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User-powered weight fires like piston, using kinetic energy to cause quick bursts of muscle contraction for short, high-intensity workouts

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  • For $12, you get a Women’s Shake Weight Classic with a workout DVD from Groupon Goods (a $19.95 value).<p>
  • For $17, you get a Men’s Shake Weight Classic with a workout DVD from Groupon Goods (a $29.95 value).<p>
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####**Overview** Requiring no batteries or charging, Shake Weights draw on user power to build muscles in the chest, arms, and back more efficiently than traditional weight lifting allows. Once users have adopted a safe workout stance, a simple jostle sends the Shake Weight ends into a controlled, piston-like firing that triggers lightning-quick muscle contractions through the transfer of kinetic energy. Muscle contractions occur up to 240 times per minute, leading to intense workouts that help exercisers sculpt muscles in brief 6-minute sessions each day. An included workout DVD utilizing the Shake Weight helps users burn calories and tone their upper bodies through fun, high-energy exercises.

####**Features** * Sculpts triceps, biceps, chest, and shoulders * User powered; no batteries or uranium required * See results through fast 6-minute daily workouts * Piston-firing weight uses kinetic energy to work muscles * Includes workout DVD * Triggers up to 240 muscle contractions per minute * Click for more information on the [women's shake weight]( or [men's shake weight](

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