Don P.

Membership is even more valuable now with the new 12 acre Heartland Harvest Garden, the nation’s largest edible landscape, where you can sample the day’s harvest at tasting stations and at one of two restaurants: Cafe Thyme and Fresh: a Garden Cafe!

This will be the perfect Mother’s Day gift for my mom. She could spend countless hours here and never leave until they kick her out. Thank you, Groupon for making my shopping easier.

Tim D.

This would be a perfect Mother’s Day gift, but it advertises a full year membership yet it expires on October 29, 2010. How is that a full year? Perhaps my math is wrong, but that doesn’t add up. Not that it will deter me from getting it, but it would be nice if it was actually for the amount of time it was advertised to be for. Such as… I purchase it today and it’s good until April of 2011…that would be what I expect from a full year deal.

nancy s.

This expires Oct 10, 2010, it is NOT a one year membership and is advertized as one. It is a 5 month membership, less than half a year and NO savings. This appears to be false advertizing. Please note and correct.

Patricia D.

I’m perfectly happy with a 6-month membership. This covers the summer and fall, the best times to go anyway.

Don P.

Sorry for the confusion…. you have six months to redeem your Groupon and the membership goes for 12 months after redemption.

Will this membership allow acces to the butterfly exhibit?

Stephanie K.

I have this membership and you get into the butterfly exhibit and all other activities Powell Gardens offers. Fireworks, luminary walk, sculpture exhibits, Halloween activities. It is an awesome deal as it is $10 per adult to get in plus your kids. It pays for itself in one visit with this deal! There are many, many things to do throughout the year. It is so much fun. I LOVE it! I highly recommend this Groupon!

Don P.

Thank you Stephanie!

Jason K.

Nancy and Patricia—

This Groupon is indeed for a one-year membership; you must activate this membership by Oct 10. So, you can buy this now and activate it anytime before October 10 and you will have the full one year membership from the date of activation.


Jason from Groupon

Eileen W.

This is not the deal I thought it was, it is advertised as a one year membership, but is only good until Oct. 2010. You have to read the fine print, which is my own fault, but felt like it is false advertising to put it in large print at the top of page that it is for a year membership. I am disappointed.

Eileen- you should go back and read the other comments because that confusion has been clarified. The October 2010 date is only the date you must redeem/activate your groupon from powell gardens.. after you have redeemed it, your membership is for a full year.


Does this membership qualify for unlimited visits during the year? Also at which level is this membership?


Jason K.

Nanette—- No, you are not limited to the number of children or grandchildren, as long as they are your grandchildren.

Robbi—Yes, it is unlimited visits during the year, and this membership is the ‘friend-plus’ level.

Wow, so this membership gets you in free to all events and activities at Powell? You don’t have to pay extra for anything you attend or admission, all included?

Elizabeth H.

Once I join, may I bring a different friend each time?

Mary G.

Is this good for renewal membership?

Emalie W.

Mary G – your membership allows free admission to Powell Gardens throughout the year. However there are some special events, such as our Holiday Chapel Performances, that require an additional ticket. You would be given a Friends rate for any ticketed events. Events such as Booms & Blooms and Butterfly Festival are included with your membership. And, yes, it is good for renewals too.

Elizabeth H. – yes, you can bring a different friend on each visit.

Laurie B.

Great addition to Groupon…I’m a lapsed member and it enticed me back!


Likewise …. what’s the deal that my one-year membership beginning in April expires in October? I’m going back to the gal who referred me to this site so she can backtrack and tell ALL the people she directed here that it’s a scam.

Emalie W.

Penny – the expiration date relates to the time you have to redeem your voucher to begin your membership. So, you have until October to “start” your membership. Your membership will be valid for 12 months from the time that you redeem your voucher.

Jason K.


You may have misunderstood; the Groupon has to be activated by October 10, 2010. What that means is that if you do not activate your 1 year membership to Powell Gardens before Oct 10, then it is expires.

So, if you buy today’s Groupon today and activate it on June 1, 2010, then you will have a 1 year membership to the Powell Gardens until June 1, 2011.



Laurel C.

LOVE this! I also misunderstood the “expiration date.” Should say “to be activated by” instead. But now that I know it’s good for a year, I’m seriously happy. Fantastic place to visit, and even better at this rate. Can’t wait to see the Harvest Garden. Thanks!

Diana K.

Help, I think I screwed up. I bought one Powell Grdns for myself and another for a friend and thought I would be able to put her name on it but that didn’t happen. I only printed out one. Can I fix this before printing the second one?

Jason K.


Please contact our customer service for any issues you have incurred – 1 (877) 788-7858 and they will be more than happy to help you out.

Sarah A.

My daughter has been wanting to attend the Butterfly Festival in August. We would have probably gone at day rates at that time. This is absolutely awesome. I have a teen and my 9 yr old girl. It would cost more for my family to go for one visit than the discounted membership. This deal rocks!

This is a fantastic deal. Thanks so much Groupon.

Jennifer T.

This is a great deal! I have always wanted to go to Powell Gardens and have just never taken the time to go… Now I can go as many times as I want for a FULL YEAR!!! :)

Jason K. – I just want to say how impressed I am with your patience when dealing with people on these discussion boards. I get frustrated just reading some of their comments sometimes.

I LOVE Groupon and have told EVERYONE I know about it!! :)


Does the date of activation of the membership consist of when you print it out from GroupOn, or by your first redemption at Powell Gardens?

Heather M.

Here’s my question, we have a nanny, so if we are not taking the children to the garden, can she use this pass to take them or do I need to purchase one of the higher level passes. It is confusing because this level is listed as two adult admission per visit, could our nanny be one of these two?

Don P.

Lisa – the year starts when you bring your form to Powell Gardens.

Heather – Yes, any two adults can use the membership so your nanny can be one of them. Thanks for the interest!

Ronald R.

I called and checked. If you have a current membership this can apply to a 1 year extension of your membership. Good deal I think.

Heather M.

Just purchased mine, can’t wait. We have lived here for almost five years and it has always been on the list to check out, but haven’t gotten around to it. This pass should help inspire a trip.

Susan M.

It’s probably too late to get an answer to this, and I know one of the responses says we can use it to renew a current membership, however…
our current one runs out half way through December. So does that mean I have to start the new membership in October to run to the next October, or that it can be used to extend my current membership from December to December???

Jason S.

Jason, thank for your patience and clarification on all of this. I too was concerned about the length of this membership. However I still figured even if it was in fact a 5-6 month membership for half the price of a year, it still was a good deal. My thinking was the membership started in the Spring and ended in the Fall, which is peak season. And, as far as I can tell Powell Gardens doesn’t offer half-year memberships. So I looked at it as only paying for the six months you’ll actually visit regularly.

Anyway, my point is it disturbs me that more people didn’t first do their research before they rudely came on here screaming foul and claiming scam….especially since most that did so did it AFTER you’d already clarified.

Kudos to Jason for not losing his cool and kudos to GROUPON for yet another outstanding deal.

Diana K.

This was a great groupon and the quick answer to my concerns. We can’t wait to use it!

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