Great gardens for local plants. Great walks. Makes you feel like you have traveled far from the busy world, and it’s so easy to get to.

Hey LA!

Rancho Santa Ana is an AMAZING local botanical garden. Take advantage of this offer, and as always, let me know if you have questions!

-Jenny at Groupon

Margie H.

California wildflowers galore! Currently blooming: purple lupines, Matilija poppies, blue-eyed grass and, of course, the California poppies. Soon to come: five spots, yellow lupines and baby blue eyes. They’ll be followed by popcorn flowers, Chinese houses and Farewell to Spring.

Susana L.

Is the adult membership cards have to be two specific people? I don’t have any kids but I’d like to go one day with my mom & one day with my boyfriend. Can I do that with this membership?

Margie H.

Sorry to disappoint you, but the membership cards are issued to two specific people and are non-transferable.

Gina L.

Are well-behaved, leashed dogs allowed?

Margie H.

Sorry, no dogs allowed. Even the best behaved dogs might be tempted to bolt when in the presence of the many animals that live here. The Garden is home to hawks and owls, bobcats and coyotes, and tons of rabbits, squirrels, lizards and many species of birds. We have a duty to provide a peaceful experience for all.

Margie H.

What a beautiful day to stroll through California’s native garden. Why travel to northern California when you can sit on a bench surrounded by redwood Sequoia’s? Or check out the pine forests, or the cypress trees. Rest for a spell under the octopus Oak tree, or in the grove of Bay Laurel trees.

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