipients name/address or do they send an email for them to redeem and enter that themselves?

steve c.

I am just saying that while i personally would never eat or feed at least 1/2 these cereals to myself or my family because they are basically sugar when I do buy cereal the metric i use is to get as close to or lower than .10 cents per ounce with or without coupons and that is really easy. This is a great way to get a bunch of suckers to buy stuff that no one wants.

It is also nice to donate food that you would buy for you own family, not just junk food. You’d be better off stocking up on oatmeal to donate since its a much more nutritionally balanced food, and far less expensive. Food for thought!

Considering I don’t have to spend my time, and GAS to get these items, it’s a great deal to me.

Ditto on the “what’s in the coupon book?”

Looks like a good deal…with shipping included. But I need to know what’s in the “coupon book” too!! :)

sherrie m.

I ordered 2,if you do the math,it is a great deal.My local supercenter average price on these cereals are$3.50+.I am expecting the coupons to be as they are in our sunday papers,no expectations on the book.

@ Melinda, when I’ve bought Groupons as gifts, it gives me the option to “GIVE THIS AS A GIFT” (at time of check out, under the description of the Groupon you’re buying.) You can then enter the person’s email and name and either email it to them directly or print it and give them the hard copy. I personally found that it is best for (me) to print myself because if I make a mistake in spelling or change my mind about who I want to give it to I can go back under “My Gifts” and edit the Groupon. However, when a friend emailed me a groupon as a gift for me to claim, she made an error in my last name and when she tried to go back and correct it, she couldn’t. The option was not there.

RE: the items in this Groupon, I have been debating simply because I do know from reading the labels on these products that they are packed with sugar and high fructose syrup which I have been struggling to keep out of my family’s diet due to this being in everything we consume. However, Considering that I do have enough Groupon credit to purchase the entire thing without any out of pocket to me, I think the suggestion to donate it to a food bank is GREAT. Although, I am with the argument of why feed someone else what we won’t feed our family…I’ve debated on this also and although I agree with this argument also, I must also say that after careful analysis, I concluded that donating these products is alot better and healthier (regardless of the sugar and high fructose syrup) than having our homeless dig through the trash for spoiled scraps…which I’ve witness many do…..just my personal opinion

sold out.. Fumbling looking around for my credit card.. Sold out!! I guess it wasn’t meant to be for me!!! Sounded like a good deal while it lasted.

just found out about this i wish they would open some more up for sale!

Its still showing as a LIVE deal but when I try to purchase it says its not available anymore.

Like Bridgette, mine shows available for 13 hrs but then when I try to purchase, it says deal no longer available?

Like Bridgette, mine shows available for 13 hrs but then when I try to purchase, it says deal no longer available?

i tried to get this deal for hours between 12-3 am and it wouldn’t ever let me. not on my phone and not on the computer. /sigh now they’re all gone. great.

I am kind of confused, does anyone know how this is redeemed?

Also if you have discover they have a 15% cash back on groupon if you go through their thing. All this for $17 :-D just wish I realized this yesterday before I bought the pizza, missed out on $1.04 :-(

jessica s.

For all those thinking of buying this then donating it to a food shelf – do the foodshelf a favor and just give them the cash!!! They can make your $20 go a helluva lot further than the items they would recieve from here (even with the discount).

For those of you worried about the high fructose corn syrup and the sugar, you might want to catch the NuttyGuys Groupon right now. $10 for $25 of goods. I bought it last time around and will be buying it this time too.

Can anyone help me?

I wanted to buy this-says the deal is still on with one left, but I have tried unsucessfully to purchase it-says no longer available. Groupon-remove it if it is not available nymore!!

I wish this was still available. Bummer

Marie G.

Jess, I went to My Groupons and clicked print and this is the message I got:

“By purchasing this Groupon and providing your
delivery address you have already activated your
General Mills products. Please allow 2-3 weeks for
delivery of your General Mills products”

I hope that answers your question.

The deal is still on in San Fransisco

Cheryl D.

