Usually we can’t use the Groupon until it closes, but in the Terms:

  1. Add-On Offer Value is valid from November 19, 2010-December 31, 2010

Does that mean we can use it the same day we purchase?

Sue a.

What is up with the website? Can’t get this deal. Keeps saying, Ooops, page does not exist! I did get to checkout once, and it gave me an error message. Soooo bothered!!!

Matt B.

Having the same problem with getting this deal, keeps saying Oooops page does not exist.

Simon C.

now its asking for a password too

Mandy A.

what’s going on with Groupon today? I can’t log in at all!

Sarah C.

whats going on? It logs me out every time I try to buy….

This is REALLY annoying, I can’t sign in! Been trying since this morning. Groupon should get their Tech Ops guys ready for the volume before sending offers!

Bei L.

Yep. Groupon’s website is a mess today!

Diane B.

this site is driving me crazy today – I want to access one of my purchased groupons and can’t. come on groupon we need some answers.

Bei L.

Yep. Groupon’s website is a mess today!

Melissa S.

I am trying to buy this Nordstrom Rack deal all morning now I can actually get to the buying page after I have logged into my account but it wants me to give a groupon password to buy why?


I have been trying for 8 hours and cannot get in.

Mandy A.

Feels like everyone in Groupon decided to take a day off.

Mandy A.

looks like it’s fixed. i see that my purchase from this morning is in process.

Caitlin T.

Why will it not let me buy this as a gift for someone else? It had the link to be able to buy it as a gift for someone this morning, but then I couldn’t complete the purchase b/c the website was so slow. Now there is no longer an option to buy it as a gift. What is wrong?

I just purchased and then saw a message that I won’t be able to access the Groupon until Saturday or Sunday. I think if that is the case then the 50 dollar offer should be extended. It’s supposed to be effective starting today, not tomorrow or Sunday.

bobby k.

Bought Nordstrom rack groupon 30 minutes ago. Don’t see it under “my goupons”. Anyone else having same problem?

Is this good with sale or clearance items?

Vi L.

There’s a problem going on with Groupon today. I can’t purchase it.

Bought my Nordstram Rack Groupon this morning but it is still showing “Your order is currently being processed” after 8 hours. I have never seen that before. So does it mean that I will get it?

@ bobby k. — I’m having the problem with Groupon. I bought the Groupon, but it hasn’t shown up under “My Groupons”. I also received the message saying it would not be available until Saturday or Sunday.

Edmund E.

Can I buy this Nordstom Rack Groupon and use it at a Los Angeles location?

bobby k.

@ Rebecca L.. WHen did you see the message saying "it would not be available until Saturday or Sunday.
“? Was it right after you bought or did they send you a seperate email?

Catharine H.

hi everyone – my name is Catharine and I work in Marketing for Nordstrom Rack. I’d love to answer some questions that have come up regarding Black Friday and eligible products. Customers can redeem their Nordstrom Rack Groupon for any and all in-store merchandise any day between now and 12/31 (including the Day After Thanksgiving). With the exception of cash and gift cards, customers can redeem their Rack Groupon for any merchandise in a Rack store (including discounted merchandise). So shop away! If you have any further questions, please follow us on Twitter at @nordstrom_rack or fan us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/nordstromrack and we are more than happy to clarify further. Thank you so much for your interest in our offer and we apologize for the confusion on this point.

Zamil S.

I can’t purchase? Why is this not going thru?

Carla or Reggie W.

A while back Groupon sold Gap coupons and the purchasing “froze” because of the traffic. 11,000 + purchases (over a 100 in the past few minutes) is probably why some of you are having a hard time purchasing.

Dude, I keep getting this message over and over again:
There were some problems with your order. Please see the messages below: Amount is invalid. You must purchase exactly 1

The default amount is 1 and is unchangeable? What’s up?

Charis K.

This is crazy and sucks!! I bought one for a friend and then went back to buy one for myself and it won’t let me


I got the same message about the Groupon not being avail til Sat or Sunday. It came up on the confirmation page. So far no confirmation email and no Groupon in my stuff yet.

This deal (which I’m not buying by the way.. since I know because of this, nordie rack will be stuffed and everything good in my size will be gone) made me have to buy lunch today.. I was trying to get access to my groupon for lunch.

Alicja J.

I referred a friend. He bought a groupon and I have been waiting for 6 hours to get the credit so that I can take advantage of this deal. Why is it taking so long?

Yep, I’m frustrated with this site today too! i bought one for myself and trying to buy another as a gift and I keep getting the invalid amount message!! Hopefully this will work before the groupon ends or they extend it!

stephen J.

I got this deal and gave my credit card number and was thanked for my purchase but no proof of purchase was mailed to me? How do I get a proof of purchase?
Stephen: stephenalbair@yahoo.com

Bernie  Q.

I purchased this groupon yesterday and got message that clearly indicated due to high volume I would not receive groupon until the weekend and it gave me a confirmation #. Maybe some of you did not see that.

Warren D.

My wife just bought one with her account but now I can’t when I log into my account. What’s up with that?

Lily J.

On the fine print, it says “For Nordstrom Rack Groupons purchased from the states of Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Connecticut, Add-On Offer value will not expire.” So…if I’m purchasing from MA this coupon has no expiration date? Does the expiration depend on where you buy the coupon, not where you use it?

Theresa D.

I purchased this Groupon yesterday as a gift, and now I wanted to purchase it for myself. It won’t let me purchase it for myself. Why am I having these issues?

Lisa P.

