are the sunken gardens stroller friendly? I have a young baby and could only go if they have decent paths to push a stroller.

Donna J.

Regarding the Annual Family Membership…Do you have to list the 5 family members or can you bring different people on your card on different visits(example kids, grandparents, etc). Thanks

deborah h.

Do I understand correctly: for $8, I get 2 adult tickets? Do you have to use the tickets today? Can I use the 2 tickets (say for myself for example) on separate days? Please ASAP.

Brooke J.

Sunken Gardens isn’t what it used to be. It’s much smaller with less exhibits, but it’s still a very beautiful, relaxing botanical gardens. My guess is, with the way the path winds, it’s maybe 1-2 miles long. There are several places to sit along the walk and just enjoy the plants. Despite being next to a busy street, it’s very quiet. There’s also Great Explorations attached for kids to enjoy. It is a seperate charge though. Maybe the annual pass includes both?

Anne Marie~
Yes SG is very stroller friendly. I ‘think’ there might be a couple of areas w/steps but overall you can do the entire place w/a stroller. This is a great way to get out w/the kidlets. We have gone many times. It is never busy and the children love exploring. Great fun!!

Hey everyone,

Thanks for checking out today’s awesome deal from Sunken Gardens! We’re thrilled to have them back on Groupon, and, it’s the perfect time of year to enjoy this ‘living museum.’ Explore cascading waterfalls, beautiful demonstration gardens, more than 50,000 tropical plants and flowers. It’s perfect family fun!

If you’ve not yet been to Sunken Gardens, you’re in for a treat. This calm, cool oasis is a hidden gem in the middle of St. Petersburg, conveniently located to all of Tampa bay. With today’s exclusive Groupon offer, you can choose either TWO Adult Admissions for just $8 (use anytime over the next 12 months; both admissions to be redeemed in one visit) or the Annual Family Membership, which provides free admission to Sunken Gardens for up to 5 people for an entire year!! The Family Membership does NOT require that your family members have the last name or even live in the same household. Click here to see the incredible list of over 200 gardens (in the U.S., Canada, and Caribbean) that you and up to four others can also visit for FREE with a Sunken Gardens Family Membership: http://www.ahs.org/events/reciprocal_events.htm

The free admission to Sunken Gardens for five makes the Family Membership option a great buy in and of itself. The reciprocal benefits make this an INCREDIBLE DEAL at $25 for an entire year! Marie Selby Gardens in Sarasota and Bok Tower Gardens are local examples of where you can gain free reciprocal admission with this Family Membership (again, for up to 5 people!). As for expiration on the Family Membership option, you simply need to activate the membership sometime in the next 6 months. After you have activated it, it’s valid for up to 5 family members for 12 months!

You may use this Groupon deal during all of Sunken Gardens’ special events throughout the year (whether you buy the two Adult Admission tickets or Family Membership option). Should you need any further clarification, please feel free to phone Sunken Gardens directly. They can be reached today until 4:30pm, by calling (727) 551-3102. Staff will gladly answer specific questions about how you can use the annual Family Membership benefits for up to 5 family members or general inquiries about Sunken Gardens.

Thanks for your questions and please be sure to spread the word to family & friends about today’s amazing offer from Sunken Gardens!

Jessica (Groupon Tampa)

Lisa S.

How do you get a full list of all the reciprocal local places? Also, I tried the link you gave for the other gardens, but it requires you to create an account, complete with address, phone number, email, etc. Is there a way to see it without potentially getting on a mailing list?

Brooke J.

Lisa, try this link:

It took a while to open (I’m on a very slow computer) but it is 14 pages of places all over the country.

Thanks, Brooke…Yes, with the Annual Family Membership option, you can get free reciprocal admission (for up to 5 people per visit) for tons of amazing places in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean! Huge, huge deal. Many of the gardens that are part of the reciprocal free admission for this offer have annual memberships that are over $100 per year! You can enjoy their facilities + free admission for up to 5 family members at Sunken Gardens for a steal. Thanks for your question, Lisa!

Jessica (at Groupon)

Benjamin N.

I just purchased this deal. Jessica D’s statement says that you can use the $8 option anytime within the next 12 months. But when I purchased the two adult admission option it states that the groupon expires 24Dec2011.

Brooke J.

Jessica, if I remember correctly, (as an example of cost savings) Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens in Coral Gables is $25 for a day pass. To get in free is a huge savings! For me, it was a no brainer when I saw all the reciprocal gardens. :)


My sincere apologies…This offer for the two Adult Admissions does expire in 6 months (on 12/24/2011). If you need to edit your purchase, just go to ‘My Groupons,’ in the upper right hand corner of the home page, then, click on the link to the two Adult Admissions deal you just bought, then click ‘Edit,’ followed by ’I’d like to cancel my purchase.’ Sorry about that; it was their last admission deal that had a 12 month exp date on the tickets option. If you’d like to enjoy Sunken Gardens for the next 12 months, I hope you’ll consider the Annual Family Membership opportunity! Thanks.

