I would imagine this can be used towards that. There really isn’t any limits on this besides the tax & gratuity.

abigail b.

Does Osushi offer its lunch menu during the weekends?

Can I use this at other locations? There’s a new one opening in Reading, for example.

Lee W.

30$ is barely going to cover one person at lunch; it might cover your drinks at dinner though. Definitely not a date-groupon.

Laura E.

Aj R, that was very helpful feedback. Thank you for posting, and I will buy a Groupon (or two) now also. Thanks!


I just realized that the groupon says it expires in Dec. 2010. I bought it in June… why does it expire before it’s valid? And will it still be honored at Osushi?

Ronald K.

cozette29, your question doesn’t make sense… The groupon is valid now, and will remain valid until it expires in December.


Brain fart. Sorry… you’re right. It’s been a long day.

Dr N.

Wish this offer would come about again! Great food and great place!

This place is horrible.
I went there FOUR times and time and time again I was told that they didn’t have any availability, but that I was more than welcome to reserve for like 3 hours later.

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