Angela R.

I would like to clarify that this is for just one night at this price. If a person wanted to stay a week, they would pay one night at the Groupon rate and the other 6 nights at the regular rate. Correct?

Jennifer D.

It’s a bit confusing as the text says you can combine up to 3 for 3 night stay, but the details under the big heading say 2 for yourself and limit 2 night stay.

Meredith L.

Yes, please clarify whether it’s three for yourself or two!

It’s 2 bedroom unit so what is the maximum # of people to occupy?

ryan h.

Everyone listen up….There is a two night minimum stay…I just tried to book for one night and they would not let me. This is very deceiving.

I am noticing the inconsistency between the description and the other section. I would like to buy 3 nights for July 19 – 22. It seems like I can purchase 3 and use all 3. I guess I will call to make sure. Anyone have any further clarification? Looks like a nice spot.

Ooh, and while I’m at it…it seems like they have paddleboard and kayaks on site – is there an extra charge?

Ok, i made the phone call to the resort and it sounds like they dont take one nighters so if you were to use the groupon deal, you may have to buy more nights (minimum 3). And I only needed one night. Bah!!!

Sheri D.

I just called and they told me that I could only use the groupon for 2 nights and would have to pay full price for the 3rd! But there is a 3 night minimum stay, which I don’t see that in the groupon ad at all.

John C.

I can’t seem to find a suite on their site that actually goes for $345 per night. The standard is $175 and the most expensive is $295. Not only that, if a two night minimum is required, it looks like another example of a misleading ad. Groupon is doing themselves a disservice by posting misleading ‘pseudo deals’ . It is becoming too much work to use Groupon.

John C.

I should add that the prices for the suites are different if you go to their website and look up ‘accommodations’ vs. using the link for ‘Premium Oceanfront two-bedroom suites’ found in the Groupon ad.
In the Groupon ad’s link the cost for a 2 bedroom is $325 in high season (you know, the dates exluded in ‘the deal’) Anyhow, on the website directly the upper range is $295.

In any event, one would think that the highest price listed on their actual website would be their highest season (Christmas).


Could one person in the party use the Groupon, check out and have the other person check in with their Groupon? Is it 2 Groupons per person or 3?

Jonette K.

Okay people, there is a 3 night minimum, and it is based on available. name on reservation must match the name on the coupon.

This is a very misleading ad. There is no mention of a minimum stay and the groupon suggests even combining purchases for multiple nights.

Aloha everyone! This is Ryan your Groupon representative. There is some mistakes in this deal. I’ll do my best to clarify and help you all out. Give me a few to sort all of it out. Thanks for your patience!

Rosemary H.


What about departure cleaning fee? Is there one and how much?
Thanks for the info and clarification.

Hey everyone! Sorry for all of the confusion on this deal. I spoke to owners and the minimum stay was left out of the fine print. They will try their best to honor all of your requests. Please try your best to book for 2 night stays. Hope this helps some of the questions. I will try to get the other questions answered. If not try to give them a call at (808)239-5711. Thanks everyone for your patience.

@Angie yes that is correct. You can purchase up to 2 nights. Make sure that the name on the groupon matches the reservation name. Thanks for your support!

no availibility for late June till end of July.

@ryan, there still hasn’t been a change to the terms, so people are still buying this expecting one thing and then being switched to another, or are you saying the company will honor the original terms?

Please clarify, is there a minimum stay, if so, can two groupons be purchased to cover each night?

@ ryan c.
I just cancelled this deal, do you know how long it’ll take to get my money back?

<code>Duke email support</code>groupon.com and they can help you with that.

@Michael Their normal policy is for a 3 night minimum stay but for this deal they will honor 2 night stays. You can also use 2 groupons for the 2 nights. Hope this helps!

For all other questions, please call Paradise bay Resort and they will be happy to help you! Thanks for your understanding!

Rosie  C.

@ Ryan C.

This was very misleading!! I planned to give it as a wedding gift to my friends who are local. I sent a request for it be canceled. I hope to be refunded.

<code>Rosie You can get your money back. email support</code>groupon.com.

This deal was not meant to be misleading in anyway. We value our Groupon customers and try our best to bring your guys the very best deals. We failed to put in a minimum stay which I’d like to apologize for. If anyone feels we tricked them, please email support@groupon.com and you can get your money back.

Either way you look at it, This is still a very good deal! Thanks guys!

John C.

How is it a very good deal when they quote a value not found on their own site?

