It says that this is an all-inclusive driving experience, but be forewarned… The Motorsport Lab will charge you tax on the $499 retail price of the package ($31.19) and an 18% gratuity ($89.82). So including the price of the Groupon, you will actually be paying $220 for the 60-minute driving experience. You will also be contending with thousands of earlier Groupon buyers who haven’t yet been able to book an appointment to use their Groupons. Motorsport Lab does not honor reservations when it is raining, either, so you will have to rebook months out if you’re unlucky enough to have booked your driving experience when it happens to be raining. This is in the interest of full disclosure, of course, and I would love a response from Motorsport Labs regarding my observations. Perhaps things will be different this time?

Ray C.

Hi Jacqueline: Good morning! The Motorsport Lab would be happy to comment. To address the points you brought up – “all-inclusive” means that we don’t charge you gas fees or cleaning fees. At the same time our driving experience instructors are paid on gratuities, like servers at a restaurant, for educating and protecting the personal safety of a customer. Most people happily leave a customary gratuity between 18%-25%. We’ve had customers even say that a 25% gratuity is still too little for their guidance because our driving instructors also protect the financial safety of a customer, who is also responsible for the condition of a $225,000 supercar during their experience. However, if someone feels confident that that they do not need driving assistance, we would strongly recommend that they perhaps upgrade to a rental experience with a different company. As for the scheduling concern, you’re absolutely right. We dropped the ball on that and we apologize. Because we opened-up the calendar 6-months in advance last year, we had no room to reschedule for rain and unforeseen weather, unless it was the following-calendar year or a cancellation. This year, this deal is limited to a certain quantity, in which we have availability through 10/31/11. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns. I apologize for your inconvenience and we appreciate your feedback.



BostonBuzz:I’m not surprised that they’re trying to charge extra and weasel out of having to fufill all of the Groupons they’ve sold. This is not a respectable business,

Michael J.:When my father in-law called to book this a few months ago they said that they were completely booked and weren’t extending the expiration

Jacqueline B.I am disappointed in Motorsport Lab

Steven T.; I’m still displeased with Motorsport Labs

Jacqueline B.: I don’t like that they didn’t disclose this until I booked my appointment this morning. It feels really fishy to me.

Sarah: I’m so disappointed I wasted my money on this.What a joke, either groupon or motorsports labs should have reached out to the people who wasted their money on this offer

jaclyn: Im getting pretty annoyed with them.


Tom Y.

Awesome deal! Awesome company! I cannot say enough about the professionalism of the Motorsport Lab! If you have any concerns, call them! My buddies and I each signed up for an experience, and could not have been happier. I have never driven an Aston Martin, but I hope to this time around. Simply OUTSTANDING!

Paul S.

Great Company, very professional, and the experiences are worth every penny. Not sure why some of the people on here are trying to create FUD. Good deal to take advantage of.

Beth M.

I would like to purchase this as a gift for my husband, but not present it to him until his birthday in July. Would he have any trouble getting a reservation before the expiration date if I wait that long? Is this deal really only going to tip at 1000 bought?

steve c.

Paul why do you think this is fud? I personally find it helpful that dave posted those actual reviews from real grouponers who actually purchased this. You really don’t think all those people who posted such poor reviews of this company months ago did so for any reason other than they had a very poor experience, after all, I am sure they didn’t know their bad groupon was going to be run again. I also looked at yelp and while not many reviews 50% of them are poor. I find it very strange that there are so few positive reviews on a independent website like yelp after so many people have used it. what i find more strange is how many people came to their defense after dave posted reviews of this company posted right on the groupon website….can you say shill haha?

Ray C.

Beth: Great question! There should be no issues in making a reservation this time around as we are limiting this deal as to get everyone one in by 10/31/11. I would recommend that you make a reservation first (when the deal closes) and then give him the present afterwards. That way, he can reschedule for another date if yours doesn’t work out. Just another suggestion, in case you’re looking to book a weekend time. WEEKENDS ARE OFTEN NOT THE BEST TIMES to drive because of unforeseen events such as charity events in which the Police closes down the Boston Common area. We strongly urge you to pick WEEKDAYS as they are no large scale events occurring. Hope that answers your question.

Tom Y.

The Yelp review has 2 people…1 positive, 1 negative. Check out the 59 POSITIVE reviews on their website. Here is the link:


The reviews posted by Dave seem to be from people who never had the opportunity to experience their deal…I know they had booking issues last year due to the overwhelming response from the Groupon deal last year…This time around, Ray T. said that the deal is limited to a lesser quantity and the calendar has been cleared and extended to 10/31/11. I will be booking this crazy good deal…I hope it sells 1000 so that I can experience at the lower price point. There is no risk, as you can return your Groupon if you find you are dissatisfied. I plan to redeem mine, though!

Jay B.

I can’t believe Groupon is actually doing another one of these, read all the comments from the last time they did it: http://www.groupon.com/boston/deals/the-motorsport-lab

You think they would at least try to schedule in all their customers from the last time before they start selling new ones.

Also, don’t be fooled in to thinking this is a $499 value, this “company” does basically 100% of their busiess through groupon, you aren’t getting a deal, and you aren’t dealing with a respectably company. They’re going to try and add on all sorts of extra charges. Also, make sure you read all the paperwork and check your insurance before you get in the car!

Most likely your Mass auto insurance won’t cover you, and of course they don’t have or offer any insurance to cover you. Ask yourself, would you drive an uninsured Ferrari around Boston? Anything happens to that car and you’re going to be paying through the nose for repairs.

Do some research, I’m just trying to save people from getting screwed over by these people: http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-motorsport-lab-boston

Again, I can’t believe Groupon is willing to do business with these people again, this whole thing is one step up from a scam.

Douglas W.

Is anybody else concerned about the fact that this deal is for driving a speedy luxury “supercar” around a congested city? Ferrari or minivan, crawling traffic is still crawling traffic,.

Stefanie B.

Is this experience just for the Ferrari? Or do you get to choose from the other cars too? I see most of the comments are about driving the Ferrari around, and the Martin would be “next.” Ray T. (believe you’re from Motorsport), would you be able to please clarify?

Ray C.

Steve and Jay: Thank you for your comments. We value everyone’s opinion; good and bad. We did see the 2 Yelp reviews; one from an “Erin S” and one from a “Boston B.” We found it interesting that they both went through the same process and the reviews were completely different. Knowing this, we already reached out to Boston B in hopes of learning more, as her unsatisfactory experience could have been due to an employee issue or a miscommunication issue. Obviously, we aim to keep our customers consistently happy and we’re hoping to hear back from that person soon to clarify any misinformation or miscommunication.

Kristen S.

I’m very interested in buying this for my boyfriend for a birthday present. I’m just trying to verify everything. It’s 99$ for the groupon deal, but then it’s $31.19 the day of the drive because of tax. Then it’s about 90-100$ for a tip to the driver the day of the drive.

So really this is a $220 deal.. not a $99 deal.

I’m fine with that, but I’m just making sure all of this is correct.


Ray C.

Stephanie: for this deal you can choose from other cars, including the Aston Martin DB9.

Ray C.

Douglas: we’ve had no trouble as we drive from 7AM – 2PM EST. A lot of people initially come in with mixed feelings about it, but when finished they appreciated being able to compare how they drive their normal car to a supercar.

Ray C.

Kristen: Yes, all in, it would be about $220 as the experience does not include tax and gratuity. We recommend tipping your driving instructor between 18%-20% of the full value of $499, which is $90-$100. It’s like using a Groupon at a restaurant.

Sloan C.

To confirm the ad, it’s really only a 45 minute drive as the first 15 minutes are listening to talk on paddle shifters?
You’re stuck in Boston?
Also, the deal doesn’t include insurance?

Melissa W.

Hi, three questions:
-can you go on the highway?
-can you use out of state (specifically CT car insurance)?
-can you specify exactly what kind of coverage a person would need on their insurance to participate in this experience?

Thank you.

Cheuk K.

I did this last year. I was so excited that I bought multiple. But then it turned sour fast after they had an accident. Before the accident, you were allowed to do more, like rev the engine and with less fine print. After that accident, they introduced more rules and paperwork that you were required to sign:

- $3000 to rev the engine above 5000 rpm (so you won’t hear any real nice engine noise or get any real speed on that).
- If the car is damaged in anyway, you are required to pay for the “loss-of-use” and they showed calculation for $499 an hour, 8 hours a day, for the duration of the car in shop, including weekends. So a quick math of one week will round you a $28000. In three weeks you can buy yourself the same car.

So those were rules they added after the accident happen. I am not sure if these same rule still apply to this year.

Michael K.

From Ray T.: "Most people happily leave a customary gratuity between 18%-25%. We’ve had customers even say that a 25% gratuity is still too little for their guidance because our driving instructors also protect the financial safety of a customer, who is also responsible for the condition of a $225,000 supercar during their experience. "

Can you explain that sentence. The instructor is protecting my “financial safety” by: a) assuming the responsibility for damage i may do to the car? (are they legally capable of doing that?) or b) by teaching me how to drive it, for which I am solely responsible for the condition of a quarter of a million dollar car? If it’s b that’s a pretty suspect statement, although not surprising given some of the other comments.

