it is a super great deal!!! but how to redeem it?

wait, so can this be used on sale items or does a sale/clearance count as a “discount”?


So if you don’t use the $50 Groupon before December 31st, you’re able to use it as a $25 Groupon after that? Very cool. I’m in.

This is a great deal. However I have a question. I know it says 1 per person but what if I buy 1 and I get another groupon gift from my fiance, can they be combined to use together? Or Can he only use his groupon and I can use mine seperate? Please let me know because he wants to buy me 1 of this deal as a gift and if I can’t use both groupons together (mine and the 1 he wants to buy me) then I am going to tell him not to buy it for me. Thanks for your time.

Sooin L.

their general website has cosmetics, but not under nordstrom rack. the word, “cosmetics,” should be omitted from the description of the deal.

Can this be used on a sale item?

can this be used on black friday when they have 30% everything?

Sherri V.

I noticed that it says “limited quantity” AND this deal is going for three days, so I jumped on this one right away. It’s going to sell out.

@Sooin L.
Nordstrom Rack DOES, in fact, carry cosmetics.

Henry K.

On other sites, it said it can be used on any discounted item but not online or with any coupon…..

can you use this at a regular nordstrom store like in Indianapolis?

Joanna J.

So frustrated! Every time I click Complete, it tells me I have an error on the page because I need to enter only 1 (quantity) at a time in the box, but it already says 1 in the box, AND it won’t even let me change it if I tried.
I’m afraid I’ll never get the groupon before it sells out!

Anyone else having a problem completing purchase? When I hit ‘complete order’ it tells me “Amount is invalid. You must purchase exactly 1”. The quantity field is already set to “1”, so I don’t know what to do.

Delores F.

Same problem here. When I hit complete purchase it tells me the amount is invalid. What’s going on here? Please help.

Maya P.

Can the groupon be used to purchase gift cards?

Delores F.

PLEASE someone help us with the invalid amount that keeps appearing when trying to purchase. Perhaps it is already sold out!

I have had trouble completing the purchase since this morning at 7 am

maggie S.

I called store, they claim i need a number for coupon, i have no number on my offer
does anyone have a code?

this is lame the phone line is busy and they added a cupoun to my cart that prevents me from buying this and I dont know how to remove the coupon….booooo groupon horrible customer service

if i already purchased the nordstrom rack groupon when it appeared as a san diego deal a few days ago, can i purchase another one now under the los angeles deal?

oanh n.

I keep getting this invalid amount entered. seems like a lot of people are getting this too.

Jennifer M.

Can you use more than one groupon for Nordstrom Rack but on different days? Meaning if I purchased one and received another as a gift?

so I FINALLY got through to customer service, they said the site is having a malfunction and to keep trying back. Not the best answer, but an answer.

Connie P.

I just tried it and it looks like it went through.

I paid for my first Groupon 3 hours ago – but haven’t received it nor does it show-up under My Stuff???

Lisa T.

You should printout the Groupon coupon after successfully buying it. Prinout available under your Groupon account page. And I am more than sure you can purchase multiple ones and use it on different days… they don’t know.


I tried clicking REFER TO FRIENDS to get $10 card..but it keeps giving me choices of yahoo.com to send the link. So I copy and post the site through my aol account to send to a friend to get the $10 card. Would I still get it?

@ Ani K: It’s a general rule that Groupons cannot be combined. I would bet that you could NOT expect to pay together with 2 Groupons. But if you split up your purchase and pay separately, you should be able to.

@ Maya P: Read the fine print. http://www.groupon.com/pages/nordstrom-rack-complete-terms-and-conditions
“May not be used to purchase Nordstrom Gift Cards”

@ Lisa L: I’m sure Groupon won’t allow multiple purchases or something. They must have a way to police the “1 per person” rule.

Eric B.

Hi Sarah B., it says ideal to use on Black Friday, but fine print says cannot be combined with other discounts. Please clarify.

If it is too busy in Los Angeles. Trying buying it in Las Vegas or Baltimore.

Wow, almost 16k purchased this! Feel sorry for all the regular shoppers at Nordstrom Rack for the next 40 days. That store is going to be out of control!

Jackie Y.

Won’t a lot (read: all?) of items be on sale at the Nordstrom Rack (especially this time of year)? Will all of those items be off limits?

Regina H.

Hi, my name is Regina and I support marketing for Nordstrom Rack. A few of us are logging onto the Groupon discussion boards today to help answer questions. Since it’s the answer most folks seem to be looking for, the Rack Groupon cannot be combined with other promotions (including multiple Groupons). It IS redeemable for discount and sale merchandise, though!

J R.

regina – if you’re still checking the board, can you tell me why it’s taking so long to process an order? i purchased nearly 2 hours ago. i checked my bank and nothing has come through there either. maybe this is a groupon delay?

I’m having the same problem as JR. I ordered this morning and it still shows as a “processing order”


JR and others – patience. You can’t use it today anyway. This deal is national (not just LA) so they are probably overloaded, like the Gap groupon. It will process and clear eventually.

