John L.

We bought some of these last summer and had a hard time using them. Example: right now there are 14 shows playing at Embassy, but only 3 of them without “no passes”… and these shows are usually on the small screen as they have been out a while.

Is this groupon good for the Santikos Palladuim location as well or just Embassy 14 location? A little confused by it today. Thanks

Hi Kelly,

Sorry for any confusion, but this offer is only valid at the Embassy location.

Brian from Groupon

How do we find out how much the upcharge is for 3D?

Hi Cari,

The additional charge for 3D movies is $3. This is subject to change, so check the website (http://www.santikos.com/embassyex.php) to see the current prices at anytime.


I bought these before as well and had the same problem John L. did. Hardly any movies are ever marked as “no passes”. Even some movies that have been out over three weeks are still marked as “no passes”. Perhaps they need to amend this to just movies that are in their opening week. I love Embassy theatre but I find their Groupon’s rather useless.

Loraine S.

I purchased today 12/22/2010 and I was not able to use it today at 8:30 pm. The clerk in the customer service area said the coupon were not in his system.

James W.

You can’t use groupons until the day after purchasing them. This is in the universal fine print for all groupons.

We had purchased a groupon for here before. On the day before the expiration we went to see a movie that we did not want to see, because I did not want them to go to waste. Thankfully, when we got there the ticket agent said we could use it for a no passes show since they were expiring. Now, I would not count on getting to do this again, but it made the experience better.

I tried using my Groupons on Christmas (not that the day matters for what the problem is) and all but 2 movies were available to see with the Groupon. Like the other poster stated, 90% of the movies are No Passes. I didn’t think Groupons were “Passes”. Additionally, there is nothing in the fine print suggesting black-out dates for this Groupon.

Chris A,
Do you mean all but two movies were marked as ‘no passes’? If all but two movies were available, that doesn’t seem like a problem. What do you mean “black out dates”? You were not able to use it at all? It does say on the groupon that it cannot be used for movies marked as “no passes”.

Susan M.

These Groupons are considered like “Free Passes.” For example, this weekend they are showing 12 movies, only 3 are available for this Groupon. My daughter and I tried to see Gnomeo and Juliet when we found this out. I spoke to the manager, and he was very nice. I think if I had known this, I wouldn’t have purchased the Groupons. I don’t think they’ll ever get used.

Robert F.

Groupons purchased are not accepted for most movies, (NO PASSES). Robert F.

Michael A.

Can this ticket be used on 24 April?

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