Is this applicable to groups?

paintball e.

No, its only valid for “open play”. If you would like more information? Feel free to call us at 847-426-2662 with any further questions.

Raymond D.

Awesome place!! If you ever wanted to try paintball…or even if you’ve played before…don’t pass up this deal! The fields are awesome and the staff is friendly and helpful…you won’t regret this purchase! :=)


does the deal include masks and paint gun ? never been before.

Hi Wayne,

The deal does includes masks, paint, and a gun. You’re covered for your first time out if you buy this package.


Raymond D.

@ Wayne…..like Dave said…everything is included….even the fun…all you have to bring is a smile ;=)

My son has a freind coming in from out of town. If I buy 2 can they each use one?

Hi Tammy,

If you buy two, your son and his friend can each use one.


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