Jay B.

$220?? Are you kidding me? Anyone who tips $100 for this “experience” is an iddiot. Do a little math, what percentage of their business comes from Groupon? They spent all of last year trying to squeeze in the 2,700 people who bought Groupon tickets. I’d guess that less than 1% of their business comes from people paying full price (way less, probably closer to 0%).

Groupon should be embaressed that they’ve been duped in to selling this as a deal when it’s obvious that most of their business is tricking people in to paying for the groupon and then adding extra fees and charges on later.

And no one should sign up for this before someone from Motorsport Lab or Groupon clearly states what the deal with insurance is. I found out after my drive that I wasn’t covered by insurance, even though they require proof and claimed to have checked it online. It makes me sick to my stomach to think of how much I would’ve had to pay if there was an accident while I was driving. I would hate for that to happen to anyone (and apparently it’s already happened to at least one person last year).

Cheuk K.

I was glad that I wasn’t the only one felt ripped off from last year.

Ray C.

Sloan: Yes, correct – 15-minutes is allocated for instruction on how to drive. The remaining 45 minutes is for the customer to enjoy 15-miles of driving. As long as you have car insurance, you can take advantage of the driving experience. We don’t sell any additional insurance, if that’s what you were asking. Could you clarify your “stuck in Boston?” question? There is a predetermined route that works well for this experience in Boston.

Ray C.

Melissa: Our route is already pre-planned and it’s a great loop on Storrow Drive to Soldier’s Field Rd, in which our customers have enjoyed because there are great turns. We do not drive on highways, and it’s not as fun as you would imagine as you are just going straight the entire time on a highway. You feel the car in the turns. Yes, you can use a CT Car insurance and license. If you have specific questions about your insurance coverage, I would contact your insurance agent and would recommend you let them know that you are about to go on a supercar driving experience and see what recommendations they have.

Tom Y.

Cheuk, if you didn’t agree with the paperwork/rules, why would you even agree to do the experience? Of course, if you destroy the car, you would have to pay for the car…what is so crazy and outlandish about that? If you don’t like the terms and conditions, don’t drive the car. Everything is up front before you even get in the car.

When I went on a kayaking trip, I basically signed my life away, exempting the company from any liability regarding my death. It is protocol, that is why you could choose not to agree. I went kayaking, loved my experience, and I am still alive to peak of it!

Ray C.

Michael: Sure – Customers who have given their driving instructors a 25% tip have commented that our driving instructors were an extra pair of eyes in helping watch out for potential accidents that could lead to financial implications. For example, our supercars are generally very wide and, without proper guidance, clients may severely scratch or crack a rim on a curb, in which it will take time and money to resolve, if insurance doesn’t cover it or if the customer doesn’t want their insurance to cover it. Our driving instructors teach customers how to drive supercars with confidence. When drivers feel secure and happy as they leave the car, they may elect to tip their instructor more than the customary 18-20%.

Jay B.

Haha, what? You’re putting your customers in a position where they are personally liable for a $200,000 Ferrari and then expect them to tip $100 for an extra pair of eyes to help them avoid scratching the car or breaking a wheel?

Do you know what I would tip for? If your driving instructors would tell me ahead of time to “consider the risks of driving this car around Boston, maybe it’s just not worth it.”

Kevin B.

“Tax not included” does not mean tax can be charged on the list price of the purchase. Anyone who paid accordingly is due a refund of about $26.

Tom Y.

That is why you are informed ahead of time. If you can’t stomach the risk, get out of the car!
I do not know why everyone is surprised. If you wreck a car, of course you would have to pay for it. If you test drove a car at a dealership, you are liable for the car if you crash it. 99.9% of the people will not crash the car. Just enjoy it, man!

Cheuk K.

Well, the problem was that those details were not provided at the point of buying the Groupon. They were added after people bought the Groupon, as well as after the accident. That is why I am trying to provide the missing detail to everyone else. I just want people to be informed. I wasn’t trying to bad mouth the company or anything.
Say if people read the agreement and wavier and didn’t like those terms, could they get a refund? I had a problem getting a refund.
I am very happy that there are companies providing this kind of experience and think it’s a good business idea. Just that the change of term in the wavier after the accident was a hard one for me to accept. I did anyway, but to be honest, it wasn’t much fun thinking of not going over 5000 rpm while driving.
I can accept that if the car get damaged in an accident and you have to pay for. But extra $3000 to actually drive a supercar the way it was designed to? That’s a hard one to accept. It was borderline false marketing. There wasn’t much super thing about a supercar in that condition.
I do want to give props for the responsiveness on answering people’s questions on the discussion board.

Ray C.

Cheuk: Thanks for taking the time to give your feedback. Again, this is an experience to get a taste of our supercars and not an opportunity to test out the limits to the point where it may be dangerous for you and other people who are sharing the roads. These supercars are foreign to most people and we hope you can appreciate that our goal is to ensure your personal safety. Again, if you’re looking to take advantage of the car to its full limits and feel confident in your driving skills, I would recommend a track experience. Most of our customers are very, very happy with our experiences as we allow them to feel how supercars hug the road, take the corners and be seen in a beautiful car, rather than go very fast and very hard. I’m sorry we couldn’t deliver for you. If you want recommendations for a track experience, I suggest you connect with the folks at Monticello.

Cheuk K.

I did look up Monticello for a bit last year. They have a track in NJ right? I can’t afford their package and I don’t see them doing a Groupon anytime soon though :)
Of course the actual super car experience is still only for the privilege few.
So is this time the groupon route different? It said 6th on highway. It sure wasn’t a chance to get past 4th last year even on Storrow and it wasn’t really a highway.


The deal is $99, assuming 1000 people buy the Groupon and the tax & Tip come later correct?
I bought a Groupon for my boyfriends birthday next month, he’s a major car geek and loves the Aston Martin. I don’t understand why there’s so much negative feedback and why any person would think these cars are meant for racing. I just hope this is a legit groupon as I don’t want to get his hopes up.

Cheuk K.

Dawn: Hmm… I wasn’t thinking about racing these cars. If you drive a car, look at your tachometer see your rpm as you go from a stop to go. In an automatic car, it usually shift around 3500 rpm. So 5000 rpm isn’t much head room there.

Jay B.

It’s also amazing that they advertise a fleet of cars, but last year when there was an accident in the Ferrari 360, they had to reschedule all of the appointments because there weren’t any other cars available. Do you really think they have a Ferrari 458 Italia parked in a garage somewhere? Considering that there’s less than 2,000 of them in the world? Apparently little white lies are ok in your marketing materials (and groupon just reprints it without doing any research).

Kevin B.

So is it true that tax is charged on the list price? I mean, that’s kind of a hilarious misinterpretation of sales tax.

Tom Y.

I hope this deal goes through. I really want to drive the Aston Martin! I have only seen them in the movies. Driving one would be SWEET!

Grant G.

It’s illegal to charge sales tax based on “value”.

If $99 is the price, $6.19 should be the tax. Motorsport Lab has no authority to charge $31.19 or 31.5% tax, which is based on an imaginary number.

When you buy a TV, that is on sale for $500 with $300 mark down, you don’t pay the sales tax based on $800.

I wonder if Motorsport Lab actually pays the Department of Revenue what they collect. Time to call the taxmen to audit a little.

Jay B.

Jeez, “Tom Y” is such an obvious shill for the company, could you try to be a little less obvious? And what’s the best point he could come up with to defend them?

“99.9% of the people will not crash the car”

Great, so by your math if the Groupon goes through only 1 person will have to deal with paying for a crashed Ferrari, I wonder who it will be?

Grant G.

LOL! Have fun driving a Ferrari at 20 MPH (average).

Grant G.

@Naomi A., yeah, sure. I’m pretty certain that you and your bother will enjoy getting ripped off.


I know by boyfriend would be thrilled to drive the Aston Martin, even if it was at 20mph but apprently to all the negative jerks on here it looks as though he may not have the chance. So thanks!

Grant G.

@Dawn, the negative jerks over here might have saved you and your bf a couple of grands of US dollars, plenty of headaches, and possibly your relationship.

Grant G.

@Dawn, again, the Highlights states “[s]hift to 6th gear on highways”.

Do you know how fast the car can go on the first gear? Do you even know how fast the car has to be at in order to safely shift to the 6th gear without damaging the gearbox?

Guess your lovely bf wasn’t generous enough to share his knowledge.

David P.

You know, I’ll admit that I was a bit disappointed when I realized how much the tip + tax added… the Groupon was a gift from my wife, so I didn’t really pay attention until I looked into booking it. But I did figure that it must be how the instructors are paid primarily, kinda like waitstaff… and hey… $220 for driving a Ferrari? Even in Boston? Sure, it’s worth it once. And I had my once just last week.

BTW, I did get to consider whether it would be worth driving a Ferrari in Boston before my wife committed to giving this to me, and I reflected on my days commuting from North of Boston to Brighton. Unless there’s something unusual happening, Storrow Drive’s usually pretty open between the morning commute and lunch. It worked just fine for me.

It’s true… if you want to have your way with a supercar, this is not the deal for you. If you want to get a small taste with some nice folks, the Groupon is the way to go.


