i am interested in this


help me!!!


is it worth

Erin P.

Can this deal be used for their pig carving classes too?

How often do their menus change?

mary jane g.

can this groupon be used for Sunday brunch

hey, I like it!

Cara V.

Can I use this groupon combined with a gift certificate?

Does this restaurant have any gluten free options?

Can it be used with the Craft Beer Conference and World Beer Cup
special $35 prixe-fixe menu
tuesday, april 6th – sunday april 11th?

Richard L.

When did they close for Sunday brunch? The website still says in all caps “open for sunday brunch!”

Johanna R.

Is there a limit to how many of today’s Groupon I can buy for friends? Also, can more than one person in a party use this Groupon (on a split check)?

Utsav O.

If steak and trout costs 26$-28$, and the groupon is worth only 40$, how can you get a reasonable dinner for two people at the 40$ limit?

This has been a trend where expensive restaurants are really tryna sell a 20$-off gift certificate to a good dinner that costs way more than the groupon itself. I think that Groupon should make the effort to make it worth a nice dinner for two people; eg. I estimate a good dinner would cost 60$ at this restaurant.

Richard L.

Johanna, ‘the fine print’ states only one groupon per table:
Expires in 1 year
Limit 1 per table. Dine-in only. Tax and gratuity not included. Not valid with other offers.

Marisa S.

Ustav- why complain? You still get $20 off which is way better than getting $0 off your dinner… It’s not like restaurants are required to give us deals.

Also-I imagine that groupons can only promote what the restaurant will offer and don’t set the pricing or discount themselves… Correct me if this is not the case.

Rabecca D.

Does anyone know how to change cities?


Rabecca D said: Does anyone know how to change cities?

we usually drive….. JK… we had groupon Dallas on a visit suggested by the hotel desk person (and they had a restaurant) back in the mid-west we signed up for Chicago and had both for a while… then just dropped Dallas when I found myself seriously thinking about a trip just to take advantage of a few great deals…. so sign up for a few, drop the ones you don’t need…. ps it seems like more then a few here are checking more than one city… good deals are fun, even just to read about….

Forum P.

http://www.groupon.com/cities to see all the cities.

Rebecca C.

Sadly we had a less than perfect meal this past Saturday. Our party of 4 waited over two hours and finally left- without dinner. We received our appetizers, which were ok… so our groupon was used, but think twice before going to Mado. Our waitress gave no reason but the chef did respond to me the following day with just an, ’I’m sorry for your experience.’ Not very professional in my book.

Karen G.

I have a groupon for Mado and have just found out it has changed hands and has a new chef and is totally different than what I signed up for….can I get my money back on this. I have been happy with all my other groupons so far…karen

Rebecca F.

I have the same question as Karen G. The new Mado is not at all what I bought the Groupons for.

Mark G.

Not only has the original chef left (he was the reason I bought this), the replacement chef an all of the kitchen staff have left and the phone goes unanswered.

I’ve learned that Mado has closed down. I am hoping that I will get a refund for my unused Groupon which has not yet “expired”. Who should I talk to about this?

Jacquelyn G.

I’m also curious what happens to my Groupon now that the restaurant has closed. I would assume I can somehow get a refund? Anyone?

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