I just tried to buy and it said “something broke and will be fixed” I don’t want to miss out on getting my Gs before it tips.

Caitlin M.

I had no problems with it a few hours ago when I bought one for myself and one for a friend. I suggest trying again.

used my g’s to get the deal, and got more g’s. Love that program.

This place is great, the owner is always working and he’s about the jolliest guy you ever could meet, cupcakes are yummy, service is awesome, what’s not to love?

Lindsay D.

wish this was for more, so I could buy a dozen for my bro’s bday next week.

Kieran H.

Does “in-store” include the cupcake truck?

Kieran, have some common sense - does the cupcake truck sound like it is in the store? If they are saying “in store” for a place that has a store and a truck, what do you think they are excluding? :)

Caroline H.

I know this doesn’t pertain to this deal…but what exactly are G’s and how does that progam work??

Elizabeth M.

If someone from the Cupcake Gallery is around to answer questions:
Will you make cupcakes that are both vegan AND gluten-free? Thanks!

Carolilne — With Groupon’s Local Rewards program, you earn 1 G when you read the groupon on the site (while logged in), 50 Gs when you buy the groupon, and 150 Gs when you buy the groupon before it tips. So, for buying today’s groupon before it tipped, I got 151 Gs. You can use the Gs to buy groupons or to get discounts at some local merchants. I use mine to buy groupons because the only thing better than inexpensive is free!

How can you sign up the Gs program?

Darius T.

Hey guys, I’m here!!! Thanks for all the great comments. I’m just a regular guy trying to make the best cupcakes on earth!

Yes, I can make cupcakes that are both vegan & gluten-free. We don’t normally make those daily, so a quick phone call to place an order is all you need.

I know that you typically cannot combine Groupons but there is nothing today that specifically states that. Can I combine three groupons today and get a dozen cupcakes?

Darius T.

Liam…nope – you can’t. Our Groupon is specifically for The Cupcake Gallery and we get a portion of what you’re paying based on that. In regards to your other groupons, we don’t recoup any of the costs therefore you can’t use them at The Cupcake Gallery – sorry.

Bethany — You have to be invited to join the program, either by Groupon or by someone who’s already in it. I’ve promised my remaining invitations to friends, but Jayna C. at Groupon once posted this:

Rewards program – friend me on Facebook (Jayna Groupon) and send me a message I will send you an invite :)

Thanks Marsha!

Hey Marsha, thanks for all the info about the G’s program. If possible can you send me a message if you’re Jayna’s friend on FB? I’ve tried to locate her and I can’t find her. My name on FB is Baebgurl Jones. Thanks again!

Angela — I’m not Jayna’s friend on Facebook, but she is on there as “Jayna Groupon” and her picture has a green “Staff” banner across the bottom.

Caroline H.

Thanks for all the info Marsha! Didn’t realize you had to be invited! I plan on finding Jayna on FB :)

Has anyone used their G’s for today’s deal?
I feel duped! When I logged in this morning to buy, it said that I could use 121 G’s to pay for the purchase. So I did!
Now, there are 500 G’s taken from my account for the deal!

I know it said 121!! Feeling slighted-

I used my G’s this morning, but I didn’t check what it said because the redemption value has always been 100 Gs per dollar. Are you sure it didn’t say you’d have 121 Gs left after you made the purchase?

Terry, the 121 is how many that you probably had left after the deal. That’s the number it shows. But then you get the purchase Gs added on. You should have either 171 or 271 Gs in your account right now.

Just wanted to vouch for this place, the cupcakes are amazing, red velvet is my favorite too but I have not had a bad one. Everyone who works there is so nice (usually the owner, but a few others too). The only thing that can be confusing is if you are just stopping by, the hours have changed a few time, so you might want to check the website or call before heading over. But definitely worth it!

These are delicious…the true goodness of a cupcake is if I can eat the cake and frosting separate…these I can do that with. I am not the biggest fan of frosting so I was pleasantly surprised.

One of the sneakers is the cookies and cream…one of my fav

Richard M.

Just so you know beforehand, The Cupcake Gallery will not accept the iPhone application for redemption and requires a physical voucher.

It’s INCREDIBLY shady and unethical that Cupcake Gallery raised their cupcake prices immediately after the Groupon was issued. On the website, each cupcake cost $2.50. Now cupcakes are $3. Very, very poor business practice. I will be documenting this on review websites.

Darius T.