Grant…are you illiterate? If you read my posting, you would have noticed that this is a GIFT. Why would I ask him about 1st gear. I’m going to assume that you are another arrogant guy and that would dump his girlfriend over something like this, hahaha…how pathetic can one be??? As for my boyfriend, he’s an experienced car driver and has recently raced in Targa Newfoundland, unlike most people, he knows how handle a car and he would have loved to drive the Aston Martin for the experience…jerk!

Grant G.

@Dawn, are you intellectually challenged? What I meant was that your bf had never taught you a thing about cars.
Sure, he’s an experienced driver and maybe he has beaten Michael Schumacher 10 times. Therefore, he will most likely see this as child’s play, and 20MPH on Storrow Dr? Oh, come on! Is that even legal?

Jay B.


It’s just that some people gave this as a gift the last time around, and instead of it being a great gift (like it was advertised) it ends up being terrible for the person. They get surprised by a bunch of extra fees, sign a bunch of paperwork filled with legaleeze, get coerced in to giving an unreasonable tip, or worse end up having to pay a ton of money for a little scratch or something.

If you’re buying this for yourself, at least you can do your research and decide if it’s worth the risk and the extra cost. But if you’re giving it as a gift it could turn in to a total disaster.

Most of the time it will be a fun, if expensive, little drive around Boston. But some people have gotten screwed over by this company, they’re just not a very honest or upfront company.


I’m not a car person. He is. If I want to know anything about cars, he’ll tell me. I really have no interest. I know what he likes and I know he wouldn’to kick me to the curb over something like this. Call it what you want, I just think you are a miserable dick!

Grant G.

@Carl, honestly, Boston has as many potholes as it has for fun.
They destroyed 4 tires on my E-class in 3 different occasions in
Cambridge and Allston, including once at the Memorial Dr/Mass Ave bridge intersection on this Valentine’s Day. Good thing I have MBrace to come to the rescue.

There are constructions everywhere. You gotta be pretty brave to drive a car like this around Bean Town right now.

dan b.




Rosa N.

Can someone from Motorsport Lab comment on the tax issue raised above by Grant G. and Kevin K.? I bought this early this morning (second-time buyer, but didn’t get a chance to use the last one yet), but after reading all these comments, am now thinking of calling Groupon to return it… Charging tax on the “list” price does seem ridiculous.

Also, do people who bought the Groupon last time have priority in booking? After all, that older Groupon expires two months earlier, and a lot of folks (myself included) didn’t get a chance to book anything last year because of the schedule being booked out.

Tom Y.

At Jay B.-Please…perhaps you are posting comments masked as a competitor. Stop being a hater…People just simply have a different opinion than you.

Don’t purchase the deal if t is clearly not something you would enjoy.
I would enjoy it, and did purchase it. I see absolutely nothing wrong or odd about this deal.

Go spend your money on deals for restaurants that you may not even enjoy, then rant about being ripped off! I will spend my money on driving a car I have only dreamed of being behind the wheel of.

Sean N.

I hope everyone can see what obvious fakes “Naomi A” and “Tom Y” are. Here’s some choice quotes, if this doesn’t sound like a couple of shills posting passages right out of the company brochure, I don’t know what does:

“a unique experience in a beautiful car at a great deal”

“Overall, I had an INCREDIBLE experience with the Motorsport Lab, and would book again at this price point with absolutely no hesitation. I’m sorry some people had an unexpected experience.”

“Check out the OUTSTANDING reviews from people who had experiences, both in 2010 and 2011”

“I cannot say enough about the professionalism of the Motorsport Lab! If you have any concerns, call them”


I guess of 2,700 customers from last year, these are the two biggest fans. Too bad that only 400 or so have bothered to purchase again this year. I wonder where all the other happy customers went? Maybe they’re all too busy posting glowing reviews on your website? Or they’re still waiting to use their old Groupons before the June deadline? Maybe they’ve never heard of Yelp?

Although, I’m actually shocked you managed to even get 400, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many negative comments for one deal, you really must’ve pissed off a lot of people last time.

Sandy C.

Don’t do it…. Bought one last year and still have not gotten an appointment.

Cheuk K.

Groupon would not issue a refund after I bought them last year. They told me to deal with the company directly. And really, it the groupon was listed as $200, then it would had been too expensive for me. But it was listed for $89 last year.

Ray C.

We generally provide a positive experience for our customers and we always look for ways to improve our operations. Through all the discussion posted today, it looks like we have an opportunity to discuss and address your concerns and find areas for further improvement. However, we can’t help anyone in this type of anonymous chat-room basis. For example, Cheuk, Naomi, Tom, Dan, and Grant – we have tried looking you up on our reservation system by first name and last name initial and we can’t find you. Because we don’t know who you are and what your circumstances are, we cannot really help you in a productive way. If you’re interested, you can connect with our customer service team at hello@motorsportlab.com and write “Groupon Roundtable” in the subject so you can let us know who you are and what concerns you have. In turn, we can do some research and help address your issues.

Michael K.

I’m confused I thought Naomi and Tom were Motorsport Labs representatives.

Tom, you have some nerve to claim that Jay is a competitor and a hater. You have a serious hard on for this company. Perhaps you work for them and have some sort of stake in the success of this groupon. You yourself say that everyone is entitled to an opinion, so allow Jay to have his. He is obviously not going to purchase this deal. But he does nothing wrong in wanting to warn other people who may make (what he feels to be) that mistake, just as you do nothing wrong in defending what you find to be a great deal.

Dawn, you have issues and you’re lucky you found a man crazy enough to be with you. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean you need to name call and get ridiculously offensive, especially when Jay was just trying to be nice and clarify things for you. And by saying your boyfriend raced on some unknown track, you are not impressing anyone. If he was that great, he’d have driven all these cars before. And for the record, a woman should have some kind of vehicular knowledge, whether for pleasure or necessity. You must be the type of arrogant woman to expect your boyfriend to come out and change your tire whenever you hit a curb. You need to relax and check yourself before you start acting like a lunatic when people are only trying to help you.

Naomi, this deal is not at all unique. I’ve seen similar deals on here like 5 times in the 2 months or so that I’ve been using groupon. I will admit that this is still a better deal than many others. One I considered buying for my father required a $1,000 cash deposit in case of any damages. But don’t claim this is special, because it’s not.

Cheuk K.

Ray T.: I appreciate that you want to take our concern seriously. You won’t find my current handle in your system. However, your company does have all my personal information, from credit card to insurance numbers and home address (from insurance).
I actually feel more comfortable in this venue to talk about my past experience, otherwise, I probably would had email you guys directly already.
My feeling and experience had come and past. I really don’t have anything more to talk about, except for providing some of those terms from the wavier (since they are not listed in Groupon’s site) so that people can be sure what they are getting, also save you guys time on refunding people.

Abner B.

There is one car I really want to drive and that is a Lamborghini. I see that in your fleet. Can we choose this vehicle?
As for others. I still think this is a great deal. Even if a tip is not included and taxes. Most things are groupon are service oriented. I don’t know about you but when someone provides something good I tip. Tour Guide, Waitress, Maid in Hotel. Your still saving over 50%

Grant G.

@Abner, you do NOT save 50%. Since pretty much 100% of their client come from Groupon, you are really paying the full price + 31.5% sales tax + 91%~100% tip.

Oh, you also get an “instructor” who seeks every opportunity to impose thousands of dollars of fines for some lame “infractions”, all in the name of “protecting your financial safety”.

Rachel W.

Ray T. I am considering purchasing this for a friend(despite the negative feedback)because he is a car nut and would fully appreciate the art of driving a supercar more than others. I am a little skeptical and think the fact the tax charge is based on original price is shady. You have not addressed this while many have brought it up. This point is valid, tipping on original price, yes I am a bartender and this is fully understandable. Paying tax on original price? What grounds legally ever came up to justify this?

Steve P.

I’m furious with Groupon! I can’t believe they would let this company do a “deal” on their site. My wife emailed me this morning asking if I wanted to do this with my dad for Fathers day, it looked like a good deal. She trusts Groupon to vet the companies they’re promoting.

I was shcoked when I read the comments, and looked up the company on Yelp, and shocked that this deal hasn’t been taken down, or that they haven’t at least put some disclaimers on the front page. You spend 3 paragraphs talking about gold ingots and horseless carriages, how about a little real information?

