kathia g.

Since its two flights, can I use one for me and one for my sister or do I have to use both of them myself?

same Q as kathia. =]

Jonathan K.

it says the same as 3 tandem skydives…but how many minutes is that?

bottom line: how long is EACH flight in the ifly? THANKS!

Brianna C.

Hi everyone! My name is Brianna and I work for iFLY, to answer your questions, each Earn Your Wings package is for one person, and each flight is a minute long, where as the skydiving free fall lasts about 30-45 seconds.

I did it recently and it is so much fun! You get 2-one minute flights(and you are going to want both flights for yourself!). I guess when you jump out of an airplane, you are only falling for about 45 seconds…

Natasha G.

Do we need to be a first time customer? Or can I use this if I have been to Ifly before?

Connie C.

Is this for adults only or can I buy it for my 10 year old?

Brianna C.

@Natasha G – You don’t meed to be a first time flyer.
@Connie C – iFLY if a fun and exciting experience for everyone 3 and up!

Brianna C.

@Natasha G – You don’t meed to be a first time flyer.
@Connie C – iFLY is a fun and exciting experience for everyone 3 and up!

Quynh N.

Woops! I just bought the groupon for each of my kids but the Kids’ Club deal on the website appears BETTER than the Groupon (4 flights for $40). How do I cancel?!

Daniel A.

I need to buy one for myself and give two for my friends, for a total of three. It only let me add one for a gift. Please help.

If I buy two of these, one for myself and one for my husband, can we use them on the same day or can only one be redeemed at a time?

Sandra L.

The description on Groupon says it includes a DVD, but hte description on the company website says the Earn Your Wings package does not include a DVD. Is it included?

If I buy this one today, when will it expire?

Jennifer E.

You have until March 2011 to use it

Titus M.

Brianna, I would like to buy just one of these, and split the 2 1-minute rides between us. Can I do that? Or do I have to buy another for my wife?

Brianna C.

@Quyhn N – Please note the special restrictions for the kids club offer.
@Daniel A- I would suggest having your friends join Groupon in order to be able to purchase a larger quantity at this time.
@Gemma – Each Earn Your Wings is valid for one person per visit.
@Sandra L – This special offer does include a DVD of you flight experience.
@Titus M – I am sorry but you are not allowed to split the package.

Della L.

hi would i be able to buy one voucher, and use one for myself and one for a friend the same day?

Sorry… @Briana.. can you clarify? You say each is valid for one person per visit…. so if I buy two that is valid for two people or I can’t use them in the same visit? I would only want to go with somebody so I want to make sure before I buy that we can use them to go together (buying 2 for 2 people to go on the same day) Thanks!

Todd K.

I would like to do this with my daughter. Can I buy one for me and buy one for a gift for her, so we can each do our two flights on the same day?

Jolene G.

I am interested in the flight package. Can I purchase 2 under a kids deal (and where do I find that) and one for my husband? If so, can they all three use it on the same day?

Charlie E.

We did this for my daughter’s 13th birthday, she took three friends and absolutely LOVED it. I bought several packages to take visiting friends. Once they see the iFly tank, they always want to go. I may even try it this time since this package is so affordable.

Brianna C.

@Della L – You would need to buy two for each person to use.
@Gemma – Yes you can use one voucher per person per day. So if you and your husband each have a voucher, you can use them both together to enjoy two flights each.
@Todd K – Yes of course!
@Jolene G – Our best offer is on Groupon at this time but please visit our website for any further information.

Brianna C.


Tonya S.

just to confirm, I got 6 people in my group. All with their own groupon. Can all 6 use groupon at the same tim? I assume yes since it’s one per person but want to make sure.

susan b.

how old do you have to be to fly? can the two flights be split between two people – one each?

Alexis E.

I bought two….then saw were it says buy one for friends. Can my son use one of the two I purchased under my name or was I suppose to buy the second one under the friends button? I’m confused. Thanks.

nicole f.

Hi Brianna,

I see appts. are necessary. What is the likelihood of you guys having space avail. on an upcoming Sunday? I would like to know before actually buying this deal. Thanks!

Marilyn W.

Can two or more people enjoy this one minute flight at the same time in the chamber? or is it one person only in the chamber at a time with the instructor?


Marilyn W.

The deal states not on Saturday’s, so are you open on Sunday’s?


Brianna C.

@Tonya S – Yes that is correct!
@Susan B – You need to be at least 3 years old and the two flights cannot be split up.
@Alexis E – No worries, our costumer service will take care of you when you make your appointment. Just let them know.
@Nicole F – We have availability as of now and as long as you call ahead and book an appointment you will be fine.
@Marilyn W – Seasoned professionals are allowed to be in the tunnel with one another, if our instructors approve that it is safe.