Jessica (at Groupon)

Bradley K.

This may have been answered, but I’m not sure. With the family membership, can any one of the 5 people go at any time? Or do you need to have one primary who goes everytime and allows for the other 4 to enter with them? (I hope that makes sense.) Basically, can any one of the 5 take the membership card and go by themselves?

Hi Bradley,

Thanks for your question. With the Annual Family Membership option you will be issued two membership cards (one with your name, a second with another family member’s name). Either one of the primary card holders can be with guests when gaining free admission to Sunken Gardens (or the 200+ reciprocal gardens in the U.S., Canada, and Caribbean). Enjoy!

Jessica (at Groupon)


I just bought the family membership and it says it expires in 6 months, not 12. What’s the deal?

I just purchased the $25 Family membership and it also said it expires Dec. 2011. Should I be concerned?

I am planning to stop by and get a list of local places that I can get in w/the Sunken Gardens membership (in the past there have been some) but does anyone know if Great Explorations is on their list this year? Two years ago it was. Thanks in advance if someone knows for sure!!

Hi Mari,

The Family Membership offer enables you to redeem the Groupon for membership with Sunken Gardens by December, 2011. Once you redeem the Groupon and initiate your membership, you’ll have a full year of the membership benefits.

Heather, the full list of reciprocal gardens can be found online here: http://www.ahs.org/events/reciprocal/110120_RAP_Quick_Print_List.pdf

Thanks and please spread the word about today’s cool deal from Sunken Gardens!

Jessica (at Groupon)

Hi Carla,

I just checked out the list myself….It seems that Bok Tower Gardens is no longer participating in reciprocal admission…My fault! The list was updated from when this offer was last featured. There are still a dozen or so great gardens in Florida to visit at no charge (for up to 5 people per visit) + tons more throughout the U.S., Canada & the Caribbean. You cannot beat the Annual Family Membership opportunity for Sunken Gardens with the reciprocal benefits at just $25! That’s five bucks per person, for an ENTIRE YEAR of free admission. Thanks!

Jessica (at Groupon)

This is a great deal – Im excited to use it thanks Groupon!!

Boriana P.

It is a great deal. I got it last year and just bought a new one- Love the gardens. Just a clarification on the reciprocal admissions- do you get 2 or five????I went to the botanical gardens in Naples last year, and we had to pay for the third person. They honored only 2 reciprocal admissions. Any thoughts from Groupon?

Hi Boriana,

See the details on reciprocal admissions here: http://www.ahs.org/events/reciprocal_events.htm

I would suggest calling Sunken Gardens for more specific questions are participating reciprocal member benefits, just to be on the ‘safe side:’ (727) 551-3102

This deal will be available for purchase on Groupon through tomorrow evening (June 23rd) at 11:59PM. Feel free to get all the information you need before then to make your purchase. Thanks!

Jessica (at Groupon)

Beverly C.

Hi, Jessica, my question is in clarification to your answer to Bradley. This is my first Groupon purchase. I purchased the Family Membership. You stated, “With the Annual Family Membership option you will be issued two membership cards (one with your name, a second with another family member’s name).” Will these two cards be sent in the mail? How do you list the second family member’s name? I printed my Groupon already and there was only one membership with my name on it. Thank you for your help. This was an awesome deal and I am looking forward to visiting as many of the gardens as possible in the coming year.

In comment to Beverly’s question: I purchased the family membership last year through Groupon. When you go to redeem your voucher at Sunken Gardens they will ask for the names that you would like on the 2 membership cards. I put my name on one…and my mother-in-law on the other. The cards are given to you during your first visit to Sunken Gardens.

As far as reciprocals: Sunken Gardens usually has a couple of other local reciprocals that they add on each year. This year they had MOSI, Pier Aquarium and 50% off Tampa Aquarium. Great Explorations was not included this year….and has gotten pricey. Bok Tower Gardens was taken off the reciprocals as of Jan 2011.

Remember to bring bug spray if you are going during the humid summer!

Beverly C.

Cari M – thank you for the information!

Hi Beverly & Carl,

Thanks for information sharing! And, thanks for getting your first Groupon deal, Beverly…We have a LOT of amazing deals coming your way. You can also get the free Groupon App on your phone (for free) so that you never miss a deal (just select ‘allow push notifications’ so that you get daily alerts). You can buy and redeem Groupon deals on your phone (the eco-friendly way).

Each Groupon offer is different and the ‘Fine Print’ is always front and center, so that there are no unseen restrictions. We work with merchants to keep the deals simple and user friendly. On each Groupon voucher you’ll find Redemption Instructions. For the Family Membership option on today’s offer from Sunken Gardens, you’ll have until December 24th (6 months) to exchange your Groupon voucher for your Family Membership cards. After you receive them, you’ll then have a full 12 months to enjoy Sunken Gardens and the reciprocal gardens that are included. Thanks and please spread the word to family & friends about this exceptional deal….It’s available on Groupon through 11:59PM tonight!

Jessica (at Groupon)

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