Five minutes of research and it’s clear that this company has no idea what they’re doing, and that this “deal” is filled with loopholes and extra fees?
1.The very first post from their first Groupon does that math and points out that at even with only 1,000 people signing up there’s no way everyone could schedule a time. Did groupon even do this simple check? They’ve since extended the first deal a number of times and even though it’s not expiring until THIS June, there are still lots of people complaining that they haven’t been able to redeem their Groupons, and that Groupon won’t refund their money.
2.They’re already doing a second Groupon before they’ve even managed to take care of all the customers from the first time? Why would Groupon allow this? There must be hundreds of disgruntled Grouponers from the first “deal” still waiting to use their Groupon, and you’re trying to book more? That means that if this went through we’d have to wait months to even schedule an appointment!
3.This company obviously has no experience, they weren’t set up to take reservations the first time, they were expecting to run 8 rides a day, 7 days a week, for 1 year straight! Through the winter, through Boston traffic, and didn’t make any plans for rain!
4.This isn’t a deal, if the company has no experience and is booked solid for over a year doing Groupons, than it’s not a $499 value, it’s an $89 value. This is just Groupon straight up lying to us.
5.Groupon doesn’t disclose the all the extra fees, tips, the 30% “sales tax.” Even after pages of complaints from customers there’s no notice on the front page that “all inclusive” isn’t all inclusive. Who expects to tip a driving instructor $100?
6.The driving instructors can charge you extra while you’re driving? What do I have to do to protect myself from getting charged? It seems like a pretty big conflict of interest that the guy I’m tipping to protect me financially is also the guy who can add charges to my credit card after the fact? Is this extortion?
7.Groupon doesn’t even mention that they aren’t properly insured? Isn’t this a liability issue? Shouldn’t that be in the fine print?
8.They’re doing it again today, there’s another “deal”, and when you look them up on Yelp there’s angry Grouponers who weren’t able to schedule an appointment.

I thought Groupon was all about promoting local companies and offering good deals and good customer service? This looks like straight up greed on their part, taking advantage of trusting Grouponers, and then when people get screwed by some shady company not even offering refunds.

Abner B.

I don’t see why people who paid for it last year didn’t get there money back or get to use it this year? I think this is a form of gift certificate and I think in Massachusetts the law gives you 7 years? I think MC AMEX and Visa did something like that a few years back where you only got a year but in MA the courts said it had to be 7!

I personally an going to try it! I am going to assume the company has learned from previous issues and will work to fix them and has answered the follow up questions! I know I will never hit 6th or 5th gear in Boston on a Lambo or Ferrari! But it is a once in a lifetime thing for me! Hopefully all goes well for a ll that purchase!
Good luck!

Alexander T.

Wow. What a cluster. I clicked through the link because I thought it might be a good deal, but it turns out to be a rip-off organized by Motorsport Lab in cahoots with Groupon. Out of the kajillion skeptical comments, it appears that the only response that Motorsport can muster is to emphasize the ‘value’ while enlisting “Naomi A” and “Tom Y” to post some fake comments and pretend that they are not actually affiliated. Please. I really hope this deal DOESN’T get tipped and that more buyers are aware enough to click through to see all of the skeptical discussion comments that have not been adequately addressed. I’m still waiting for Ray T. to address Jill C.‘s comment about whether Motorsport charges sales tax on the amount of revenue they report to the State of Massachusetts. Also waiting for Ray T. to address Rosa N.’s question about whether Groupon customers get priority in booking. And even before that, I’m still waiting for Ray T. to address Jay B.‘s comment about what percentage of Motorsport’s revenue is derived from non-Groupon customers (thereby addressing the question of whether this is truly a ‘deal’ — outstanding questions about tax, tip, etc aside).

Joseph A.

I purchased this deal or have it on reserve but think im going to cancel. This thing is getting considerable negatives reviews. Facts regarding $3,000.00 for RPM over 5,000, tax on full price, wreck not covered by insurance, tip for the guy in the car, and payments of $28,000 by you if car is shop for a week cause of you. Sounds like a raw deal.

Non of the bickering has influenced my decision it was merely based on the facts and the fact that no one from motor sports lab has confirmed or denied these facts. Other than the tip and tax. This would have been my first groupon and was to be gift but it will cost him more than it cost me.

Alexander T.

@Joseph A., that’s a natural response. No one likes dealing with shady vendors. I like making purchasing in a context where everything is above-board, everything is transparent, etc. If new information keeps trickling out every 5 minutes, with new loopholes, new caveats, etc., that’s just a bad sign. I’m still waiting for Ray T. to address Jill C.‘s comment about whether Motorsport charges sales tax on the amount of revenue they report to the State of Massachusetts. Also waiting for Ray T. to address Rosa N.’s question about whether Groupon customers get priority in booking. And even before that, I’m still waiting for Ray T. to address Jay B.‘s comment about what percentage of Motorsport’s revenue is derived from non-Groupon customers (thereby addressing the question of whether this is truly a ‘deal’ — outstanding questions about tax, tip, etc aside).

John C.
The original groupon “deal” was given to me as a gift and I was appalled by the additional charges and all the BS associated with scheduling.

Regarding justifying the “tip” … the “driving instruction” is more to protect the car than to teach you how to drive a Ferrari. True instruction for a car like this would be given on a track, not in the city.

Also, I was given the option to “tip” an extra $20 or so dollars that would be put in a “fund” that would provide free or discounted driving experiences for charities …

Ray – not seeing anything on the website about any charities

Not worth the $$$!

John C.
The original groupon “deal” was given to me as a gift and I was appalled by the additional charges and all the BS associated with scheduling.

Regarding justifying the “tip” … the “driving instruction” is more to protect the car than to teach you how to drive a Ferrari. True instruction for a car like this would be given on a track, not in the city.

Also, I was given the option to “tip” an extra $20 or so dollars that would be put in a “fund” that would provide free or discounted driving experiences for charities …

Ray – not seeing anything on the website about any charities

Not worth the $$$!

run away from this “deal” …

Geoffrey M.

Why is Groupon being so utterly quiet in this comment thread? No defense?

Svetlana K.

I am with Geoffrey M. – what does Groupon think of all the comments?

Gabe H.

Last year, I bought a Groupon for a driving experience—after reading some of the poor reviews on the discussion board last year, I was skeptical about the company. I have to admit I had a good time with the car and the my driving instructor was great. I had to schedule about 3 weeks in advance, but that was fine. I guess some people must have had a bad experience…?

Grant G.

I wonder if the merchant just pockets the extra 25 bucks of tax.

Gabe H.

To Ryan. I did not pay an additional $220. I paid about an extra 100 bucks. I am not sure why you paid so much. Like I said, I had a good time-no complaints here.

I initially purchased this on a whim because it looked cool. Come to see a day later all the negative comments.

Thank you to all that commented. It made me really think about what I was paying for and the risks involved. Decided to cancel the order.

william t.

are you really limited to 5k revs? in a car with an 8k redline! is this supercar driving for people who are more interested in being seen in a supercar than driving?

Alexander T.

I’m still waiting for Ray T. to address Jill C.‘s comment about whether Motorsport charges sales tax on the amount of revenue they report to the State of Massachusetts. Also waiting for Ray T. to address Rosa N.’s question about whether Groupon customers get priority in booking. And even before that, I’m still waiting for Ray T. to address Jay B.‘s comment about what percentage of Motorsport’s revenue is derived from non-Groupon customers (thereby addressing the question of whether this is truly a ‘deal’ — outstanding questions about tax, tip, etc aside).

Alexander T.

Shady, cheeky, SLIMY motherf*ckers. No reply?
I wonder where those fake posters Naomi A. and Tom Y. are.

Caleb L.

Just purchased 2 groupons for this year. I had a good time last September driving the ferrari. My daughter gave me it as a gift. I did not have any issues. The guys were nice. I have a few cool pictures with the car. I was also surprised because I thought there would be more traffic downtown, but I was able to enjoy a nice drive. I had a really nice time, and will go with my brother this year. Not sure about all the comments? I had a good time.

John C.

Could it be more obvious what comments on this discussion board are from Motorsports employee’s … haha


Ben S…How did you cancel your order? I’m not to thrilled with all the BS posted on here. I bought a gift for the BF, I don’t have issues paying for tax/tip but all the back and fourth drama makes me wonder..Can you please tell me how you were able to cancel after purchasing? Thanks!

Grant G.

Just call Groupon. Common sense.

Tom Y.

Just because I actually like driving sports cars does not mean I work for the company.

I can’t believe people are still harping on this deal. If you worked for a much time as you complained you could actually afford to buy the groupon AND tip your driver more than $10. What do you guys do for a living where you are posting comments online all day?

I had a great experience and actually interacted with the guys at the Motorsport Lab-no doubt about it-
suit yourself.


I believe if you go to “My Groupons” and select this one, there is an option to return it. I can’t remember specifically how I did it, but it was pretty intuitive and easy.

Michael K.

Ironically, now that the Groupon inexplicably says 4+ days left to buy, Tom Y. returns, can Ray T. be far behind? This whole thing is shady. If Motorsport Lab does return to comment, can you please post what the various infraction costs are, Tristan’s review on Yelp is quite concerning. By Motorports Lab’s theory, commenters on this thread should get tips for providing a second set of eyes on this sham, and protecting buyers financial safety.

Tom Y.

I had a great experience. I also felt it was well worth the money at the $200 I paid last fall.

There was absolutely nothing shady about my experience or the people who helped me.

I do feel that everything was clear cut. Maybe I feel this way because I bought the deal having already had a positive experience with the company last year.

Dana T.

What’s fascinating to me is that every “highlight” listed is a blatant lie:

1. All-inclusive experience; no extra fees for gas or cleaning
– I think we can all include this “experience” is not all-inclusive.

