Dwayne K.

Is this place gay friendly? It doesn’t look like it from the website.

What does being gay have to do with getting a haircut? I do not ever recall going into any establishment for a haircut and having to announce whether I was gay or straight. Do gay people’s hair cut differently? If you are gay and you need a haircut, I am pretty sure they will cut it for you.

Sean C.

Because it centers around sports and women, it isnt “gay friendly”? lol…what exactly is gay friendly? They give great haircuts and a nice, relaxing massage while washing hair…im sure you’ll get the same service whether gay, straight, black, white, chinese, indian, bald…sheesh.

If you’re trying to get another gay male to do this for you, then obviously this isnt the place for you.

David R.

Since I have an awesome shinny bald head, can I use the $15 for beard and stash trimming?

Can you use the groupon for the haircut and the groupon for the massage during the same visit?

Rod J.

David R – I would assume not, since the ad states: “Valid only for service purchased.”

Aaron – It would seem reasonable to me!

David R.

Great – thanks!

S W.

Limit 2 per person – does that mean if I buy 2 for haircut, then I couldn’t buy any for massage (for the same person)?

Anyone going to show up to answer questions?

Dan G.

I bought two hair cuts and a massage.

I bought one for my boyfriend, but forgot to put it was a gift so it says my name on it. Will he have any problem using it?

Brandon D.

No as long as the number on the coupon has not been used, he will be fine. I have gifted things with my name on it and the other person has had no problem.

Super! Thanks, Brandon!

Sean C.

I love this place and visit it regularly but i have a bit of an issue with the way the groupon was handled, because i felt as if i was getting swindled for more tip money…i went in and used the haircut groupon, a woman started by massaging me for about 15min. and then did finger and toe nails and had the nice foot bath…

Then another woman came in and did the haircut and scalp massage.

The services were great but when it came time to pay, i paid $15 on a $50 service…more than a good tip in my opinion, but then the first lady walks up and asks if she was getting a tip too…i responded that they should split the tip, and she gave me a kind of disgruntled look…the $7.50/person is low for a tab of $50 (before groupon) but per service its more than fair.

They were so nice up until that point, and then i was just kind of shoveled out of the door…and it looked as if they gentleman before me had the same treatment…

Kind of a shady deal to have two people do the service and then almost ASK for the same tip PER person.

Rod J.

Sean – the finger & toe nails & foot bath were not part of the Groupon. How/why did that happen?


LOL @ being mad about “only” getting a 30% tip. Welcome to the service industry!

This place sucks! They never return your call.. Ive called and left 5 messages in the last 3 weeks.. They have still not been able to schedule one single massage for me and i have 4 groupons . SHAME TO KNOCK OUT!!!

Rod J.

Has anyone used this Groupon to get a haircut?

I’m going to need to go soon and wanted to see how it turned out.

Rod J.

Alright, I’m headed out there next week. Any reviews?

Chee Pung L.

Price wise is okay. However using the term “Knockout” is 20 years too late. I just used my Groupon last week. My experience is just like buying a real hamburger after watching their TV commercial on a big screen TV. It looks really good and delicious on the TV. When you get it at the store, it is small (where is the beef?) and dry.

Rod J.

When I showed up, parking was horrid. But I went in and was the only customer. They try to look like a hair-cutting version of Hooters. The woman who cut my hair was in her 50’s. Yes, 50’s. There was another stylist who got a client later that was cute. But not wearing the outfit (t-shirt/shorts) they show. She had on a full top and long pants and when I arrived, she was out back smoking.

According to the information, they’re supposed to do a shampoo, then cut, then shampoo again and rinse. No. She cut my hair dry – with some water spraying and shampooed after. She asked if I had the massage included – I said I have whatever the Groupon is (scalp massage). So she didn’t even know what was included.

They normally want $50 for this. Whatever.

Christopher O.

Hey everyone!

I have an important announcement in regards to your Knockouts groupons:

We just wanted to inform you that Knockouts Haircuts For Men has closed. While some of you have already redeemed your Knockouts Groupon, we know that many have not, and we want to get you your money back as soon as possible.

If you haven’t used your Groupon, please email us at support@groupon.com and we’ll be happy to issue you a full refund to your original credit card used for the purchase or give you Groupon Credit.

We were big fans of Knockouts, so we’re especially sad to see them go. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for your continued support.


Chris O
Groupon Customer Support

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