Elisabeth H.

If you go to the company website you will see they are open every day of the week.

Krista W.

I’ve done this and had a blast so I’d like to purchase it for my boyfriend as a surprise. Can I buy it and let him use it because if I buy it as as a gift for him he will know about it.

Sherry L.

Brianna, I want to use the groupon for my 11 year old son. Does the groupon have to have his name on it, or can he use it if it has my name on it?

Evelyn T.

I bought 2 of them. I didn’t make either one a Gift, even though both will be a gift. Will this be a problem when my daughter goes to use it with her friend without me there? Or do I need to cancel the 2 and reorder under GIFT?

Joe K.

Is the parking good for self park an universal? I dont like to valet.

Taylor S.

Hey Everyone-

About the names. We recommend you tweak your order so it has the correct names on it. It is easier for Ifly to redeem the Groupons. Just go to edit and adjust your order accordingly.


Taylor from Groupon

Here’s some Yelp reviews:


Considered doing this but from the reviews it seem better suited for children and not nearly as thrilling if you’re an adult.

Cindy S.

Besides Saturday. Is this deal good for Friday?

Taylor S.




Taylor from Groupon

Brianna C.

@Vuthy – iFLY creates an experience for each individual flyer. If you are 5 years old we would not give you an experience that we would if you were 30. The experience is rewarding to each individual on their own level and I personally had so much fun and can’t wait to learn how to sit-fly!!!

Brianna C.

@Joe K – The general parking is accommodating as well.

sen i.

Brianna – say we have a party of about 30 people. Will all 30 be able to take the training together or would we have to break up in smaller groups?

Curtis G.

I see it says it can’t be used on a Saturday. Can they be used during a holiday weekend, such as the Thanksgiving weekend (Sat. excluded)?

Baldwin c.

Brianna, I just bought this and thought that for $39, both myself and a guest can come for 1 flight each. Is that not the case? Do I need to buy 2? I thought I can only buy 1? Would the other need to be a gift? Or would my wife need to sign up for groupon too and get it herself?

Curtis G.

Briana: I don’t know if you got my question. It’s not on the message board. I see we can’t use the Groupon on Saturdays. What about holiday weekends, say Thanksgiving weekend (but Sat excluded)?


Joe K.

Do you validate the general parking so that’s it’s free as well?

Taylor S.

Brianna will let you know


These flights cannot be split up. You need to buy 1 for your wife. You can buy from your account under gift for a friend (well in this case, spouse)


Taylor from Groupon

Brianna C.

@Sen – All 30 can take the training together but you will need to fly in 2 or 3 separate groups as we can only fit 12-15 people in the chamber at a time.
@Curtis – We are allowing these vouchers to be used at anytime except for Saturdays.
@Baldwin – The voucher can not be split. We are offering each person two flights per voucher. You will need to buy one voucher for each individual and you can buy as many as you need.

Krystie M.

1. Can I redeem this Groupon at the iFly in San Francisco?
2. How can I purchase 30 or more of these Groupons (I’m planning an iFly event for an organization)? Can I buy 1 for myself and buy the rest as gifts?

Charlene C.

I wanted to know if there is a limit to the number of groupons that I can purchase. I’d like to buy about 25-30 of them to use for a large group. Does each groupon have to have the person’s name on it at the time of purchase?

I purchased this deal around this time last year and used it in March of this year before it expired. My sister also purchased for herself and her 17 y/o and 8 y/o sons. It was probably one of the most awesome experiences ever! The staff was friendly and helpful and we were treated with great respect.
Do Note Regarding the DVD: There were only 4 in our party…and like 8-10 people who were in our JUMP GROUP. The DVD is not only of you…but of you, your party and any other random people in the jump group. Advice: go with at least 5-6 (or more) of your friends so that you can see more of THEM on the video…and not just random strangers.
Overall: I give it a “9” – (-1 for the DVD)

Brianna C.

@Joe K – Unfortunately for general parking you pay upfront so we can not validate.
@Krystie M – This offer is currently only valid at iFLY Hollywood. You are able to purchase as many as you need as gifts.
@Charlene – There is currently no limit and each individual’s name does not need to be designated to each ticket. We will have a list that shows how many you have purchased.

Rican V.


How do I cancel and get a refund?

It probably should be stated on the deal that the 2 flights per order cannot be split. I see several people here asking that question and when I shared this deal with others the same was also asked. It’s a bit confusing.

Rican V.,

I don’t work for iFly, I’m just another GroupOn enthusiast like yourself.

