pamela s.

What exactly does the ’rooster’s club cut’ include?

I don’t see it as a service on the website. Is that considered the ‘full service cut’ from your websaite? which Includes a precision hair cut, head massaging, rinse and style; a hot steam towel for your face; a brush of powder around your neck; and a splash of aftershave?

or is it just the hair cut?

Candy C.

We have one in Bulverde. Is it good there too?

Kevin M.

This is a very high-quality hair cut. Almost completely done with scissors. Clippers only for some very minor clean up work (neck, around ears) as everything is done with scissors. Hot towel while getting your hair washed and scalp massage and then followed by a neck shave and neck, upper back massage. This is a fantastic haircut and takes about a half-hour. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Robert G.

Roosters Club Cut:

Includes a Roosters professional hair cut, neck shave, head messaging rinse and style; a hot steam towel for your face, a neck message and splash or aftershave. All of this with a complementary drink (beer, wine, water, soda). The whole process is about 25 – 30 minutes of pure relaxation.

This offer is valid only at San Antonio and Helotes locations listed.

Thank you!!!

Lisa P.

Would Roosters do a head shave? My boyfriend shaves his head and it would be nice to give him this as part of his birthday present to have it done for him.

I would like to know the same about the head shave. My husband shaves his head but I would love to give him this as a gift for Father’s Day.

Trying to purchase multiple as gifts…can I buy one and then 2 more as gifts? It seems to only let me buy one plus one gift-it that correct?

Hi Lisa and Christine,

Yes, Roosters does do head shaves and the Groupon is valid for that service.


Brian from Groupon

Hi Linda,

You should be able to buy more than one as a gift, as long as you are giving them to different recipients. If you are having trouble with your purchase, please contact support@groupon.com or 877-788-7858 and someone from our customer service staff will be able to help you out.

Thanks for using Groupon,


Hi Jackie,

There is a limit of one per person for today’s Groupon, which means your husband will only be able to redeem one himself. You can buy more as gifts, but they must be redeemed by different people.

Sorry, but still a great gift idea!

Brian from Groupon

I just bought 3, one for my husband and 2 as gifts, but when I printed them out the recipient space has my name in it, is there going to be a problem when they go? Also, the bar code # and the coupon # is the same on all 3 is that normal?

Ana W.

Same question-I bought one for my husband and it has my name-is that going to be a problem?

I’m not seeing any answer to the question about the Bulverde location. Is it an option too or a different franchise owns it? Thanks!

Jessica L.

Regarding the following statement: “Groupon holders have the option of adding a hot facial shave for $15 (a $25 value).” Can we add this once we get to the place or is this something we pre-buy when purchasing our Groupon?

Hi Cyndi,

It’s not a problem that the Groupon has your name on it. A Groupon that is given as a gift does not have to have the recipient’s name on it. The bar code number and the Groupon ID# should be unique, however.

Please contact support@groupon.com or call 877-788-7858 and speak to our awesome customer service staff to ensure that your order was processed correctly.


Brian from Groupon


Please see the answer above to Cyndi’s question.




The Groupon is valid at the following locations:

215 E. Commerce St.
San Antonio, Texas 78205
(210) 222-9858

Stone Oak
19141 Stone Oak Parkway

  1. 110
    San Antonio, Texas 78258
    (210) 545-7302

Bandera & 1604
11881 Bandera Rd.
Helotes, Texas 78023
(210) 372-1380


Brian from Groupon


The optional, discounted hot shave is something you pay for at Rooster’s. Please mention when you’re scheduling your appointment that you’d like to add this service so they can allot extra time for your visit.


Brian from Groupon

FYI. I take my 14 and 11 y/o sons here. It is the best. Great haircuts, free soda or water (beer for the older guys) and they even give me, mom, something to drink while waiting. Usually no long wait. I enjoy taking them their. We go to the Helotes location. I bought 2 of them.

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