2. Fantastic Father’s Day gift
– Your pops isn’t going to find this fantastic when he finds out
he needs to dish out 220 bucks

3. Shift to 6th gear on highways
– Ray T. himself said above that you will not go on the highway.

Add to all this that on motorsportlab.com, the “always hungry” founder’s name is “Ray Chang”. Is Ray T. just his super sketchy online scam name?

Very shady.

Tom Y.

I was a customer, and I am happy with my purchase and previous experience.

I was not “screwed” by the company. I work hard for my money, and my money was well spent.

I had a great time. Obviously other people agree, and are purchasing despite all the crazy conspiracy theories.

Your accusation about me being an employee is as ridiculous as your theories about the shadiness of the company.

This is a great deal, and I look forward to having a great time again.


Grant seriously is there any reason why you are such a douche? Instead of trolling comment boards and insulting people, maybe you should go to therapy and work on your negative issues.

Thanks to Ben and Andy. I had actually e-mailed them and didn’t realize until after I posted the comment that the purchase was cancelled.

Steve P.

@ Svetlana K

I know what Groupon thinks about the comments. They wish Grouponers would stop pointing out all the lies, misleading comments, and various ways Motorsport Lab screws their customers. They want this deal to tip, so they can get their cut of the cash. They’re hoping that a few more people will buy without reading the comments and seeing what people actually think about this company. And they’re willing to ignore that Motorsport Lab is the worst kind of company, one that will happily lie, trick their customers, and commit a little tax fraud to make a buck. Of course Ray T. or anyoen from Groupon won’t respond to any of these legitimate questions or complaints, what could they possibly say? And Motorsport Lab will do anything to get this deal to go through, this is their entire business, selling fake deals, and then finding ways to squeeze more cash out of the unlucky suckers that trusted Groupon.

Last year their groupon sold over 1,000 in the first few hours, it seemed like it was a deal that was too good to be true. But of course no one had any experience with them then, there were no real reviews available anywhere. Now lots of people do, and they can warn other Grouponers about this company, or at least the ones that click through to read the comments. If you don’t, Groupon is happy to let you get scammed out of a few bucks (or a few thousand bucks) as long as they get their cut up front.

Nicholas L.

Honestly, I bookmarked the original Groupon thread (the $89 version last year) under “humor” because it just seemed so ridiculous from the start.

A $499 “value” for less than an hour of sitting in Boston traffic? Meeting someone with Ferrari keys at a coffee shop and assuming that the insurance will magically work itself out? And that paperwork handed to you at the beginning of that meeting (presumably with the clock running) was anything other than a contract of adhesion?

And it’s only gotten worse!

You have to pay taxes on some sort of made up “value”?

This is totally without precedent – no matter whether you buy a TV or a meal, taxes are calculated based on the price you pay!

And since when do you charge sales tax on a service rendered? I don’t pay sales tax when I get my gutters cleaned or my house painted. Isn’t this a service?

Be sure to check this out:

“The Massachusetts sales tax is 6.25 percent of the sales price or rental charge of tangible personal property or certain telecommunications services sold or rented in the Commonwealth.”


And then this…

You are required to tip on that made up “value”? They’re compensating their people at the below-minimum-wage rate that you can pay waitstaff who are compensated through tips? And withholding taxes based on the $499 “value”?

By the way, if they’re doing this, there’s another tax problem – they’re withholding their employee’s income based on tips from an implied “value” of $499. Can they do that? Shouldn’t their employees be calling the AG?

They’ll whack your credit card for $3,000 if you rev the car above 5,000 RPM? If someone hits the car, they’ll bill your credit card $27,000 a week based on that same made up “value”?

This is not a business trying to attract new customers by offering a tempting “first time” experience. This is a not-very-savvy business (businessman?) attempting to do a bait-and-switch (and getting terrible tax advice in the process).

I strongly suggest you NOT buy this Groupon, but keep this thread filed under “humor”! It’s going to get better!

Abner B.

I am not sure people but I always remember paying taxes on the full value of things even if there is a discount or given away for free! If you have a coupon for 50% a tv at Best Buy and the tv is originally 1000 dollars don’t you still have to pay 6.5% on a 1000 instead of on the 500! Who cares if they pay there taxes to MA or not that is not your concern! just like when you go to buy shoes from Nike you guys don’t ask or care if it was made in a sweatshop!
Now my concern is and still hasn’t been answered is beside a tip and tax( which I will gladly give) what other fees will we be seeing! My car insurance will definitely cover any vehicle I am driving! That is because I have full coverage! Others you will have to check with your insurance company! Also most of you might be covered by your credit card company! Call them up and ask them! I don’t know it’s considered a rental!
I don’t know now I am really worried about purchasing this not cause of the TAX or TIP! But because of some other fee!

Geoffrey M.

It’s pretty clear that Groupon has jumped the shark, and is out of deals to offer. Look at today. $8 for a large Domino’s Pizza? Really?

Geoffrey M.

Abner, NO, if you buy a TV at Best Buy and pay $500 because you had a coupon for 50% off you would not pay sales tax on $1000.

If you were using a gift card and the price was $1000, then the tax would be figured on $1000.

In this case you are buying something for $100. Tax should be figured on that.

Alexander T.

Still waiting for Ray T. to address Jill C.‘s comment about whether Motorsport charges sales tax on the amount of revenue they report to the State of Massachusetts. Still waiting for Ray T. to address Rosa N.’s question about whether Groupon customers get priority in booking. Still waiting for Ray T. to address Jay B.‘s comment about what percentage of Motorsport’s revenue is derived from non-Groupon customers. This is so shady.

Grant G.

Oh Dawn, guess who has the problem? Who called everyone, including Ben and Andy, who tried to help you “jerks”?
You just don’t appreciate or deserve our kindness.

Nicholas L.

If you paid sales tax on this, especially if you paid sales tax on the “value” I strongly suggest a call to the Massachusetts DOR Fraud Hotline. Unfortunately, Massachusetts doesn’t have any sort of “reward” system, but getting a scammer off the street is reward enough!

Massachusetts DOR Phone Numbers and Locations:

Fraud Unit ….. 617-887-6780
Toll-free in Massachusetts ….. 800-792-5254


Tracy D.

Thank you to everyone for the information. I almost bought this for my husband and was so excited to find such a cool gift. It sounds like we just would have been taken advantage of.

Kristin M.

Channel 5’s Chronicle did a piece on this company.

For those who have not seen it:


Grant G.

No, Robert. Mass Dept of Revenue should do the audit.
Sales tax is a state thing.

Grant G.

This Abner B. is either a shill or retarded.


  • “Your still saving over 50%”

  • “I don’t see why people who paid for it last year didn’t get there money back or get to use it this year?”

  • “I personally an going to try it! I am going to assume the company has learned from previous issues and will work to fix them and has answered the follow up questions!”

  • “Who cares if they pay there taxes to MA or not that is not your concern!”
Kristin M.

They have closed their online booking calendar. Looks like nobody gets to schedule – even previous Groupon holders, until this gets sorted out. I hope everyone is reading this discussion before considering purchase.


Sorry, I should have specified when I said jerks…I meant jerk…and that was meant for dbag Grant…and I’m sorry pal but you do not come off as kind. Just another arrogant dick head!

Grant G.

Dawn, you called everyone jerk even before I posted anything against you.
Well, I respect your personal opinions. You have the right to be stupid.

Rosa N.

I don’t understand why no one from Motorsport Lab has answered my questions above, even though someone (Ray T.) was obviously checking this thread since he made a comment after I posted my questions. I understand the question about the tax is tricky, but my second question is also very legitimate:

Do people who still hold the Groupon from last year get priority in booking???

I bought the Groupon last year hoping to use it for my husband’s birthday, which didn’t work out because I didn’t realize the booking schedule was so competitive and didn’t try to make a reservation until the week before the birthday, which was way too late. Upset as I was, I was comforted by the fact that they later extended the expiration date to August of this year, so I still have a chance to book an appointment for my husband’s birthday THIS year. So yea, I’ve been holding onto that old Groupon, but with all this controversy, and with NO guarantee that I’d actually be able to get a reservation of my choice, I’m really nervous and want my money back…

You’re wrong about one thing, Nicholas L… You meet at a burrito shop, not a coffee shop. :)

Eric M.

This deal stinks.

Eric M.

Eric M.


Kristin M.

This is insane. I can’t believe Motorsport Labs and Groupon have not replied to these comments… Their silence is deafening.

I’m surprised that Groupon would tell anyone that they couldn’t have a refund on the first deal. In my experiences with Groupon, I’ve always received immediate attention and fabulous customer service. That said, I’m also very surprised that they agreed to do another deal with Motorsport Labs in the first place, when Motorsport Labs still hasn’t fulfilled their obligations to the original purchasers of the first Groupon.

Thanks for all the questions on sales tax… my thoughts exactly! In fact, I’m not sure that they should be charging any sales tax at all, whether it be on a $499 “value” or the Groupon value of $89 or $99. When you buy a Groupon for a particular thing, like a dozen cupcakes or a rock climbing membership or a pony ride, you DO NOT pay tax on that purchase or experience. You just hand over the Groupon and voila! The cupcakes or the pony ride is yours to enjoy. I have never paid tax on a Groupon experience that wasn’t a dollar amount (you know… $50 for $100 worth of candy at the Candy Shack, or whatever). I speculate that Motorsport Labs is pocketing that money.