To cancel your purchase, Click on “My Stuff” in the upper right corner, find the GroupOn for iFly, click “Edit Purchase”, and click “I’d like to cancel my purchase”.

Sorry to hear you won’t be joining us :)
I’m definitely taking my fiancee here!! (not sure if we’ll come before or after the wedding though :) )

I see that this Earn Your Wings flight includes 2 flights. If I buy a voucher, can I use those two flights on the same day, or do I have to come back another day to use the second flight?

Brianna C.

@Karen B – You would use both flight in one day.

marisol r.

Brianna, Once I get my groupon, do I just show up or do I have to make an appt??

Brianna C.

@Marisol R – Please make an appointment.

marisol r.

Where do I get the number to call?

Brianna C.

@Marisol R – Please call at 818-985-4359


How late are you open on the weekdays? Are you open on Sundays? The coupon cant be used on Saturday right?

Brianna C.

@Jason – Additional information can be found at www.iflyhollywood.com.

marisol r.

Yayyyyyy…I made my appt already for this Sunday!!!!!
Thanks Brianna!

Melody R.

I purchased one for my boyfriend under my name and another as a gift for my brother in law. Will my boyfriend be able to redeem the groupon although it has my name on it???

How long does this whole experience last?

Was interested in finding info about the kids club to see which is the best suited for my kids but cant seem to find it on your website. Can you tell me what the kids club includes please.

Found it on the website. I like to groupon deal better but I need to buy 3 of them how do I do that?

Brianna C.

@Melody R – Your boyfriend will be your guest.
@Ali P – It takes about 1 hour.
@Alison F – You are able to buy multiple.

how do i buy a second gift groupon for my friend: patricia

Jean V.

I bought one as a gift and one for myself. However, the gift one did not print as a gift as still says I am the recipient. Can that be changed, or does it need to be?

Ardith P.

Will iFly be open on Thanksgiving day? We are coming to the area for a hockey game for the holiday and wanted to do this during the day, but being a holiday I want to make sure that you are open before I buy 3 of these. Thank you!

Melody R.

@jean v. I did the same thing and changed it under My Stuff. There was an option to make a change and after I clicked on that, I was able to change it to a gift.

I see my boyfriend can be my guest, does that mean I have to be present?

Curtis G.

I see this is limited to 1 per person. I’d like to buy 8, for family and friends. Is it okay if I buy them all in my name, or do I need to buy for each person individually? Buying them all in my name would be a ton easier. Please let me know.


Brianna C.

@Patricia F – You should be able to go to gift and choose to multiple. Please contact Groupon if you are not able to do so.
@Melody R – We only cross check our voucher list with the name on the ticket, so we will accept his ticket.
@Jean V – We will just cross check the ticket with the our voucher list to verify.
@Ardith P – We are open 365 days a year but please remember this voucher is not valid on Saturdays!
@Curtis G – You are welcome to purchase as many as you need in your name! It makes it easier for us if everyone has a voucher in their own name but we can cross-check based on how many you buy as well.

Brianna C.


Angela H.

I’m new to groupon. Just purchased 2 of these. 1 for me and 1 for my Niece as a Gift. Where does it show if the minimum amount of purchases has been met in order to actually get this deal?

Hi Angela,
Under the large green Buy button it says tipped at 200 at 6:14 AM. 200 was the minimum necessary, and tipped means it reached the minimum. Enjoy = )

Angela H.

That’s what I figured but wanted to make sure. Thanks for confirming Edward! much appreciated.

i just signed up not sure exactly how this works but when am i going to start getting emails?

Groupon Folks: You have all the patience in the world. I LOVE reading comments for helpful tips BUT this also provides the very best entertainment. I love how the same questions are asked over and over and over again. I hope the Groupon staff holds a contest for the most repetitive questions asked – wild! Anyway, I’ve already purchase mine on this deal yesterday as we happened to be at CityWalk redeeming two other Groupons recently purchased and when over to watch iFly. Each flight is short but look like a blast. The rest of the group just sits and waits on a bench nearby in their jumpsuits, helmets and goggles, waiting for their turn. This has got to be great if you have already sold 5377+. Thanks again for all your patience!

If i buy one package for my 5 years old son, they can still fry?
I am asking because this offer is not good on Saturdays, but it also shows “Kids club” is only on Saturdays on the website. Thanks.

Steve B.

A whole minute? Yikes, I think I’ll save my money.

>>each flight is a minute long, where as the skydiving free fall lasts about 30-45 seconds.

Curtis G.