Thomas A.

So, I got my Groupon earlier this morning in my email, made plans to go shopping with my wife this evening, and now just printed the Groupon and it’s says I can’t use it till tomorrow. I think it should have said this somewhere(at least I didn’t see it anywhere.) Very disappointed….I knew it might take a while to get the email with the Groupon, but just assumed that once I had it I’d be able to use.

Christa Y.

I have a friend in town and we wanted to use our Groupons before she left on Wednesday. Since deal is three days, will we not receive our Groupons until the end of the deal? If so, can I buy an item and then return it/rebuy it once I get the groupon?

Christa Y.

Getting it tomorrow would be fine… I have a jacket on hold until 9pm, but should still be there tomorrow. I just don’t want to wait until Thursday!

mike t.

SO i can only buy one, I am unable to buy one for me and one for a friend?

you are able to buy one from the las vegas site, since it is a different city…just do the other one as a gift instead of yourself.


Thomas, that’s the rule for all groupons – it’s in the Universal Fine Print.

You normally cannot use the first day. Christa, you will most likely be able to use tomorrow but hopefully groupon will confirm that.

Andrew, I saw on another city’s discussion – one per person, regardless of the market.


i’ve had the same problem with it saying you must select at least 1 item to purchase but when i check the “my stuff” box it says that it’s pending. Check that box first..

So I guess I can’t buy one for a friend because it says error when I tried to purchase another one =(

Christa Y.

I got an email from Groupon saying they’d run my card “later today”. My friend got hers already, but when she tried to print it, said it could not be used today. Oh well!

Nicole B.

My boyfriend bought me one as a gift, but still no notice he’s done so. How long should it take before I’m able to see his gift in my account?

Regina H.

Hi All, It’s Regina from Nordstrom Rack again. Due to high traffic on Groupon’s website, your Rack Groupon may take a little longer than normal to process. Thanks for your patience! They will email you as soon as it’s ready.
Offer is available for purchase through Wednesday, but once you get your Groupon it’s valid on merchandise purchases made in our Nordstrom Rack stores through 12/31/10. Hope that helps!

Toni m.

my order is still being processed after 24 hours of purchase. has anyone else gotten theirs yet?

Karen D.

Yes I’m having the same problem. I tried to go back and start over but it won’t let me.

I have tried to place gift orders at least half a dozen times yesterday and today, but have been totally unsuccessful in getting through. Please help!

Regina H.

Seeing a few more questions about credit card charges being processed. Please contact Groupon directly by emailing support@groupon.com or calling 1 (877) 788-7858.

@ Linaluo-

Once you purchase your Groupon you will receive an email to print it off.


@Ani K.

Sorry but you cannot use 2 groupons on the same transaction.


@ Toni, Karen D, and Janice J.

Processing is running slow due to the amount of traffic we are experiencing, sorry for the inconvenience… Just keep trying so you can take advantage of this great deal!


Hsin P.

So I’m confused – can it or can it NOT be used for sale and discounted merchandise?

Regina said at

Hi, my name is Regina and I support marketing for Nordstrom Rack. A few of us are logging onto the Groupon discussion boards today to help answer questions. Since it’s the answer most folks seem to be looking for, the Rack Groupon cannot be combined with other promotions (including multiple Groupons). It IS redeemable for discount and sale merchandise, though!

and then Patrick said

This groupon is valid on regular priced items only.


So WHICH is it?

I just tried to buy another groupon for Nordstrom Rack for a Christmas gift for a friend and it would not allow me to do this. Please advise if I am able to purchase more as gifts.

thank you

Jayna C.

Let’s try this one more time.

Valid for sale and clearance items- yes!!

Only one per person. period. you can buy one for you or buy one for your friend but not both.

Enjoy! Jayna

I kept getting a message saying that the amount is invalid and that I need to enter a quantity of 1. But under My Stuff, it shows the purchase is processing. Is there a glitch in the system. Did I actually purchase the Groupon?


It has been about 24 hours of my purchase and I haven’t received my voucher yet. It is still saying it is being processed. I wanted to use it today. There is the expiration date of Dec. 31, 2010. I haven’t received my voucher and still waiting. Please help asap need to use my voucher soon.


i have a question~ when we checkout, do we need to match the name from the coupon??

jacqueline d.

I wish Nordstroms didn’t sell fur =(

Just used my Groupon at NR yesterday. No problem, even with an extra % off certain items. This is an AMAZING deal. I worked for Nordstrom (and "The Rack) for 10 years. The stuff (at the rack) is SOOO cheap already….it is hard to believe they are allowing this. I only wish we could buy more than one Groupon. Stop complaining folks. This is UNHEARD of : )

Does anyone have one of these they’d like to sell?? If so, please email me at anjaneg@gmail.com

Bina M.

Nordstrom rack in woodland hills is a zoo. The lines are long and the transactions take sooo long. Please request them to extend the deal for another fortnight. Please.

The sales girl typed in my code several times and said it was used. Do you know who I need to contact from Groupon?

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