Does the Groupon include shipping? If not, may it be applied toward shipping?

Same question as Amy…

Also, do the chrome bottles come in different colors…like the picture show a blue bottle?

Hey Guys… it’s Sam over at Groupon. Amy and Hannah and Suzanne: yes, you can use the Groupon towards shipping, but shipping is not free or included in the Groupon.

Hannah, yes the BPA free chrome filtered bottles come in different colors: Blue, Red or stainless steel.

Suzanne, the 18oz bottle only comes in pull top, and you have to squeeze the bottle for water to come out.

Lance G.

Hello Groupons family. This is Lance, Managing partner at OrbElement Intl. LLC and I wanted to thank you for reaching out to us and asking questions about our very unique Sustainable, BPA free Personal Portable Water Bottles and Products. Sam did a great job answering your questions. “Thanks Sam” By just purchasing 1 of our water bottles wether its our non squeeze BPA free Stainless Steel Bottles or our Squeezable BPA free non leaching plastic bottles in either pull top or flip top, you will replace well over 1000 single use water bottles from entering our landfills and ending up in our oceans killing ocean life. Not only is OrbElement a Sustainable brands type of company but we feel that we are changing the game when it comes to personal, portable hydration. Surveys now say that over 80% of the water we drink is away from home, so be assured that now when you drink your water away from home, you are drinking safe, great tasting water because of the filters in our products regardless of the non salt water source in which you fill your bottle up with. For more info go to www.orbelement.com. Thanks again SF.

Lance G.

Remember OrbElement also sells inline filters with filters for campers/hikers, survival straws with filters, and water pitchers with filters that last 4 times longer than Brita and are cheaper.
Thanks again, Lance G


Hey guys. I just spoke to Lance about a problem with their system. It is not applying any $ left on the coupon to pay for shipping. He says they will get it fixed.

Keith R.

Where are the blue and red bottles listed on the site? I only see the stainless steel. Thanks.

Lance G.

hey this is Lance G Managing partner for OrbElement.
Feel free to just add in the comments section that you would like red or blue. I reccomend the chrome top blue bottle it seems to be the most popular. If no comments are posted back on this we will just ship the blue.
Thanks, Lance G

Tom M.

Can I use the Groupon towards the Orb filtered water pitcher instead of the bottle?

I used one of my groupons and then I realized that it did not get used for the shipping. Will the rest of the money be credited to my card?

Lance G.

When you purchase your $50 worth of product for $25 it does not include shipping. So for instance if you go to our website and purchase a product that is $45 and our shipping is $7.95 it will not apply only $5 and then you are responsible for $2.95. You have to actually pay for additionally via paypal or credit card the $7.95 for shipping & Handling seperate. I hope this helps.
Lance G. Managing Partner OrbElement

Lance G.

You can definately use the groupon toward the pitcher but you will have to put your credit card or pay via paypal the additional money because our pitchers cost over $50. This is still a smoking deal and the 3 filters in one that come with your filter will last you at least 6 months before you have to replace which is about 3 times longer than Britas Claim. Additionally, Britas filters do not adsorb, filter and kill virus or Bacteria found in water that could potential harm you. Britas filter only makes the water taste better and takes out some of the bad odor. Brita also does not take out Chlorine. We have had over 13 years of manufacturing and research and development on our filters to get them to the advanced point of which they are at now. THEIR IS NO PERSONAL PORTABLE FILTER LIKE IT ON THE PLANET, THATS WHY AFTER YEARS OF TESTING ALL THE FILTERS OUT THEIR THE UNITED STATES MILITARY IS BUYING ORBELEMENT
I hope this helps..
Lance G, Managing Partner OrbElement

Wait wait wait. I’m confused here. Above Sam said “yes, you can use the Groupon towards shipping”, but now Lance is saying we have to pay in full the shipping? Can the Groupon be used towards shipping or not??

Keith R.

Also, does the stainless steel bottle have the option of getting the advanced filter? Thanks.

Lance G.

If your cost of product superceeds with shipping your groupon then you pay an additional cost through our website via credit card or paypal the shipping cost which is a flat fee of $7.95.
Lance G

Lance G.

You can purchase the advanced filter with the Stainless Steel bottle.
Lance G

Lance, things are not sounding so great anymore. Sam L. above, from Groupon, stated that we could use the Groupon towards shipping, now you’re backing down from that. So for those of us wanting the stainless steal bottle that leaves us with a $5 excess on our Groupons. That really sucks because what else would we want to spend that excess on if not for shipping? And the fact that it’s limited to 1 Groupon per order doesn’t allow us to combine excess credit to get any other merchandise for the money we have already spent Groupon. I’ve purchased many Groupons, and none of them forced me to keep excess Groupon credit rather than spend it on shipping.