Hi. I bought 8 tickets for this, for family and friends, all under my own name, which I understand is just fine. Do I need to be there when my family and friends use them, since they’re in my name, or can they go on their own? I hope the latter; otherwise, I have to make changes. Please advise.


Ericka S.

Yes, a whole minute is more freefall time than you would get actually skydiving and believe me, it’s a very slow minute…I’ve never regretted the money I’ve spent on windtunnels, and this time it’s even discounted!

Brianna C.

@Angela H – It is on the front page. The deal has been tipped.
@Marina P – You will receive an email every morning.
@Charrise L – It is a very fun experience!
@Hiroko C – This deal is not the same as Kids Club. You can redeem any Groupon voucher any day except for Saturday and Kids Club is something we offer on our website as another special.
@Steve B – You would be very surprised how long a minute feels when you have up to 165 mph winds blowing all around you and you are riding on it.
@Curtis G – They do not need to be present as we will have a list with your name and how many you purchased.

Quynh N.

So for my kids, KIDS CLUB is definitely a better deal ($40 for 4 flights on Saturday only) http://www.iflyhollywood.com/index.php?page=1000
But for grownups, the Groupon is a better deal but CANNOT be used on a Saturday.
Date night!
But now I still have 2 Groupons I don’t need…
Hello? ANY chance I can return 2?

Means, 5 years old can fly with this groupon. right??

Brianna C.

@Quynh N – They would be great gifts.
@Hiroko C – Yes, 3 and up can fly!

Ashley A.

This looks really fun! But I just noticed that over 6000 have been bought! Is the expiration date going to be extended to meet the demand? I would have to buy them and then not be able to get an appt that works for my schedule.

Jennie P.

Excuse me if this was already discussed. The deal is listed as $37 to get everything except the DVD. The price is $84.90 I just went on to Ifly & found that our deal only cost $59 (no DVD). Granted $20 saved is good but we are not getting the promised 56% discount.

Jennie P.

Guess I answered my own question. We do get a free DVD:

With today’s Groupon: for $37, you get the Earn Your Wings Package—which includes a training session, flight gear, personalized flight certificate, and assistance from a personal instructor ($59.95)—and two flights in iFly Hollywood’s gravity-defying vertical wind-tunnel, plus a DVD of your session ($24.95).

Jaron C.

This is my first time using groupon as a venue to purchase something. Are there expiration dates on purchases or are they redeemable at anytime? If there are expiration dates, where does one find it?

When does the iFly purchase expire?

Thanks for your time!

Jaron C.

NM! I just noticed that it explicitly states the expiration on the ad.

March 27, 2011.

Thanks again.

Jenny L.

6300 is a lot of people to accommodate. I am also concerned about getting a slot before the expiration date. Flight’s only a minute long but the session is supposed to be an hour or more.

Nicole c.

i just bought 2 but i meant to use 2 different names.. how can i change it? Thanks!

Taylor S.

Jenny- They can handle it. We will consider moving the expiration if need be, but I don’t think it will be an issue.


Just go to edit, change the number… then you can purchase one as gift for a friend


Taylor from Groupon

Cynthia N.

I called the appointment number listed above and I am getting a disconnected recording. Is there another number? Cyndi

kimber O.

hi i want to buy this for my son and daughters birthdays comeing up your deal states we get a DVD with our purchace also but when i click on the link it shows we dont get a DVD of our flight we have to pay for it, I looked into that and and the DVD’s cost $27.00. is there a speciakl you have for use that will stat a dvd also?
this will be the 1st time iam buying

Brianna C.

Hi Everyone,

Please do not worry about iFLY being able to accommodate all of you, as it will not be a problem.
@Cynthia N – I just called this number 818-985-4359 and was pleasantly greeted by iFLY’s costumer service.

Also, there have been great questions and responses on this discussion board about iFLY’s offer, so lease read through and see if your question has already been answered.

Brianna C.

@Kimber O – The free DVD is exclusive to the Groupon offer. So if you would like to take advantage of this great deal being offered on Groupon, each voucher you purchase will come with a DVD of your flight experience.

kimber O.

ok, thank you now that i have just been reading everyone’s comments , i want to be able to buy 6 tickets as gifts 1 for myself and the others for my 4 kids and husband how would i do that this is all new to me , before i go and make 1 big mistake do i put their 1st name and last or just mine or just 1st name or Gift . all adults. I had made a call to the Hollwood site to find out how much time is needed before comeing in groups 1-1/2 wks if others want to know.

2nd question is this 2 tickets can be split for 2 people right?cause it said 2 tickets i know each ticket gets you 1 min of free falling

Thank you

Brianna C.