Also remember that Groupon takes half of the kitty on this deal. So Motorsport Labs is actually only gaining $50 from this deal. So if tax is a factor, wouldn’t they be reporting $50 of income per ride to the IRS, making tax only $3.13?

Steve P.

Everyone knows that “companies” like this are out there, we just don’t expect a well known site like Groupon to do business with them. I don’t know how Motorsport Lab convinced Groupon to run this, I don’t see how it’s worth the money to them to be seen promoting such a dishonest business. And Motorsport Lab desperately needs this, there’s no way they could sell 1,000 rides operating out of a burrito shop by themselves, I would certainly never give them my credit card.

If you look at the deal page, almost everything on it is a lie, but that’s all that a lot of people ever see, and Groupon extended the deal another 4 days to try and catch a few more of those trusting fools who don’t check the comments page.

I hope a local newpaper or radio station gets a hold of this and starts digging in to the details. I bet the tax fraud is just the tip of the iceberg.


Grant G…Sorry bud, but my jerk comment was after your comments. So who’s the stupid one?

If you have health insurance, I suggest you call and make some therapy appointments to work out your anger issues..


Grant..I meant after a few comments you made to others…then you decided to bash me. Thanks :)

I hope you have a fantastic evening and a great weekend!!!

Grant G.

@Dawn, here are my comments BEFORE you calling everyone jerks.

"It’s illegal to charge sales tax based on “value”.

If $99 is the price, $6.19 should be the tax. Motorsport Lab has no authority to charge $31.19 or 31.5% tax, which is based on an imaginary number.

When you buy a TV, that is on sale for $500 with $300 mark down, you don’t pay the sales tax based on $800.

I wonder if Motorsport Lab actually pays the Department of Revenue what they collect. Time to call the taxmen to audit a little.

LOL! Have fun driving a Ferrari at 20 MPH (average).

@Naomi A., yeah, sure. I’m pretty certain that you and your bother will enjoy getting ripped off.

Apparently, I had only named Naomi A before you started jerking around. Unless you were also Naomi A., I could not see any ammunition to fuel your anger.

Besides, you wrote “to all the negative jerks on here”. Wasn’t it obvious enough that you named everyone here as your enemy from the start?

Go find a mirror or just pee on the ground, Dawn. You need to look at yourself and find the serious social issues embedded deep in your mind. People are just trying to help idiots like you.

Grant G.

To be fair, this “experience” is considered “rental” rather than “service”.

The 6.25% sales tax rate is also applied toward rental charges of tangible properties.

Also, even though the merchant pays Groupon 50% commission, it’s considered cost-of-goods-sold. That can’t be deducted from the calculation of the sales tax. For example, it costs Apple a lot of money to advertise for their iProducts. It doesn’t mean that you can deduct such costs from the calculation of the sales tax when you check out. The tax is based on the price you are paying, not the profit they are making.

I know that you’re right about cost of goods sold, Grant. Someone else brought up the income claimed to the IRS thing, and it got me thinking, but I know that you’re right. The difference here is that Motorsport Labs isn’t charging your credit card the $99… Groupon is. And then Groupon turns around and cuts a check to Motorsport for one lump sum. I wonder how that works out where state taxes are concerned. Should Groupon be charging sales tax, then?

I’m just saying though. I bought a Groupon for Redbox. I used a code, rented a DVD, and wasn’t charged a penny for tax. That was a rental, and I didn’t pay tax. I don’t think we should have to here, either. I doubt Motorsport Labs is paying the tax that they’re charging to the state.

And the merchant doesn’t pay Groupon. Groupon pays the merchant.

Grant G.

Arrrrrg, Jackie, my head is going to blow up! :-P

Hahaha… I know, right? :)

Ray C.

Great discussion everyone! Just wanted to clarify tax and gratuity: when you purchase this Groupon deal, it’s the same as if you’re purchasing a Groupon at a restaurant. For example, you pay $25 for a $50 Groupon Credit at your favorite full-service restaurant. You eat at that restaurant and you spend $100. Your bill will be $100 plus tax. Let’s say the tax is $6.25, thus your bill is $106.25, including tax. You redeem your Groupon voucher and now your bill will be discounted by $50 off the $106.25, which leaves the new final total to be $56.25. As for the Gratuity, it’s a customary courteous act, but not mandatory. In using the same restaurant analogy, people generally leave 18%, 20% or 25% of the full amount, which in that case would be $100 or $106.25, depending how generous one is. Thus at 18%, it’s an $18 gratuity, at 20% it’s a $20 gratuity and at 25% it’s a $25 gratuity. Again, we would like re-iterate that Gratuity is a customary courtesy and not mandatory. This offering is $99 for a $499 Groupon Credit for a full-service supercar experience, and if you’re not looking for a full-service supercar experience, that’s fine. There are a lot of great non-full service companies like supercar rental shops that we can recommend. Hope that clarifies some of your questions!

Michael K.

Ray T., you throw around the term full-service more than than the happy endings massage parlor, and somehow its dirtier when you say it. It’s clear to everyone on this thread that groupon doesn’t supplement your business, it is your business. You’ve arbitrarily valued a groupon at a price people aren’t paying, and expect us to believe you’ve done this for what purpose? To deliver additional revenue to state of Massachusetts? Where’s the Tea Party at? It simply fails to add up, this is all sketchy buyer beware

If I order a pizza from dominos tomorrow night I can expect that maybe a single digit % of that dominos sales for tomorrow are based on the groupon deal. Even if they were to tax me on the full price of the pizza that price is something people are actually paying, they’re not taxing me on a $100 pizza with gold flakes and caviar that no one ever oders. if I were to show up for a ferrari ride and actually agree to the documents, I would be part of sea of groupon customers buying an $89-99 experience.

If I were to choose not to tip on the arbitrarily set full value of $499 what’s my protection against my instructor (a.k.a my financial security) from charging me an arbitrarily large fee as an infraction? Please address Tristan’s comments, or earlier comments about these infractions?

steve c.

C’mon Ray, you know better than to put that garbage up there. I’m a CPA and can simply say you are being less than honest and as a CPA I highly doubt that you are reporting $400 in revenue to the state of mass and on your federal taxes you aren’t reporting $400 in revenue either but I work closely with the state and bring this situation up to my sources

I guess best buy got it all wrong when they charged me sales tax based on the discounted $1000 price of the tv not the full retail value price of $2000.

I guess ticketmaster has it all wrong when they charge me taxes based on the amount i pay after entering a code and not the full retail value of the tickets

I guess the airlines have it all wrong when they sell a seat for $99 and charge taxes based on the $99 purchase and not the full unrestricted fare of $500

I guess the marriott hotel I stayed at for $100 got it wrong when they charged me taxes based on what i paid and not on the retail value of $500 that is the room’s rack rate

I guess the car dealership that I bought my new car got it wrong when they charged me tax based on what i paid for the car and not the full msrp of the vehicle

Gabe H.

I think Steve is confusing a voucher for a discount. You pay tax on the discounted price of an item. With a voucher, you pay tax on the full value. I think it works like a merchandise credit. If I get a gift card for Best Buy, I still need to pay full tax on the item I purchase. If I get a discount, I pay tax on the discounted price. The Motorsport Lab is issuing a voucher, not a discount. Perhaps that is not clear to some people based on the way the deal was promoted.

Eric R.

Quite a heated discussion here.

Ray T, I just canceled my purchase of this Groupon after reading through the entire string of comments. My biggest concern is one that you never address from other Groupon members: the question of bookings. There are clearly people who purchased this Groupon buy 10 months ago who have not yet been able to book a time. You do not state whether those people will be given priority, you do not state why you are running another deal when you have not served the customers who already bought this experience, and your site has closed off the electronic bookings page so I cannot see what the state of your calendar is.

This Groupon is still running for another 4 days. If you can come back to this forum, ignore all the bickering and provide a satisfactory answer to this one question that has been posed by numerous people, I would be happy to sign back up for this group on.

Thank you.

Alexander T.

Still waiting for Ray T. to address Rosa N.’s question about whether Groupon customers get priority in booking. Still waiting for Ray T. to address Jay B.‘s comment about what percentage of Motorsport’s revenue is derived from non-Groupon customers. This is so shady.

Tim A.

I’m not sure why everyone’s so hung up on the tax question, when there are so many other questions, complaints and issues that have been brought up. Ultimately it’s something that Motorsport Lab and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will figure out. Although I do know that they were charging $5.56 in additional tax last year, and now they’ve decided to charge $31. It looks like they either undercharged or over charged a ton of people. Either way, it’s not really relevant to me, they’ll figure it out when they get audited.

They also attempted to charge a mandatory $100 gratuity for a lot of people who signed up for the groupon last year, but not everyone, that was another change they decided to make at some point after they sold the first round of groupons. I assume they were forced to give up on that idea by angry grouponers?

