SOLD!!! Chocolate Fondue is a must. Great groupon :)

You can only use 1 groupon per table? So basically you can only use $25 at a time?

ya, i saw you can only use one per table too b/c i was going to buy 2 but decided against it. i still bought it: the vinings jubilee area is cute and i’m thinking I could still get some wine and maybe an appetizer :) LOVE GROUPON!

Anna, you can’t get wine with the groupon, read the “fine print”


Angela, that says “retail” wine purchases meaning you cannot buy a bottle from their retail store. So it works for anything in the actual restaurant. So Anna youre good!

c g.

I interpreted it differently. I thought that we could use the groupon for wine that we have with our meal but we couldn’t use it for retail wine bottle purchases.

Someone please advise..

Marsha S.

c.g your initial interpretation is correct.

Steve D.

Okay, ya’ll are right; I was wrong! Oops! I saw “retail wine” after I posted the comment. My bad!

I wish I had read the fine print. Why would a wine place have a Groupon but you can’t enjoy it for what they known for???? I’m canceling. Sorry.

drew f.

Quick Expiration time – so Watch out – one store closed for a “surprise 3 day holiday” and rendered the groupon useless. The store in Vinings I visited absolutely refused to honor it – even one day after it expired.


Hi Groupies- You may use this Groupon toward food and drink (including wine) at The Grape, but you may not use it toward retail wine purchases (ie: grab a bottle to bring home).

@ Drew- The Grape has never been featured before on Groupon so you might be thinking of another offer, but if you ever have trouble redeeming a Groupon simply email customer service (support@groupon.com) and they can help sort it out.

Hope this helps clarify!
Stephanie- Groupon

I just gifted this groupon to a friend of mine but she said that the deal she received was for someplace in Canada? I clicked on the link on the e-mail for this specific Groupon to send to her so I am not sure why Canada is showing up when it’s an Atlanta deal . . . she isn’t claiming it because she doesn’t want to claim the wrong thing.


@ Erica- Sorry for the trouble. That’s super strange! Shoot our customer service team an email and they’ll be able help you out— support@groupon.com.

Stephanie- Groupon

Marica E.

cannot print a bought offer..get kicked off

Erica A.

Having the same problem @Marcia E.
– I click on all the available links for it to download and it doesn’t do anything except for offer to link it to an existing account.

Hannah J.

Yay! I can’t wait to finally try The Grape!


Hi Ladies- Send our customer service team an email (support@groupon.com) and they can help solve your problem.

Stephanie- Groupon

I’m so sad that I missed this groupon yesterday. I’d misplaced my checkcard so I had no method of payment at the time. Do you typically offer groupons again? How long before deals typically surface again? I can’t wait to take advantage of this great deal!

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