Natasha M.

I’m not sure if this is allowed but I thought I would try since this is in limited quantity.

I purchased a similar Group On in October for my mother because I thought she didn’t have dental insurance but she does. If anyone would like to buy it from me, I would love it. I have never been there but I would assume that they are great because over 1200 were sold. If you are interested, email me at natasha_gene@hotmail.com. We’ll meet, you give me $49 and I’ll give you the Group On.

Here are the details:

$49 Cleaning, X-Rays, and Exam at The Art of Dental Care

The Fine Print
-Expires 10/22/2011
-By appointment only.

The Company
The Art of Dental Care
2101 N Damen Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60614

Gabrielle H.

On NOble Horse – how do I buy the kids tickets? It isn’t shown on the order form – only adult tickets are shown….

Can I use this for whitening treatment?

Natasha M.

I also have a whiteneing treatment. Here is the info:

$185 for Teeth Whitening at BriteSmile (Normally $600)

- Expires 05/01/2010
- Expires in 1 year
- Redeemable at 840 N Michigan or Woodfield Mall locations
- Not valid with other offers
- Call 312-787-4028 (Chicago) or 847-240-1132 (Woodfield) to schedule.

I bought 2 and I only needed one. Let me know if you are still interested. My contact info is above.

I purchased a smiliar dental groupon, here is my problem with this! I paid 55 dollars for the cleaning, and x-ray. What they do not tell you untill you get there is that a deep cleaning is not included in the cleaning. Why they cannot just do a regular cleaning anyway is beyond me and my 55 dollars was just for the x-rays which was very high tech and needed to be paid for. So, if you do not have dental insurance and have not been to the dentist in a while, do not waste your money on nothing. The tech there, said this happens to alot of people… FYI

Yolanda B.

Can someone from Groupon please address Kim’s concern. I just bought this deal as a gift and if they are not able to get the “cleaning” portion of this deal without paying extra I want to cancel.

There is no cancel purchase under the gifts part for some reason. I need to know before the deal ends.


dee j.

i noticed she said similar company, is it the same company? on this groupon it clearly says cleaning which i understand 2 be a regular cleaning, so i wonder wat made kim expect a deep cleaning on the one she purchased, this one spells it out pretty clearly to me.

Yolanda B.


I see what you mean. Perhaps she was not able to get the scaling. That makes sense. Ok. I was just worried that my friend might get there and have to pay out of pocket just to have a basic teeth cleaning. Thanks for the info.

Jayna C.

Hi Groupies,

This DOES include cleaning but it does not cover the deep cleaning (or scaling). If you go to the dentist regularly then more likely then not the scaling will not be needed.

@Denard – this is a different practice.




Hello, I would like to sell two dental service groupons that was featured on 10/21/2009. They expire on 10/22/2010 so you still have a plenty of time. I recently got a dental benefit so I don’t need these groupons anymore.
It was $49 each, but I will sell them at $75! for both of them!
$49 deal was already 87% saving and now two for $75?
That’s how much saving you can do? You do the math and let me know! :)
If you just want one, that’s okay too but that will be $49 each like an original deal.

email me at ycho40@uic.edu

Thank you!


Hi Everyone,

This is Eliana Espinoza, Practice Manager at So-Well Dental Associates.
I am going to answer some of your questions above:

Jeanus: This Groupon special can not be used towards a whitening treatment. In the near future we will have a Groupon Whitening Special.

Gabrielle: These groupon can be used toward children’s cleaning. Please buy it as a regular groupon and when calling to schedule an appointment, please let us know the patient is a child.

Kim: The groupon includes a regular cleaning. You will get a regular cleaning the date of your appointment. The Doctor will inform you if a different type of cleaning is needed in the future.

Jacquelyn: Thank you for your comment.

Denard: Thank you.
Yes, you will get a regular cleaning.

Yoonyie Cho: I hope you are able to sell the groupon you do not need.
Our Groupon is a little different. We also offer a fluoride treatment; which is recommended for adults and children and helps prevent decay and sensitivity.

Thank you all for your comments.

Keep your questions coming!!!!


Shelly N.

on NOBLE HORSE.. How do I order the childrens tickets? The order form only list adults.

Shelly- if you go to the discussion board for noble horse, you will see that your questions has already been answered not once but twice :)

Dave H.

Good going on the responses Eliana! Glad that you will do a basic clean first – even if more is needed. Your honesty is well appreciated! I have ran into many practices that accept insurance for cleaning, only to tell you that they will refuse to do any normal (paid for by insurance) until you pay for hundreds of dollars of extra work beforehand. I have been quoted $400 at one dentist for planing and scaling (deep cleaning). My hometwon dentist laughed and said that he only charges $100 for the same. Sounds like you have a great practice!

Vanessa I.

Thanks Eliana!!! I’m looking forward to this!

C Y.

Eliana – sorry I’m still unclear. Is what Jacquelyn said true that if you need a deep cleaning, you can’t get a basic one? Or will you be able to get a basic cleaning no matter what, even if you really should have a deep cleaning?

If someone last got their teeth cleaned about 3 years ago, and got a clean bill of health then, is deep cleaning now likely to be necessary?

Dave H.

CC – Eliana’s response to Kim, from what I understand, said that yes you would get a basic cleaning. My guess as to the second paragraph is yes as brushing and flossing just barely gets below the gumline but normal cleaning – done on a regular basis gets way below. I am way overdue myself – oops. :)

Elizabeth P.

Just to help the groupners with the Art of Dental care groupons. When that deal came up I bought 3, one for my father, little sister and one for myself. I could not have been happier with the dental hygienist. She was so sweet and the dentist was nice too. So I would recomment this place to everyone and if I could by the groupon from them I would so don’t hesitate on that deal!


C.C. and Dave H:
Yes, You will get a regular cleaning which is part of your groupon.
If a deep cleaning is necessary in the future one of our Doctors will inform you, they will explain to you what it is and what it entails. Scaling and Root Planning is a different procedure and is not part of the Groupon Special.
Thanks for your questions and comments.
Looking forward to meeting you all!
So-Well Dental Associates Team

My concern for buying this Groupon is the number of people who have already purchased this deal. How will I ever get an appointment when 1300 other people have bought the deal!!!?

N P.

I know this deal is very specific, but I figure it never hurts to ask… could there be a discount offered for a mouth guard that is thin and fitted for someone who grinds teeth at night.

I forgot all about this Groupon. Haven’t even printed it yet.

This place is a joke! I called 10 times throughout the year and they never had appointments. Conveniently, they are booked through the expiration of the GroupOn. I guess like many companies, they oversold what they could support. Sorry for anyone else who bought this and got stuck with it. 80% discount!! – too good to be true.

R. L.

Alex O.and MD,
I am surprised we were not able to find an appointment that fits your schedule. It is so not like us. I apologize about the inconvenience. Alex O and MD please call our office to discuss and resolve this matter.
P.S. Please ask for me when calling.

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