Soups and salads

  • Pasta fagioli
  • Puree soup of the day
  • Finocchio salad (fresh fennel, Gaeta olives, and navel orange slices)
  • Insalata di spinaci (baby spinach, raspberries, wild mushrooms, and pears)
  • Organic mixed field greens tossed with homemade vinaigrette


  • Bay scallops wrapped in pork pancetta and drizzled with aioli sauce
  • Crispy calamari fritti (buttered and deep-fried New Zealand calamari)
  • Buffala mozzarela with bresaola (buffalo milk mozzarella wrapped with cured beef tenderloin)
  • Gnocchi di spinaci alla gorgonzola (homemade spinach potato dumplings in gorgonzola sauce)


  • Raviolonni di aragosta (homemade lobster ravioli in a cognac rose sauce)
  • Costate di agnello (Ontario lamb chops with port-wine reduction sauce)
  • Tagliatelle with smoked duck (homemade tagliatelle in creamy sauce with smoked duck)
  • Pan-seared Pacific salmon filet with citrus arugula pesto
  • Pollo supreme tartufato (chicken and wild mixed mushrooms with truffle oil)
  • White vitello involtini (white veal with roasted pepper, goat cheese, and spinach)


  • Creme brulee
  • Tiramisu
  • Mixed sorbet with wild berries
  • Cake of the day