Okay I see a lot of Groupons have been purchased today, but has anyone eaten here before? What is the place like, and is it family friendly?

Thanks for your time and help and helping me out today.

Carryn S.

Yes, my family and I have been there several times. Yes, family-friendly with a kids’ menu, and awesome food!! In addition to their cheesesteaks, their salads are fresh and done well too.

Yeah we’ve been there plenty of times. I love the food! Actually I’ve been saying how we need to go there for about a week now but haven’t because we’re on a diet :( But I think I’m gonna buy it and just go eat there after my 1 1/2 hr work outs on Saturday.
Yes, it’s family-friendly I’d recommend it :D

Probably an odd question, but is the roll italian. I went to another cheesesteak place and they asked if I wanted white or wheat and I nearly passed out, since a phili always is an italian roll and it does make a difference.

Don L.

Usually a coupon will state that it is only good at a specific location. Can I use this coupon at other Texadelphias ?

Kelly H.

I love their food —yummy. We go there with our three kids. Very cozy, not a huge place. Reminds me of Steak Escape (use to be in northstar mall)

Chris from Groupon

Hey Don,

This Groupon is only valid for the listed location.


Chris from Groupon

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