If I bought 3 of these can I use the other 2 for my friends? I didn’t buy them as a gift I just purchased 3 on the main screen.

Sarah V.

If I have never tried these classes before, do I have to buy the intro class? The other option with the I and II level class sound more valuable, but I don’t want to hold the class up without the basics from the intro class. Suggestions?

Could there please be a way to opt out of anything that involves Groupon trying to get women to act like strippers? Please? I just don’t want to receive these offers in my email. I’ve posted about this repeatedly and would really, really like to continue to enjoy Groupon without being subjected to photos of women writhing on poles.

I actually read an interview with the founder of Groupon and he said he wouldn’t include deals for gun ranges (or abortion clinics—bizarre!) but stripped poles are fine? Okay then.

What’s the cover charge if I just want to go and watch?


Rebecca – it’s a form of working out. No one is telling women to join Platinum Horse after a 2-week session. It’s only your mind that’s thinking this alternative form of working out will lead to raunchy, unadulterated use of said learned moves.

Laurel G.

Um, how is site owner supposed to feel comfortable posting a widget/gadget for Groupon offers? This offer is not appropriate for a business site. Is there a way to edit a gadget/widget to eliminate these offers?

Sarah V.

I am actually exited to try this class—a new way to stay motivated to work out! When I called, the employee said I should sign up for the option with the introduction since I have never been to a class before. She said I may feel overwhelmed if I jump right in for Super Pole I and Super Pole II. Just FYI for newbies deciding between the options.


This class sounds like fun. But if this deal is offered again, can Groupon please use a different picture? I opened Groupon at work today and there’s a picture of a woman pole dancing. Needless to say, I had to close the site immediately.

Hey I just want to say I’ve been a student at S Factor for about a year and half now and it’s amazing. While the workout is great it’s also empowering and a ton of fun. I’ve gotten many of my girlfriends and even my mom to come to a class. I have a pole in my house now too. I recommend it to everyone. The instructors are wonderful and you really just have to check it out to get it. Women of all ages, races, shapes and sizes are in class and besides being good physically for you it’s also great mentally because as women we often have hang-ups about our bodies and S Factor really helps to get over this. Just try it. You’ll be glad you did.

@ Rebecca, SFactor does not teach stripping thats your mindset. The class is a great workout and you learn to embrace the women you are. if anything it sounds like you need to join the class and get rid of your negative mindset!!

Yang Chen

I’m thinking of getting my guy friend this.

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