Daniel G.

I think one of the monkeys in the picture is an impostor….

also…. how many monkeys does it take to write a five page report? just curious…

Purvi R.

haha, april fools.

Clayton R.

I’m tempted to purchase the rest of the groupons to see what would happen… but if groupon actually tried to charge my card for $450,000+ it might stop being funny.

Clayton R.

True. It might be stupid not to do it.

Plus, I’m sure a week of monkey work is worth more than $49. So in a way it is an investment.

This might just be worth it.

Consider you could go for a single month with 2,498 monkeys!

Now that would be a month to remember!

Maraika C.

I would love to have a monkey for a week!

I think a few of the monkeys pictured are actually imposters – chimpanzees and orangutangs are apes, not monkeys!! Human children, however . . .

human children, apes. definitely.

That had to be the best one I’ve seen…

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