Small Areas

Areolas (a $200 value)
Bikini (panty line) (a $200 value)
Brows (a $200 value)
Chin (a $200 value)
Ears and brows (for men) (a $200 value)
Feet (a $200 value)
Front or back of neck (a $200 value)
Hands (a $200 value)
Happy trail (a $200 value)
Sideburns, cheeks, and jawline (a $200 value)
Upper lip (a $200 value)
Underarms (up to a $225 value)

Medium Areas

Abs (a $265 value)
Chest (a $265 value)
Half back (a $265 value)
Buttocks (a $299 value)
Full face (a $300 value)
Brazilian bikini (a $315 value)
Lower legs (a $315 value)

Large Areas

Chest and abs (a $415 value)
Full back (a $415 value)
Head and back of neck (a $500 value)