Mary…I’m so sorry you feel that way. Please note that we DID NOT change our prices when Groupon did this special. Our prices were changed when we upgraded our menu (which was the day we came back from vacation) on August 24th! You can look at our previous posts on our Facebook page to see the announcements. I am the owner of The Cupcake Gallery. It’s a small business. This means I’m also the baker, floor sweeper, change getter, problem solver, and unfortunately the website designer as well. Our prices used to be 2.50 – but we had no specialty cupcakes or twinkees either. We upgraded our menu and came in line with industry standards. I hope you can understand that we would never do unethical actions such as raise our prices when we do a marketing promotion.

If you’d like to discuss more, we can. Please e-mail me – darius@cupcake-gallery.com

Richard M, I’m sorry you think that, but I was there on September 5th, and they took my Groupon just fine. Although Groupon (and the iPhone app) were both having issues that day and it took forever to bring it up. The girl behind the counter put my box of chosen goodies aside while we waited for it to work.

I was going to be in town visiting my daughter’s family and bought this in anticipation of that trip. I am a cupcake freak, and Darius, you reign supreme! I also tried that “famous” cupcake place the next day, Molly’s, and while they have a couple that I liked, NONE of them stood up to yours. Although you could really stand some work to your eat-in area, and need to offer some kind of plates, napkins, and utensils for eat-ins.

Wish I could say which one was my favorite, but I’ve waited too long and can’t remember. They were all that good. My husband (who was raised in the South), said it’s THE best red velvet he’s had.

Lisa C.

I’ve had a really bad experience with this cupcake vendor. They overcharged me for my cupcakes and refused to refund the difference. If I were you, I’d take my business elsewhere. – Thanks.

Darius T.

Lisa, I’m so sorry for your experience, however, as I told you on our two previous telephone conversations, without the receipt that I gave you, I can not issue you a refund.

I understand that it was your anniversary night and you don’t know where you put the receipt. As I stated, your order was one that we ‘set aside’ for you per your request. Had we did a special order for you where you ordered something and we baked it specifically for you, that is an entirely different process. In that case, I would have had a copy of your receipt and your order on file here.

Because you didn’t do it that way, unfortunately, we don’t keep record of those transactions. If you ever find that receipt, please let me know, and I will be willing to issue you a refund for the portion you say we overcharged you for.


Jennifer a.

Pretty LAME not to have a receipt and expect a refund.

just FYI- they will make vegan/sugarfree/gluten cupcakes, but only by the dozen. so dont count on using your groupon for any special dietary restriction-safe cupcakes unless you want a dozen of them. disappointing!

I tried to used my Groupon for The Cupcake Gallery earlier today to buy two red velvet cupcakes and one chocohazelnut cupcake that would have totaled $9.95.

My Groupon was for $10 worth of merchandise, and I was willing to forgo the five cents that would have represented the difference. Until the (RUDE!) clerk informed me that since my purchase did not add up to $10, I would have to buy something else. I explained to her that, no, I actually wouldn’t and asked her to show me ANYWHERE in the terms that said I had to buy OVER $10. She said “Sorry, that’s the manager’s policy.”

This is not acceptable to me. As someone who has purchased hundreds of dollars of Groupons over the past year, I am appalled at The Cupcake Gallery’s treatment of me, and their belief that they get to make up rules on the spot that reflect poorly on your company.

I plan NEVER to step foot in there again. (I will be sending this to my 400 Facebook friends, and reviewing them on Yelp as well).

I don’t believe this is the way Groupon expects their business to treat customers, and I hope that other people think twice about this place. Too bad I found out too late to warn the others that bought a Groupon.

If The cupcake gallery is not going by the stated terms go back to groupon for a refund. its clear, you do not have to spend the full amount………if this is the policy, I will give mine back and expect a refund.

Darius T.