The coupons in the book are as follows, folks (per an groupon affiliate email)

$1 off 2 Nature Valley Granola Bars
$1 off 2 Chex Mix Snack Mix
$1 off 1 Bisquick
$1 off 2 Betty Crocker Supreme Brownies or Bars
$1 off 3 Pillsbury Refrigerated Baked Goods
$1 off 2 Pillsbury Frozen Baked Goods (ex-Savorings)
$1 off 2 Suddenly Salad
$1 off 2 Old El Paso
$1 off 3 Hamburger Helper
$1 off 8 Yoplait Yogurt Cups
$1 off 2 GoGurt, Trix or Splitz Yogurt
$1 off 2 Cheerios
$1 off 2 Adult Cereals
$1 off 2 Kids Cereals
$1 off 1 Kix Cereal

Oh, no! You’re already sold out. Will this be offered again?

said there was one available entered my info and then sold out..this has happened three times..what a tease, very frustrating.First attempt at Groupon, maybe my last!

Ashley A.

I also tried to buy when it said one was left and it didn’t let me buy either. I tried a couple of times and it didn’t work.

erin g.

tonia that keeps happening to me too! groupon please offer more of this deal possibly in san diego! i feel like we always get left out of the really good deals and find myself searching other areas.

Ratna V.

For all those that did miss the deal, follow @socialspoils or watch http://www.socialspoils.com/online-deals.php which lists all online groupon deals daily on one web page .. Very convenient!

Jennifer Z.

I’m confused, I bought the groupon and have the coupon. Will it just come to my house or is there something more I need to do?

Rob F.

I find that grouproundup.com is better at showing the groupons in one place. Thanks Amy!

Went to the website but can not figure out how to redeem this coupon.

yea I’m confused. Yes I understand that it will be delievered, but hweer it does NOT give a delivey date. Also, my coupon is “unprintable”, so I’m not sure what that means. If anyone has heard anything about this I would like to know when I’m going to recieve my package as well. Thanks!

It says on the groupon to allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

has anyone received this offer? i don’t know If i need to do anything else or if it will just be sent. sure could use some food in this house. Please hurry general mills.

Cheryl D.

It’s been a week and a day since this deal went up and we all bought in – if you’re waiting on your package, it should be to us no later than May 11th by the 2 to 3 week shipping schedule mentioned in the original posting.

Here’s hoping it’s earlier :)

Who do we contact if we don’t receive this by May 11th?

Got mine today!!! Great items and coupons!

@Tanya R.

Who delivered it?

Stephanie W.

got mine today. Feel like I got caught in the moment/sensation on this one. The coupons arnt that great and probably will ending up just giving away most of the products that came. :(

Stephanie W.

and the coupons expire in on May 21, 2011 and I received on May 4 only giving me a little over two weeks to use them.

I got mine today and I’m ecstatic with the deal! Great products and high dollar coupons. I must have got lucky, mine don’t expire until June :)

I got mine, love it! The coupons I received don’t expire until june 12th.
Not sure who delivered though, I wasn’t home.

I’m hoping to get my box soon, I go shopping faithfuly on the 13th of every month for my monthly grocery list and would love to have the coupons!

I got my 2 boxes today and my coupons expire 6-21-2011.

Has anyone got their shipment yet? Just wondering how long it usually takes to get…

I got mine today, delivered by UPS! =)

Shannon F.

I got my box yesterday!!!! Such an awesome deal!!!

I got mine today – coupons expire June 21, just like someone else posted.

Our family dove into the fruit roll ups and the Muddy Buddies for snacks today. Looks like its tacos tomorrow with the Taco Stuffers!

Melinda P.

Got my two boxes on Friday! I had actually forgotten about this so it was a nice surprise. :) The kids in our Backpacks for Kids programs will enjoy this (ones at our local schools who get free lunch and whom the teachers have identified as “high need” on the homefront – we donate items for them to take home on weekends to eat). And to those griping about the quality of the foods – yes, we DO donate many other healthy foods to this program – oatmeals, fruits, etc. But these kids need a treat now & then, too.

“I must also say that after careful analysis, I concluded that donating these products is alot better and healthier (regardless of the sugar and high fructose syrup) than having our homeless dig through the trash for spoiled scraps…which I’ve witness many do…..just my personal opinion”

Hopefully mine will get here soon!! I was just thinking about this today!

Has anyone ordered from California? I have yet to receive my box. Was just wondering the locations of those that received theirs already. Mine will take a couple extra days of shipping I guess.

I’m in Virginia and I got it Thursday I believe.

Was I supposed to print something out in order to recieve this?

Melinda P.

No, Shannon, it is mailed to your home via UPS.

Thanks, Melinda :-)

keri s.

I ordered two boxes and only got one…anyone know who to contact?

Rita W.

I haven’t gotten mine yet. Not sure who to contact.

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