@John C The price is listed on their website. Go to accomidations and click on 2 bedroom waterfront suites. The normal pricing is between $275 and $295.

John C.

Exactly Ryan. The highest price on their website is $295. Presumably at the highest of high season. The groupon suggests a value of $345. No where on their site is there accommodation in a 2 bedroom for $345. The value of the deal is less than advertised.

@Ryan C – Are you the rep for all of the Hawaiian Islands? Is there a Groupon site for the Big Island? I don’t seem to get a daily groupon for Honolulu. Do you anticipate any more deals like this one? Does the Groupon for Honolulu cover all the Hawaiian Islands, or just Oahu or just Honolulu?

bonita m.

what if you bought 2 for 2 nights and your traveling companion bought 2. can you put together for 4 nights.

@John Parking is included as well as $20 per night for Fridays and Saturdays. Thats where the value came from. Sorry for the confusion.

bonita m.

what if you split your time with 2nights there, then go to another resort then come back again another visit the following week for 2 nights.

Yaqi L.

Just called the hotel and they say the $20 per night + hotel fees and taxes are extra charges… Who should I listen to, Ryan?

@Bonita If they are available I guess you could do that.

@Yaqi How many nights did you try to book for? The groupon doesn’t include tax. Call and speak to Jonette. She can help you out and accomidate. Thanks

<code>Jerrie R Yes I am. Right now we are just doing Honolulu but we are slowly starting to run some neighbor island deals. If you have any businesses that want to be featured, have them emai me directly at rchang</code>groupon.com. Thanks!!

Christopher V.

@Ryan, $295 + $20 = $315 Not sure how you got $345 Especially since the website states $295 and also states: “Complimentary daily breakfast bar, complimentary Wednesday night food, music, and Mai Tai night, complimentary WiFi, complimentary parking,” Apparently parking is only complimentary if you don’t use the groupon?

Yaqi L.

@Ryan: I am trying to book 4 nights. 2 in weekends. How could I guarantee what Groupon promised will be delivered by the hotel? This deal is so confusing…

Jonette K.

Aloha, this is Jonette from Paradise Bay Resort, our the Groupon includes Kayaking and snorkel gear thats the $345.00 value. The max is 4 persons per 2 bedroom waterfront unit.

Jonette K.

I’m sorry for the mix up, I tried to help the best I could, we have sold out of our 2 bedroom waterfront units till 31DEC11.

Johnette does the price include taxes?

SuAnn N.

Jonette, my friend and I both bought three nights each to use together for a six night stay. I have already booked the 2 bedroom suite for the six nights under two separate but back to back bookings. From the prior discussions, please confirm that the groupon per day price includes parking, $20 fee, kayaking and snorkeling. In essence, aside from the cost of the groupon itself, we will be responsible for the taxes only. What is the % of taxes owed per day?

@Crystal and @SuAnn Call Jonette tomorrow if she doesn’t answer tonight. Thanks for your guys support!!

Jonette K.

Sorry everyone, phone were so busy, i couldn’t stop answer any question. Please feel free to call my direct line 9am to 4 pm and I can help you book your rooms 808 239 6867. But I cannot over crowd the room there is 1 king bed in one bedroom and 2 twin beds in the other bedroom we can not add any more beds.

I’ve called twice today with no help. My first called I was told by the receptionist that someone else handled the Groupons and she would have her call me back after she was off the phone. Nothing, 4 hours later I called again and got the answering service. Left another message for someone to call and as of 5:54 Hawaii Time NOTHING!!! My questions are the following:
1. Are we expected to pay anything aside from taxes? My understanding was everything was included (kayaking and snorkling, boat to the sand bar)
2. Is the resort under renovations If so are they complete. Will the room I book be a newly renovated room?
3. The waterfront room was unavailable and I was offered the premium room. Since I paid for the Waterfront room will we be compensated in any way?

Sandra H.

I found Jonette to be very helpful and kind when I spoke with her on the phone to book our 2 night Groupon reservations. I don’t think they were prepared for the large response they received to this offer, but have tried their best to honor it with aloha.

That said, could I please get confirmation here that we will not be charged extra for parking 2 vehicles, kayak use or paddleboard use? Could I also please reserve the latter now?

Thank you

Sandra H.

Also could you please itemize the total cost per night for taxes and fees that we will be charged? Thank you.

Sandra H.

One more thing – I called Paradise Bay the day this Groupon was offered to clarify some questions. I was surprised to hear at that time that they had already booked many months out with the Groupon offer. I thought part of the Groupon deal was that it could not be used until the next day?

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