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$997 for a SmartLipo Laser Body-Sculpting Treatment for One Area at Red Bamboo Medi Spa (Up to $3,500 Value)

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I would like to lose some weight on my own before having the procedure (I'm concerned with uneven weight loss if I have the procedure done on certain areas and then lose weight afterwards . . .). Does the procedure have to be performed by the expiration date? Or does it have to be scheduled by the procedure date? Thanks!

Monica B.  asked on  Jan 29, 2013


Those are excellent questions, Monica. First let me say that we are very liberal about the expiration date. You do NOT have to have the procedure done before the Groupon expiration date. If you come in for a complimentary consultation with me before then and decide to wait until after the expiration date to have your procedure, that would be fine as long as it’s reasonable. We had one lovely Groupon client who had her consultation, got pregnant and then waited until she had delivered her baby and completed breast-feeding before having her procedure done. An even better question to ask is, “why wait?” We all have certain problem areas that seem to collect fat and those areas stubbornly defy exercise and diet. Maybe your problem area is the lower abdomen, or the outer thighs, or the arms. In any event, even if you lost enough weight to be well below your ideal body weight, you would probably still have trouble getting rid of the fat in that area. It’s not an issue of weight loss or will power but genetics. SmartLipo is ideal for those problem areas. As long as you are not seriously overweight, SmartLipo can help restore self-confidence and make you feel better about yourself. I hope I’ll get to meet you soon.

Dr. Toscano  from  Merchant  replied on  Jan 29, 2013


I am interested in doing more than one area. How much does it cost?

Pauline L.  asked on  Jan 28, 2013


Thanks for your question and good morning! As I'm sure you noticed in our offer, we are only allowed to accept one Groupon per person but you may add-on additional areas for $1500 each which you would purchase directly from us. We can do SmartLipo on 2, 3, 4 or even 5 areas in one procedure so you wouldn't have to keep coming back for additional areas. We have a lay-away plan available and we can offer you no-cost financing as well.

Dr. Toscano  from  Merchant  replied on  Jan 28, 2013


I am interested in doing it in my lower abdomen, but I am afraid of pain. I have friends that got local anesthesia for liposuction and they said that was painful even with anesthesia and really bad after that for one or two more days. Please let me know if it is painful and if you can give me a medication before that may keep me calm and sedated. Thank you in advance for your time.

Marta G.  asked on  Jan 25, 2013


At Red Bamboo we are very sensitive to the issue of pain. Before we make any incision, we spray a cold local anesthetic solution on the skin and then, using a tiny needle, we inject a small amount of lidocaine that has been buffered so that it doesn’t burn. The incisions are very small – about 1/4 inch. We then infuse anesthetic solution underneath the skin to make the fat layer numb. This process is called “tumescent anesthesia” and it feels weird – sort creepy-crawly or a little pinchy but usually not painful. We don’t perform any laser melting or suction until the fat layer is completely numb. Occasionally a patient will have little adhesions or sticky spots between the skin and the muscle underneath and those spots can pinch at times but we make every effort to stop and infuse additional anesthetic into any area that is not completely numb. Patients who are anxious are offered an Ativan to calm their nerves. A few days before the procedure, we write you a prescription for a narcotic which you can bring with you and take during the procedure if you are feeling discomfort. It is common the next day for there to be some mild soreness. There is a wide variation in pain tolerances. Some patients take a few doses of the narcotic prescription and some are fine with just Tylenol or with no medication at all. Thanks Marta for a great question. I’m sure others were wondering the same thing.

Dr. Toscano  from  Merchant  replied on  Jan 25, 2013


If I had two c-sections within the last three years is this recommended? Do you accept insurance.

Photina A.  asked on  Jan 24, 2013


Good Morning Photina, Dr. Toscano here. This is an excellent procedure for that little pooch that commonly shows up in the lower abdomen after a c-section. Sometimes we are able to use a special tool (that I invented) to elevate and smooth the scar area. I look forward to seeing you during your consultation with me and I can give you a better idea about the possibility of elevating the scar. Most insurance companies will not cover this procedure so we do not accept insurance. We will, however, provide you with a detailed invoice/bill you are welcome to submit to your insurance company, but I wouldn't expect them to cover it.

Dr. Toscano  from  Merchant  replied on  Jan 24, 2013

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