They’ve also made a lot of changes to the form they have customers sign. They’ll helpfully charge you $25 to print out your groupon if you forget it. And they’ve also added a $2,500 “option” to exceed 6,500 RPMs. I assume they mean that if you accidentally go over 6,500 they’ll charge your credit card for you. It would be nice if they would just say what they mean instead of dancing around the issues and obscuring everything in marketing double speak. Especially when it comes to the “option” to get charged $2,500 on a $99 driving experience.

The whole thing smells like an in-experienced company, doing all their business through groupon, and realizing that they need to find new ways to make money to cover the bills. They get a few bucks when you buy a groupon, but that’s not enough, so they have to add on gratuities and additional charges and penalties.

It’s telling that there’s only 3 reviews on Yelp, 1 that looks fake (like most of the positive comments on here) and 2 very negative ones. For a company that sold so many rides last year – their first year – you think Yelp would have more reviews, even some average reviews would be reassuring to see. It seems that most of the time the ride is entirely forgettable, but occasionally they screw someone enough to leave a bad taste in their mouth.

Ray C.

Eric: Would be happy to help! Our calendar is up online again via the reservation section of our website. However, we had it closed for this deal (Mon-Thurs) in case someone tries to make a reservation before the deal tips and is closed. Because this current deal has been extended another 4 days, we decided to open up our calendar again earlier today for other customers. Since that time, people have been making reservations. As for why other people from last year’s deal haven’t booked, I’m not really sure. If this deal does happen, we have enough spots to fulfill before the expiration date of 10/31/11. If it’s alright with you, we’ve learned to not sell so many, which is why we’ve put a limit on this deal.

Ray C.

Eric: I also want to clarify that we have limited availability until this deal closes on 4/24/11 @ 11:59AM per our agreement with Groupon. Thus, you’ll be able to make a reservation for only the Ferrari 360 through 8/31/11, even though we have availability through 10/31/11. If this deal tips, we’ll open the calendar through 10/31/11 for our other supercars. Have a good night!


Grant…Go pee on the ground? That’s pretty funny! Are you in the 4th or 5th grade?

It’s a beautiful day, go outside and enjoy it, maybe that will help with the HUGE chip on your shoulder.


Grant G.

Dawn, grade school students with proper parenting and education don’t pee on the ground. You, on the other hand, are a different story, because you have the urgency to face yourself immediately, before a complete mental melt down.

I was just suggesting you an alternative as a friends, in case a mirror was not a luxury you would like to afford. You know, perhaps that was the reason for the severe characteristic distortion of yours.

I am only trying to help. You are very welcome.

Kristin M.

Grant and Dawn – can you please stop? You are taking the focus away from the legitimate concerns that people have with this deal. I dont agree with Groupon extending this deal for another 4 days just to make the quota. Have they ever done that before? I think all who consider purchasing this deal should be allowed to read this discussion without sorting through your bickering…. My 2c.

ryan f.

This tax stuff is a joke – it is obvious to all that it is simply to line the pockets of this less than ethical merchant. Sales tax is very simply based on revenue. If this less than ethical merchant is saying that he is receiving $400 in revenue to the State then the less than ethical merchant is correct in charging sales tax on $400. Of course we all know that this merchant isn’t declaring $400 in revenue because that has a whole bunch of tax issues and besides he would be correct in not doing so because he is not getting $400 in revenue. It would set off a whole bunch of bells and whistles at the department of revenue if all of a sudden he declares tax of $25 on the sale of $99 so he logically is doing what any other less than ethical business person would do and that is keep it for himself. It is a shame that groupon had to extend this by 4 days because in the original 3 days that it was scheduled for it didn’t come close to tipping and hopefully good and bad people will read this comments and make a intelligent buying or run for the hills decision.

Unfortunately Ray T I am guessing that 600 out of the 700 people who purchased this didn’t read the comments when making their decision to purchase so making a comment here about the change in terms and conditions should be rather meaningless. A merchant who wasn’t less than ethical would insist that it is part of the deal details because that is what people are buying, not some short buried comment amongst over 175 other comments.

Steve P.

Since this thread is so full of questions and complaints and Groupon has been completely quiet while Ray T. will only give the most BS answers I thought a summary of what we know about this deal would be a good idea:

1. It costs $99 to buy the groupon, which is the full price of the experience, this is a 0% off deal, their schedule is entirely full of grouponers.

2. You may have a problem getting a time you want, especially if it’s on a weekend. Most people will have to book during the day on work days if they want to get their drive in before it expires. If there’s rain, you have to reschedule. Groupon has not been great about refunding people who can’t get a booking.

3. This company has less than a year’s experience running these experiences, and their rules, charges and paperwork apparently change all the time. There’s no guarantee that the deal you sign up for will be the one you get when you show up.

4. The current route is combination of downtown Boston and Storrow drive, there’s no highway driving. The average speed is less than 20mph, the speed limit on Storrow is 40mph, and Boston traffic can be unpredictable, especially on the weekends. You’ll spend 15 minutes getting a safety speech, and about 45 mins driving.

5. When you get there you’ll probably be charged $31 in tax based on the made up $499 value.

6. The driving instructor isn’t paid (or paid much) by the company, they work for tips. They’re also the ones that can charge you extra depending on how you drive. The additional charges start at $2,500 based on their latest forms.

7. You’re expected to tip the driving instructor between $90-$125, so the total cost of the deal will probably be at least $220, but could be more, possibly much more.

8. The main reason you’re tipping is that the driving instructor is because they “protect the financial safety of a customer.” This means that they don’t have insurance to cover you, and your insurance probably doesn’t cover you for this kind of ‘experience" plus driving cars like this around Boston can be tricky. If the cars get scratched, if there’s an accident, if you get a flat tire than you have to pay for it out of pocket. They’ll also charge for “loss of use” which starts at about $4,000 a day. The driving instructor helps you do things like change lanes, and avoid curbs.

This seems like a pretty complete description of the “deal” as best as I can piece it together from the information available on here and their site. Ray T. and Groupon should be embarrassed that they couldn’t or wouldn’t just make this information easily available to people interested in signing up for this.

Steve – very well summarized. You should work for Groupon!


Grant you really are a likable person. I’m really sorry for calling you a jerk and a douche bag, what was I thinking?

Thanks for the lovely insults.

I hope you have a fantastic Thursday :)

Hello Groupies – Patrick from Groupon here to clarify a few things on this
deal for you.

Gratuity – Gratuity is entirely optional – it is suggested, but certainly not required.
Tax – Tax is not included in the price of this Groupon or with any other unless noted in the fine print. The tax is determined based on the full value of the Groupon ($499) and the local tax laws.
Value – We thoroughly vet each deal to ensure that the values listed on our site are correct. If you were to pay regular price for this offer, the cost would be $499.

As always, we stand behind every deal we offer. Please have a look at this short video that highlights the Groupon Promise – http://www.Groupon.com/Groupon-promise .

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer support team directly at support@groupon.com.

Thanks and Get Your Groupon!

Groupon Boston

Cheuk K.

Patrick, thanks for the reply but you need to look into the MA local tax law. Here is the chapter where Groupon Boston should really read up.
830 CMR 64H.1.4 Discounts, Coupons and Rebates
And it stated:

(1) Discounts. Cash discounts allowed and taken at the time of sale are excluded from the sales price of tangible personal property upon which the sales tax is based. Cash discounts which are given to customers after the time of sale are not excluded from the sales price. Any discount for early payment offered to customers who purchase tangible personal property on credit is included in the sales price.

(2) Coupons.

(a) Manufacturer’s and Retailer’s Coupons. For purposes of 830 CMR 64H.1.4(2), a “manufacturer’s coupon” is a coupon issued by the manufacturer, supplier or distributor of tangible personal property to be redeemed by a retail purchaser of that property. A “retailer’s coupon" is a coupon issued by a retail vendor. Generally, manufacturer’s coupons and retailer’s coupons that entitle the retail customer to a reduction in the sales price at the time of the sale will be treated like cash discounts. See 830 CMR 64H.1.4(1). Other types of coupons will not be treated as cash discounts. See 830 CMR 64H.1.4(2)©.

Note that it said “reduction in the sales price at the time of the sale will be treated like cash discounts” and therefore, the sale tax should be based off from the Groupon value, not $499.

Geoffrey M.

Patrick, it’s really disappointing that you are helping them overcharge sales tax. The way that this deal is listed there is nothing to make the buyer think that the taxable amount is $499.

Groupon is slipping.

Steve P.

@ Patrick

Just saying things doesn’t make them true. A lot of your customers have spoken up, asked question (and been ignored), and listed all the shady things that Motorsport Lab has done. Empty promises aren’t going to reassures them.

You claimed to have thoroughly vetted Motorsport Lab, but maybe you didn’t go a very good job of it. They obviously have no problems lying, being deceptive and twisting the truth. Did you just trust them? Have you read the comments in last year’s thread? It was a disaster, you still have dissatisfied customers from last year. Have you read the complaints in this thread from angry customers? Short videos on promises aren’t the way to earn the trust of your customers.

Right on the front page you claim that the experience will include shifting in to 6th gear on the highway. That’s an outright lie, Ray T. acknowledges it’s a lie, but the only way anyone would know that is to read through these comments, they have to rely on other grouponers to inform them. But you still leave it up on the front page along with all the other lies and half truths.

