George S.


Asher D.


Damn! Did I miss this yesterday, or did it really sell out that quick?!


add more please!!!!!!

WTF, I didn’t even get notified of this offer. I had to go to the All Deals section. I bought this Groupon last year and I buy many Groupons. I’m pretty peeved.

Yeah that sucks, It literally looks like it sold out in a 2 hours. I got a notifier email at 5:34 and it was sold out by 7:46. Unfortunately I woke up today at 8am. Groupon should get on board with Gilt and start their sales at noon and give even those that sleep til 8 a fighting chance ;).


They only had half as many to sell as they did last year, and even last year that had deals on single day tickets. Kind of disappointing really…

emily g.

they were dropping hints on facebook so everything was fair.

Michael H.

they shouldn’t have been dropping hints!

Ario T.

crossing finers that Groupon is reading this and contacting local groupers to allow them to still get this deal! ;-)

you snooze you lose.

there was plenty of time they were out at midnight

fastest selling groupon ever… there were 2000 sold in the initial 20 minutes… shoulda been a fan of them on facebook and you woulda known the secret

Mine is still processing and I bought my tix last night at midnight :( anyone else have same problem?

The email came at like 5 am, but it was out at midnight actually. I bought it last night at like 12:30.

evan b.

think they will release more?

I can’t believe I missed this!! So bummed they’re sold out ‘cause I don’t think I can afford Lollapalooza this year… : (

Randall W.

This is horse shit! only 3750 tickets? None of our friends even got an email saying it was up for sale! Thumbs way down for this!

Everyone had a fair chance, North Coast put out the info weeks ago that the groupon would be today and reminded everyone on their FB page yesturday.

Simone G.

Please release more, couldn’t get on till lunch. I must’ve turned a hundred people on to this deal last year. Hook it up please.

Simone G.

FB is poseurs, they should’ve sent out a mass text on their mailing list.

Hey guys, if your ticket is still processing I suggest getting in touch with Groupon ASAP by either emailing Groupon at support@groupon.com or call 1 (877) 788-7858 (during normal business hours, central time). I just called (after “processing” for 15 hours….uh yea) and the guy that helped me on the phone fixed my situation in no time and I now have a Confirmed purchase. Woot! Good luck fellow Groupon-ers.

Hatien N.


evan b.

Dropping hints on facebook is not fair. I get emails every day for stupid shit and the one thing that i actually want gets 0 notice except for facebook. wtf


Please sell some more. Last year NCMF was awsome.

Stop complaining… if you were a true north coast fan you would have atleast known 2 things. One being the groupons were avaliable at 12:01 am because its was mentioned all over the internet and NCMF made multiple post days in advanced letting there fans know this was coming up and Two you should have know the tickets were gonna sell out within hours due to the popularity of this festival on it first year which was 2010.

Leonel o.

I’m pretty cheesed. It says I have the groupon but that my billing info is bad.. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY INFO OR CREDIT CARD INFO.. :(

Max Z.

How do I redeem my tickets?

Patrick S.

Max Z. -

Present your Groupon at the Front Entrance of Union Park for your wristband.


Patrick S.
Groupon Forum Moderator

Is this deal transferable? I just realized I might not be in town.

Joseph G.

Hi Rachelle G.

Sorry for the trouble. Please send us at email at support@groupon.com or call us directly, 877.788.7858 and we’d be happy to assist you further.

Groupon Forum Moderator

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