U.S. military approved or not, I don’t approve of the way OrbElement handles Groupon orders with regards to shipping.

BTW, your sight’s cart system does not work on Firefox, really sad, tried putting a filtering straw in my cart and it would not let me…

@Sam L. – You made the statement that we can use the credit towards shipping…can you work with those of us who were planning on that feature?

Piya C.

hi Groupon and OrbElement – so what’s the deal with this shipping business? Can we use the Groupon towards shipping or not? Conflicting information is never good for the consumer!

Hi! I, too, am confused about shipping and refunds. Should I talk to Jenny S., contact someone else, or wait for it to get worked out in this forum?

Piya C.

Anyone successfully used the Groupon? I tried to put the Groupon in the Coupon Code section yesterday, but it didn’t work. Waiting for reply from OrbElement on this.

Lance G.

We learned a lot about Groupons and the incredible opportunity it allowed OrbElement to teach the public about our fantastic Eco-friendly product that is great for our environment. Their was some confusion about shipping, however overall it was a huge success. I want to thank everyone for purchasing the most advanced personal portable filtration bottles and products that we have to offer. Thanks again and make 2011 a huge success. If you have any further questions feel free to contact OrbElement at (800)851-1623 or lanceg@orbelement.com

Ami C.

I have had trouble since day 1 with the Groupon code and have not been able to use it (Orb-Element says it needs numbers and letters??). I have called OrbElement, and they suggest calling Sam at Groupon to get this resolved. I have called Sam three times (and customer service once), and no one has returned any of my calls. This is very frustrating. Other deals have been very easy to use. This is the first time I have had such trouble using a Groupon, and I am disappointed at the lack of response and customer service. I have wasted more time trying to get this fixed than the Groupon is worth.


Has anyone actually been able to successfully enter their groupon code and receive their product? Update from anyone appreciated!

Keith R.

After three tries and two new codes provided by OrbElement customer support, I was able to place my order. I recommend creating an account and logging in BEFORE entering the coupon code and entering a credit card number right in the form rather than using PayPal. Their customer service email helped me out when I was having problems, so try that. Good luck!

Phillip W.

I placed my order on 1/10 and haven’t received it yet (1/31). I sent an email asking about my order last week and no response. No one answers their phone when I call.

What kind of company is this? Has anyone gotten their order yet?

I sucked it up and paid for the shipping, but I haven’t received my order yet (placed on January 16th).

Phillip W.

I received my order on 2/6. I did talk to a company rep this week. He said they are a small business that doesn’t keep any inventory on hand. Like many businesses, they got inundated by the response from groupon. This week, they were still trying to deal with orders from 1/8 to 1/9.

@ Jonathan P. – Yeah, I only received half of my order too. Looks like I’m going to have to wait another month to get the rest of it. This is the most terrible company I have had to deal with on Groupon.

Everyone of my Groupon purchases have been delightful, but OrbElement far exceeded my idea of a crappy company!


I have had the same problems others stated above. They did not ship in the time frame they promised, did not answer calls (unitl I left a message to cancel the order… then they called back almost immediately), shipped the stuff even though they agreed to cancel, did not apply my extra groupon credit to shipping, said they would throw in an extra filter to make up for that charge but didn’t. On top of that, I contacted Groupon about this by e-mail and Groupon never responded.

tee j.

This company is a scam. I placed an order on 1/25/11. As of 4/5/11 I have received nothing. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and they did not even respond.

I placed this order in February. I asked for status at end of March, and they said they’ll look into it first thing. Got tired of waiting and getting no answer, so I asked to cancel mid-April. It’s almost May, and I have heard nothing. Seems like they took the money and ran away. It is a scam. I hope word gets out that this business is shady, and that they go out of business soon, getting what they deserve for screwing its customers.

Rachel N.

I placed my order on 1/29/11 and it’s 6/21/11. I’ve called, emailed many times where I was told that my orders was shipped but was not. When I got tired of waiting, I cancelled my order and asked for a refund but they just send an email apologising for the inconvenience and do nothing. I want my money back but I don’t know how long that is going to take. Please do not purchase anything from OrbElement. They are unorganized and will not refund your money even if they can’t fulfill your orders.

almost a month and a half and still have not received my order…what’s the deal? no one is responding to e-mails either.

Sammy T.

Hi Alana

Please contact Groupon at support@groupon.com or 877.788.7858 and we’d be more than glad to assist you with this!

Groupon Forum Moderator

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