Good Morning – Sorry for the dumb question…
The rules say that I can buy 1 groupon.
So just 1 or 1 formyself and another or a friend?

Just asking!
Lisa :)

Penny F.

I’m having trouble purchasing multiple gifts for a friend. The error that appears is “Account is invalid. Quantity must be exactly 1”

Diana A.

I’m having difficulties purchasing this groupon as a gift for my sister. it keeps saying that the quantity must be 1 but the number entered is 1 so why can’t I buy it as a gift?

It says we can only purchase 1. So if you purchased as a gift that is your one. If you bought it for yourself it looks like you can not purchase another one as a gift. One only per account.

I just got an e-mail saying that my groupon was ready and available for print, but it doesn’t show up in My Groupons. It says I have already been charged for it :(

Lan-Hui C.

I bought it yesterday afternoon but still did not see it in my groupon. How long do I need to wait?

Caitlin T.

I bought one for a friend as a gift, and now I can’t buy one for myself. It says nothing about this in the fine print aside from 1 per person, which in groupons past still allowed you to purchase additional groupons as gifts. Can someone from groupon address this?

I want to purchase this groupon but it just seems like a disaster! People are getting charged and not recieving it in their inbox, the website is freezing in the middle of purchses and no one from groupon is answering or offering help! I think this deal should be extended so all can get resolved and we can purchase in confidence.


It keeps telling me I am having an error!!!! The ERROR is Groupon messing this great deal up.

I bought my coupon yesterday and have not received it. It started yesterday! Do they plan to extend the expiration date since we are missing days to use it?? This is crazy!!!

It’s not in my coupon box either. Thanks for the Nordstrom rep for not answering anyones questions but yet promoting us to use the coupon and follow them on Twitter. Maybe I should tweet about how unhappy I am about not getting my groupon in a timely manner.

Coco R.

Why don’t you guys try buying it off the Seattle city page? It seems to be getting less online traffic…and since it’s valid at any Nordstrom Rack anywhere, it doesn’t matter what city you buy it from. I got mine bought and printed so I’m happy. :) I must have bought it when the site was temporarily up and running again.

Yujin K.

I want to purchase this as a gift, and I am not able to get it. It keeps telling me invalid amount. Is there an issue with the website?
Any others experiencing this also?

Denise F.

Does anyone here know how to cancel a gift purchase? For some reason, there is no “cancel purchase” option like there is if it’s a non-gift purchase.

Tracy Y.

Corina… that is what I did! I bought it from a “Less Busy” city and it was not problem at all. Secrets Out!

It’s available on the San Jose page.

Rebecca R.

i bought one for myself the first day and its not showing up. the next day i bought one as a gift and it IS showing up, but now when i try to purchase one for myself (assuming maybe it didnt actually go though on the first day) it says I can only purchase one and wont let me buy another… im frustrated and annoyed

Lara B.

Hi, my name is Lara and I support marketing for Nordstrom Rack. A few of us are logging onto the Groupon discussion boards today to help answer questions.

I’ve seen a few questions about credit card charges being processed. We recommend you contact Groupon directly by emailing support@groupon.com or calling 1 (877) 788-7858. Hope this helps!

The Rack Groupon can be redeemed for clearance and sale merchandise (including Black Friday bonus savings items). Happy shopping!

Unfortunately, the Rack Groupon cannot be combined with other promotions (including multiple Groupons). We hope you can still find something you love!

Re: Questions about processing times: Due to high traffic on Groupon’s website, your Rack Groupon may take a little longer than normal to process. Thanks for your patience! They will email you as soon as it’s ready.

Important: The Rack Groupon is NOT sold out! If anyone missed out on the offer last week, it’s still available for purchase and can be redeemed at any Nordstrom Rack! http://bit.ly/aQ2NcS

Last, we understand some of you are having a hard time purchasing the Rack Groupon as a gift. We’re looking into this and hope to have some answers soon. Thanks for your continued patience!

Lara B.

Hi again,

I’m back to answer the gift question: For those of you having trouble buying the Groupon as a gift, the limit is 1 Rack Groupon per account. You can either purchase a Rack Groupon for yourself, or one as a gift for someone else (but not both).

If you have any more questions, please follow Nordstrom Rack on Twitter at www.twitter.com/nordstrom_rack or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/nordstromrack – we’re happy to help there, too!

Nordstrom Rack

Warren D.

Dear Groupon Folks: Why is it that I STILL can’t buy this? My wife was able to buy one on her account but I STILL can’t. :( Something about the quantity not valid. Bah Humbug. The gents like the rack too!

Michael N.

Got charged by Groupon on the 19th, cleared yesterday, no email, not under active groupons, nothing. Getting pretty upset by this. It advertises as perfect for Black Friday, but as it approaches, it doesn’t look like I’ll have it by then.

Lara B.

Hi, it’s Lara from Nordstrom Rack again

<code>Warren D. and @Mike - sorry to hear you're still having a hard time getting your Rack Groupon to redeem. Have you tried reaching out to Groupon outside of this discussion board? We recommend you contact Groupon directly by emailing support</code>groupon.com or calling 1 (877) 788-7858. Hope they can help!

Joanna T.

Hi, I have one of these, but I didn’t get a chance to use it before it expired. I see that the $25 I originally paid isn’t supposed to expire, but how does this work? Do I just bring in the expired groupon and they’ll know how to deal with it in the store?


Jorge G.

Same thing happened to me. I didn’t get a chance to use the full $50, but the terms says the original $25 paid by customer never expires. Do i just walk in to Nordstrom and tell them I have $25 on here instead of $50?

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