jennifer m.

Not worth it. Horrible service and the food is mediocre at best.

Anthony H.

I went here several weeks ago and thought it was pretty good. Went on a weekday morning and it was pretty slow so service was fine. Had the gingerbread-banana pancakes, which I’ve never seen anywhere else. Tasted pretty good. Also had the seasoned ‘spicy’ hash browns. Portions are pretty large. It’s worth going back with a Groupon.

Mona A.

I live close to this place and have been there a few times. Weekends are very busy.
As Jennifer stated, the service is HORRIBLE! I went one time during the week and only 1 other table with patrons. The waitress (who is an owner) made me wait approx 8 minutes before she even acknowledged that I was there, and they are not friendly. I’ve seen the location change hands over and over. The biggest issue seems to be the lack of customer service, IMHO. Food at Stabby’s is ok. I think they get alot of the overflow from Colossal Cafe which is across the street. Good deal with Groupon.

Katharine F.

Not interested in Stabby’s, but the Groupoupon is terrific! (I was denied membership, which makes me that much more enamored of it!)

Sarah F.

My boyfriend and I are regulars at Stabby’s on Sunday mornings and I completely disagree with the above posts! We’re always seated quickly, the service is great (my coffee cup never runs dry), and it’s good, cheap, unpretentious breakfast food.

Robert G.

I agree with most of the comments on Stabby’s. We have been there a few times and I think the food is good, but the service is pretty weak. We watched both servers and the bus boy clean off tables while we sat there waiting to order (with our menus closed keep in mind). We actually needed to stop the server to ask if we could put in order because she kept walking by our table. Once we were able to finally put in our order, things progressed nicely. Like Sarah F mentions, there a quick with the coffee refill.

Erica K.

I can’t print the groupon, I get a message that the file is damaged. I’ve printed other groupons and have the lastest software.

Please fix and let me know!!

Joe M.

Here’s my two cents. I thought the prices were reasonable and the food was pretty good. Solely on those two points I’d say it’s worth going back. However, like other users I had very slow service. Looking around the restaurant I noticed a trend. Those who were hipsters or who appeared to be locals got quick and frequent service. I’m in my late 20s and clean cut and since I didn’t blend in with the rest of the customers our waitress avoided us like the plague… With an economy like this you think people would try a little harder… Because of that I will not be going back.

Kayla S.

Stabby’s is right in my neighborhood and I went there once for Sunday breakfast. We had a good experience. We were seated promptly and all of our service was prompt. The food was typical diner food—I wouldn’t say it was phenomenal but it was good. I had a complaint about my order and it was quickly replaced, no questions asked. Plus, they gave it to me free! What more can you ask for? I’m buying this groupon and supporting a great neighborhood restaurant!

Julia R.

great deal!

Genevieve R.

Hi, I tried to purchase the coupon twice tonight, but the website keep saying that “something is broken”. Anybody else having trouble purchasing the coupon? Thanks :)

John W.


They could be in your “my groupons” page. Otherwise, I recommend emailing support@groupon.com.


ryan t.

If you go out Saturday night you have to come here Sunday morning. Staff was warm and had a good time talking with them.

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