Kelly, Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. Each Groupon purchase is different – I hope you understand that. We DID NOT make up rules. It’s actually kinda simple and if you think about it, I think you’ll agree. Your purchase of your Groupon means that the Groupon company initially gets your money. Sure, we get a portion and they keep a portion. Because there’s no way to allocate taxes/gratuities based on what you buy and the split of funds, it’s impossible for the Groupon to COMPLETELY cover your purchase. Therefore to make it easier, the policy is simple…spend more than 10 dollars as a subtotal and you simply pay the difference. I wasn’t there when this incident occurred, but it sounds like you bought 3 cupcakes that cost 3 dollars each. that sub total is 9 dollars. This link that you read regarding the deal (http://www.groupon.com/pages/universal-fine-print) specifically advises that Groupons don’t cover tax. Therefore, you’d need to spend more than 10 bucks to really benefit from the Groupon. We sold over 4800 Groupons and this is the first incident we’ve had like this. I apologize and hope you can understand. Also, you should know that at 3:30, when you came in, there may have been only 20 cupcakes on display. That’s because unlike other shops, we bake in small batches – all day long. We also are frosting cupcakes all day. This guarantees you the freshest cupcake possible. We could bake/decorate everything all at once, but if you came in at 6PM to purchase something that’s been sitting out since 6AM, you wouldn’t be happy about that. It’s a small sacrifice we’re willing to make for our customers. I’m totally available for further conversation – just e-mail me – darius@cupcake-gallery.com or call the shop and ask for me! I hope to hear from you soon!!! = Darius

Show me where it says I have to spend a minimum of 10 pre tax. I was asking for the groupon to cover tax- I am not new to this. Re-read my issue with a minimum spend, and explain that. Or don’t …. I am sure Groupon can help you understand.

I agree for sure. give me a break. then charge the tax but dont go against the policy then to have people pay more than 10. what a cop out!

I meant to say, I wasn’t asking for the groupon to cover tax, btw. ;-)

agreed, be like every other participant on here when you buy something the groupon does not cover the tax. i have never had a groupon that does, period………..charge it seperate. regardless i contacted groupon and asked them to look into this. the groupon terms are pretty clear.
Connie m.

It states to order gluten free ahead of time……. But no phone number is listed ??????? Please include a phone number and website not working?

Connie m.

The email of owner does not go through? I don’t want to make a trip out there if this place is closed and would hope Groupon would inform us if that’s the case!!!!!!! Please someone respond. I think it’s necessary to post business phone number !!!!!!!!

John A.

I’ve just returned from trying to redeem my Groupon, Rather than get $10 worth of cupcakes for the $5 Groupon, I was told that I had to spend another $10. I questioned it and the man said that it was in the “fine print”. Here, verbatim, is the "fine print: from the webpage deal:

“Expires Sep 3, 2011
Limit 1 per person, may buy 5 additional as gifts. Limit 1 per transaction. Must use in 1 visit. In-store purchases only.”

You can check out the Groupon deal webpage here:

Someone please tell me where it says that you have to pay another $10 to redeem a $5 Groupon.

This is a rip-off and what’s particularly galling is that I bought a 2nd Groupon as a gift for a friend whose jobless. Great gift! Instead of free cupcakes he has to come up with $10.

There are plenty of cupcake places in the city. You’d be wise to go elsewhere.

John A.

Just to follow up …

I sent an email to Groupon and they’ve refunded my money. Groupon is the best!

That’s really disappointing about the groupon being cancelled and to hear people’s dissatisfaction with the Cupcake Gallery. I’m sorry that people had bad experiences. I was really looking forward to redeeming mine since I’m gluten intolerant. Bummer. I might still swing by to taste these.

Melissa, I’m gluten free too and they did not honor mine. they charged me the full amount for my g/f cupcakes (which you have to order by the dozen/dozen+) and did not refund my money. So I’m out $10. they do not carry g/f in the store. If you want good g/f cupcakes ready every day, try Swirlz! Theyre bigger cupcakes too.
PS- theyre also on facebook and I just posted to the gluten free community I know that they should stay away from this place because if their shady business. I do not have a lot of faith in a company to keep me safe dietarily if they dont’ practice good customer service at the register!

Thanks Sarah, I appreciate the heads up and the info!

Claire B.

I just received an email from Groupon indicating that their deal with The Cupcake Gallery is “no longer meeting the standards of quality that we aim to provide our customers.” I had 3 Groupons that I had planned to use towards several birthdays this summer, plus I like supporting the local/small businesses. It’s a shame when deals like this fall through. I’m sorry to hear people had bad experiences. I like my cupcake purchases drama free and Groupon credited my account.

Laura E.

I stopped in to use my 2nd groupon for this place (I used the first a few months ago and was really happy with the cupcakes). The clerk said they are no longer accepting the Groupons because Groupon backed out on THEM. What a bunch of BS! It sounds like they made a deal with Groupon and then decided to start ripping off the people who bought the deal.

Guess what Cupcake Gallery? Cupcake shops are a dime a dozen anymore and probably the only reason people bought your Groupon and went to your shop was because of the deal. And now there are quite a few people out there sharing the poor customer service they’ve received. Good luck staying in business in this economy when you treat your customers like crap.

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