Groupon just wants to get their money, and they don’t care how Motorsport Lab treats their customers, what surprise charges and tax they tack on, or who gets screwed, as long as you get your cut of the cash.

Kristin M.

Cheuk K is right. I have never paid MA Sales Tax on the pre-coupon amount. Tax is based on the amount paid.

I purchased a car last year. The dealership and was asking $29,900 for the car but I talked them down to $25,700. I was charged MA Sales Tax based on the amount I paid, not the amount the dealer was initally asking.

This is crazy – Patrick from Groupon please confirm!!

Hi Everyone

Thanks for your continued interest in this deal. Regarding the questions about tax, it is up to the merchant to know which local taxes are applicable to them and the Groupon. If you encounter a problem when using your Groupon, just let us know and we’d be happy to investigate further.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our customer support team directly at support@groupon.com.

Thanks again!


Cheuk K.

Actually, upon further review, it gets better in Massachusetts (after reading more). Sounds like Groupon holders should not be paying the sale tax at all. From the same source from MA Department of Revenue website in that same chaper:
830 CMR 64H.1.4 Discounts, Coupons and Rebates
(d) Coupons for Free Merchandise. If a vendor offers customers, upon presentation of a coupon, merchandise unconditionally free of charge, merchandise free of charge with the purchase of other merchandise, two items for the usual price of one, the sales price subject to tax is the amount the vendor charges the customer. If a vendor gives a customer an item unconditionally free of charge upon presentation of a retailer’s coupon, the vendor is generally considered the consumer of that item and is responsible for the payment of a sales or use tax based upon the amount the vendor paid for the item.

… (here is the scenario matches this “deal”)…

Example 4: An internet service provider gives each new subscriber a coupon entitling the subscriber to $100.00 off any computer purchased from Retailer J. The internet service provider buys the coupons from Retailer J for $75. The subscriber purchases a computer from Retailer J costing $600.00 and pays with $500.00 in cash and the $100.00 coupon. The sales price subject to tax is $600.00 because the coupon is neither a retailer’s coupon nor a manufacturer’s coupon.


Cheuk K.

actually, pasted the wrong example.. this is closer to what we have:

Example 6: With the purchase of a $40.00 pair of shoes (a nontaxable item), Retailer L offers customers a free bottle of shoe polish (a taxable item) upon presentation of his retailer’s coupon. L is not reimbursed for the coupon. L’s customer pays no sales tax on this transaction. L’s purchase of the shoe polish is subject to tax.

Kristin M.

Wow Patrick – way to pass the buck. You have a bunch of Groupon Customers who need to know this information and the best you can do is say “Its up to the Merchant”…?

Gabe H.

Cheuk, I think you are confusing a voucher for a discount. With a voucher, you pay tax on the full value. I think it works like a merchandise credit. If I get a gift card for Home Depot, I still need to pay full tax on the item I purchase. If I get a discount, I pay tax on the discounted price. This deal seems to work similar to a restaurant voucher. You still need to pay tax on the full amount. The Motorsport Lab is issuing a voucher, not a discount. I think that is where the confusion about the tax is.

Michael K.

Honestly, there’s so many shady things going on with this deal I feel like we’re almost unneccesarily beating this one issue but Its a coupon, you can’t magically call it a voucher for purposes of fleecing customers out of some extra cash to stuff in your unethical pockets. Go to http://www.groupon.com/boston/all and look at what it says:

80% Off at The Motorsport Lab

It doesn’t say $400 voucher towards the purchase of a $499 ‘experience’

It’s a coupon.

Take a look at Groupon’s FAQ these sound a lot more like coupons than vouchers. Groupon doesn’t sell vouchers they sell coupons.

“If I don’t use the full value of the Groupon in one visit, can I use the remainder later?

No. Unless otherwise stated you do not receive store credit or cash back for whatever you don’t use. Bring a friend – share a little!"

If I was just buying a store credit they wouldn’t be able to stop me from retaining the remaining value for my next purpose, it’s a coupon.

What is Groupon?

Each day, Groupon features an unbeatable deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in your city. By promising businesses a minimum number of customers, we get discounts you won’t find anywhere else. We call it “collective buying power!”

They’re getting me a discount not selling me a voucher, it’s a coupon for a discounted price, collecting taxes on the full value is plain wrong.

Regardless, there’s so many other problems with this deal and this company, it’s almost moot, buyer beware

Cheuk K.

@Gabe, please read the law definition. A voucher as you said, in Massachusetts the deal will be consider as “Coupons for Free Merchandise” since you don’t pay for the service when you redeem. You are thinking about a gift certificate and which is a not a voucher nor coupon. If that is the case (but it’s not), then the Groupon has to be valid for 7 years. See link:

steve f.

We purchased 10 of these as a family under different family accounts not under the one i am posting on and as a group including cousins we have decided that while this merchant is someone i would never do business with had it not been for groupon it still sounds like fun as we went through discover for a additional 15% off and had credits in our account. AS A FAMILY DUE TO THE UNETHICAL NATURE OF THIS MERCHANT THERE IS NOBODY WHO WILL BE LEAVING EVEN A PENNY TIP TO THE DRIVER WHO BASED ON COMMENTS OTHERS HAVE MADE IS MOSTLY THERE TO PROTECT THEIR CARS. IF THIS TIPS AT 1009 OR LESS WE WILL CANCEL OUR PURCHASES TO KEEP IT FROM TIPPING. SHAME ON YOU MOTORSPORT WHICH CAN BE EXPECTED BUT A BIGGER SHAME ON YOU TO GROUPON FOR NOT DISCLOSING SOME OF THE PITFALLS FROM A FINANCIAL PERSPECTIVE ON THE COPY

Grant G.

OK, so after all, Groupon should be responsible for the sales tax. They are SCREWED if the DOR does an audit! Imagine the sales tax they failed to collect over the years, plus penalties and interests.

Grant G.

.caps {

Grant G.


Kristin M.

Groupon just removed the Quota for this deal. Looks like 785 People will be taking a ride……

Dana T.

“Groupon just removed the Quota for this deal. Looks like 785 People will be taken for a ride……”

Grant G.


Grant G.

This “deal” just gets “better” and “better”.

Frank A.

$40000 is too sweet to miss. :-P

Nicholas L.


Further confirmation that this is:

1) Not a deal. $99 is the regular price.
2) A business made up entirely of Groupon customers.

Again, I strongly recommend saving this thread under your “humor” Favorites. And my condolences to those who actually spent their hard earned money on this (non-)deal.

Roxanne M.

Wow… whats up with all the insults… I thought some of these were going to be USEFUL comments, but it seems to be mostly the ranting of people with nothing better to do with their day but insult each other. And don’t hate on the Groupon guy. Thats just mean…

Geoffrey M.

Simply pathetic the way Groupon has handled this one. Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic.

This deal didn’t tip, so let’s extend the time. Still didn’t tip, we’ll just lower the number! In 12 months these cars are for sale, likely by the banks that financed them.

Hey everyone, I’m looking to sell my voucher. Please contact me if there’s any interest.

Anthony F.

Save your money. Not worth the stress and aggravation. Read the contract over and make sure you understand the repercussions. Make sure you follow the rules exactly, otherwise they will take you for a $2500 ride. I know from personal experience. I thought I was spending $89 and it ended up costing me an additional $2500. In their defense, I did read the fine print in the contract, however don’t make any mistakes. $2500 buys you much better services from other providers.

Leigh D.

My employer received this experienced as a gift in *June 2010* and I have yet to be able to book his appointment. All last year ended up being booked (and I’m talking weekdays, not just weekends) and this year his appointments were canceled due to rain. And just try calling these people! You’d think for the money they are making they coukd hire someone to answer the phone, but no one is ever there. Drivers assume significant liability on the car; the tip is huge, and don’t forget the tax. These folks could not schedule their buyers from LAST year and they opened another deal this year.

If it rains for your appointment, all you can do is reschedule weeks or even months out or use their cancallation list – which generally notifies you the morning of a cancellation and is next to impossible to take advantage of. This deal is, frankly, one huge pain.

Jay S.

Ray T. please stop quoting $225,000 for your car(s). Even the price of the three cars listed in the title – Ferrari 360 Modena, Aston Martin DB9, and Lotus Elise – don’t add up to that number. I don’t know what you paid for the cars when you first got them new or used but right now they’re worth about $160,000 combined. Know one in their right mind would pay over $30k for an Elise, 60k for a 360 Modena, and 70k for a DB9 these days.

Katherine N.

I was giving this as a gift to my boyfriend for his birthday. I planned it out and booked an appointment. Less than 24 hours before the appointment, they called to cancel because of repairs needing to be done. I rebooked and rescheduled everything on behalf of my boyfriend since I was trying to keep it as a surprise. They called a mere few hours before the second appointment and canceled our experience. Their customer service was horrible and they couldn’t have cared less how they inconvenienced us. I want a refund please!

Cesar M.

Hi Katherine

We’re sorry if you’ve had any trouble redeeming your Groupon.

For any questions or concerns pertaining to your purchase, please don’t hesitate to email us at support@groupon.com or call us at 877-788-7858. We’ll be happy to look into this matter further.

Groupon Forum Moderator

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