@ Kimber O – You can buy as many as you would like and you can attach each persons name to each voucher. Each voucher offers one person the opportunity to fly twice, I am afraid that it can not be split. We do need large groups to come about 45 minutes before their flight time.

Thanks Kimber!

Dila D.

Same question as kathia g.

“Since its two flights, can I use one for me and one for my sister or do I have to use both of them myself?”

Brianna C.

@Dila D – the two flights are for one person and cannot be split. If you have more than one person that would like to fly, you will need more than one voucher, as each voucher consists of two flights.

Lisa R.

Hi, I want to buy 6 tickets – all holiday gifts for kids – how do I get each ticket in that person’s name, while still sending everything to my email? Thanks, LisaR

Taylor S.

Hi Lisa, you can buy 6 as gifts and you don’t have to send it right away. Or email support@groupon.com later if you have issues with it.


Taylor from Groupon

Nancy G.

I bought 2 in my name. one for me and one for someone else to go with me. I’m not sure who will go with me yet. Can I put it in their name later so we can both go on the same day?

Brianna C.

@Nancy G – Yes you can.

Sherri V.

Went today, and all I can say is WOW!! What an incredible experience.

First, it was extremely easy to make an appointment.

Second, the valet parking….LOVE IT! We would have run late had it not been for the valet parking, and after it was validated, it was super easy getting our car.

Third, check-in was a snap. They have computer check-in, so you start there.

Fourth, you get called into a room for explanation and a 3 minute video of what to do.

Fifth, you get your gear, head out to the wind tunnel, and have a “blast.”

There was a group of 7 of us. The first flight is to get you used to the wind tunnel, then you sit down and after everyone has gone, you get your second turn….AND WHAT A TURN IT WAS!

I cannot thank Groupon enough for this, because had it not been for this deal, I would not have even known that this was available. A wonderful experience, wonderful business, just….wonderful.

Sherri V.

Some people have mentioned that one minute flying is just too short. Well, let me tell you, it’s not.

You get two one-minute flying sessions, so you really get two minutes, not just one. And I have to say that the arms are a little sore today! Like we’ve done a couple too many push-ups.

So in my opinion, two minutes flying was just right!


Sounds great! Is it too late to purchase this deal? Ifso, will it be offered again soon so I can purchase as gifts?


This ad appears deceiving when I read “$37 for Two Indoor Flights…” I interpreted it as in “for 2 people” which is what got me to buy, but I just discovered today when I made my reservation @ iFly that it’s just for 1 person which wouldn’t have got me to buy…so in short I’m not happy about your misleading wording print Groupon and it discourages me from further purchases to be honest.

Taylor S.


Email us at support@groupon.com. We never want to be misleading. We’ll take care of you.


Taylor from Groupon

Ranajit B.

I missed this deal :(
Would it be offered again soon?


We were disappointed. First, the ad is misleading, as others have mentioned. You can’t use the groupon for two people even though it says “two” flights. So we paid full price for our second child. Then, our instructor was not patient with our girls, who both were having trouble balancing. The ride ended up being less than a minute for both kids and we paid $80! Buyer beware…

Kali M.

Bummed because this Groupon went wasted. I purchased as a gift, planning to take my friend for her bday on March 14. When I called to make an appointment (two weeks ahead) they said they were all booked up, I was outta luck. I scrambled to find a time to use it before it expired, and couldn’t.

I need to stop purchasing activity groupons, this is the second time this has happened.

I purchased 2 certificates as a gift for friend. After a couple of failed attempts by my friend who lives in Burbank (just down the street) he gave the certificates back to me. I then tried to use the certificates first by driving the 100 plus miles up to Universal City only to be told they were completely booked for the entire weekend and that I should have called and made an appointment. OK true the certificate does say to call and make an appointment … not very customer service oriented for someone making a 200+ mile round trip but true. So I call last week and the only time available is at 10:30 PM which is undoable due to kids and the 100 miles I would have the drive back home afterwards. They said they’ve been overwhelmed and fully booked that’s why they extended the deadline by 2 weeks and asked me to call back for any cancellations. So I call back today and again the only available time is 10:30 PM. It bad enough they can’t accommodate the number of tickets they have sold, but now their ""Regional Manager"" Brianna who sounds all of 18 years old is very rude telling me that I should not have waited until the last minute and that I & the other 8,000 customer’s had 6 months to take avantage of this deal, but we all waited until the last minute. Also stating that “well 10:30 would not be to late for her parents to bring her out for some fun” and if I wanted to speak to another manager for me to call Groupon. So I did and I filed a formal complaint against iFly. I will not purchase any other deals from this iFly in the future.

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