I would like to see the rodeo but not the concert so are these passes for the redeo too?

Natalie B.

Phenixx, From past experience I would say, no- the passes are just for the grounds. For the rodeo itself has seated tickets which is also your seat for the concert.

Irene K.

I already have tickets to one of the concerts. Does that get me on the grounds or do I need a separate ticket to get on the grounds?

Okay, maybe I just missed it but where do we pick up the season ground passes? Thanks for helping me out.

April G.

Irene, concert tickets INCLUDE entrance to the grounds, so you won’t need a separate ticket for the day of the concert.


Chris from Groupon


Here is the redemption process which is stated on the Groupon voucher:

1. Print Groupon (or pull it up with our mobile app).

2. Starting 1/31 during normal box office hours (8

a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Saturday), present Groupon at the southwest rodeo

ticket office in exchange for passes.

3. Starting 2/3, enjoy

Giddy Up,

Chris from Groupon


Thanks Chris from Groupon!

Irene K.

Thank you April! We are looking forward to it!!

Ashley S.

The “two grounds passes”. Is that for two people to get in? So two tickets for the price of one?

Chris from Groupon


Yes, you are correct. Each Groupon purchased is for a pair of tickets.


Chris from Groupon

Linda D.

Do they charge admission for kids (we have a 6 year old and a 2 year old)?

P M.

I have never been to the Rodeo, does ground passes include entrance to the carnival?

Chad O.

I have three kids to take to the rodeo. Can I buy two Groupons for the four of us, or is the limit 1 Groupon = 2 kids?

I assume the season pass does not include parking, correct? According to the Rodeo’s website, public parking is available for $10 per car.

Do we have to redeem the groupon prior to our attendance? Or, can we use when we come to the grounds?

Do the season passes have to be used by the same two people each use?

Chris from Groupon

Good Morning,

Linda- admission for kids 2 and under is free. Your 6 year old can use a Groupon. Have fun!

P.M.-Yes, grounds admission is for the carnival too.

Chad-Yes, you can buy 2 Groupons for the 4 of you. Not a problem at all, the limit is 3.

Mary- You are correct, the season pass does not include parking.

Doris- You do not have to redeem prior to attendance, but you do have to redeem at the “southwest” ticket office during normal office hours. You can redeem before if you want.

Have Fun,

Chris from Groupon

Do the season passes have to be used by the same two people each use?

Jeremy H.

Kind of confusing deal here. If I purchase this deal, do the Ground Admission passes work for the concerts too? What does this deal NOT give you access to?

Chris from Groupon


Yes, the two season passes are to be used for the same two people.


The grounds admission passes do not give you entry to the concerts indoors. There are concerts outside too though. Here is a helpful map that will help you explore all the fun stuff to do: http://www.sarodeo.com/sarodeo/general/grounds_map.html

Giddy Up,

Chris from Groupon

Joanne C.

I accidentally purchased two season passed instead of one and when I saw the email confirmation for two charges, I deleted the first purchase immediately within minutes and still no credit back for the deal. Will you please get back to me on the refund?

I purchased two sets of season passes. Can I go get the passes for all of us or does each person need to go.

Marquetta P.

How long does it take to “process”? I purchased these as gifts a couple of days ago and still have not received a confirmation yet.

Jackie W.

What are the business hours of the Southwest office if I wait to redeem my Groupon coupons when I actually plan to go to the grounds?

Chris from Groupon

Joanne and Marquetta,

Email support@groupon.com and let them know the issue and they will take care of it. They will be happy to help you out, thanks for purchasing.

Donna, as long as you have the different vouchers that will be fine.

Jackie, here is all the info for the ticket office hours, along with a phone number if that still does not answer your question: http://www.sarodeo.com/sarodeo/tickets/hours.html


Chris from Groupon

Shawna H.

I just printed my Groupon voucher for 2 grounds admission passes and noticed it must be presented at the box office during normal office hours. I was planning to use this Groupon tomorrow (Sunday), but the ofc is closed. Does anyone know if I will be able to present the Groupon voucher at the gate to use?


I just printed our voucher to go today also and office is apparently closed on Sundays. So we can’t use this? It would have been helpful if I could have known this before buying.


In reference to my previous comment: We were able to use it. We went to the SW office Sunday afternoon and they accepted the voucher with no questions.

Danielle T.

So has anyone else who purchased this groupon shows that the order is still being processed? I have bought many groupons before and never had this problem. It never even showed the money was taken out of my account.

Thomas I.

Went to use the Groupon today. It was incredibly busy and finding parking was tough. Arrived at the gate with Groupon and was promply told that I would need to go to the AT&T gate to redeem. Really??? Yes. And it is a long way. Approx 1/2 mile due to having to circumvent the ditch. Oh and yes the kids will have to walk also. Needless to say I did not use the Groupon.

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