Caroline A.

Can you use if for the buffet?

Beth T.

Can you use it for take-out?

Keri D.

I’m wondering if it can be used for the Sunday Brunch Buffet?

is the groupon good for lunch buffet??

Does it count as a group of four if one of the people is ten years old?

Hi Groupies,

The Groupon is limit 1 Groupon per 2 people and was not structured around the buffet pricing (M-Th $10, F $12, Sunday $15) so to get the full value of the Groupon use your Groupon towards the extensive list of items on the menu!

Lauren from Groupon

Wendar F.

Thanks Lauren for your clarification. I almost bought the deal thinking it could be used towards lunch buffet, I was hoping to try out the restaurant with my family on MLK day during lunch.

We love The Mynt – excellent food! I too would like to know if you can use it for takeout… as dining in with an 11 month old is not very friendly to the other patrons!

so… the groupon was not “structured” around the buffet pricing…but is it valid for lunch or brunch or buffet? (need some more clarification)

Atul K.

I canceled after finding out here that lunch buffet is not included. :)

Lenay P.

Atul, how did you verify that this is not valid with the lunch buffet? Like you, I am only interested in this if I can use it at the buffet.

Rahul L.

I bought several of these :) I Love this restaurant :)

Lenay P.

The menu looks really good. I’d prefer to use this groupon for the buffet, but since people seem to really like this place, I think I’ll buy it anyway and use it on their regular menu.

Sarah S.

Blurg, no buffet? But that’s the best part! For the restaurant, would also be a great way to introduce themselves to a wider audience. Just my two cents.

That being said, does this work on take-out/ToGo? (I think the question was asked earlier, but I don’t see it answered)

Hi All-

Thanks for your patience.

To clarify any confusion, the Groupon is encouraged for you to enjoy the dine-in experience at The Mynt with a Groupon offer of $20 for $40 limit 1 Groupon per 2 people. However, you can also use your Groupon for carry-out.

While you can use your Groupon for lunch or dinner, the buffet is not included as with a $10 per person buffet you would not be getting any value with this Groupon. So get your Groupon and order your favorites from the buffet off the menu or try something new that’s not included in the buffet!

Enjoy and get your Groupon!
Lauren from Groupon

Caroline A.

Sorry still kind of confused…What if i wanted to order the buffet and get drinks and what not so it would add up to more than 20 dollars?? Can i get the buffet and order something on top of that? Thank you.

Could 4 people go to the buffet and use one groupon coupon worth $40? Or is the buffet considered an offer cause the groupon says not to be used with any other offer.

amaresh m.

It is unfair on part of Groupon to bring in additional “fine Prints”. All that is declared on the site is as follows:

Expires in 1 year
Reservation required. Limit 1 per table, 2 for tables of 4 or more. Not valid with other offers. Tax and gratuity not included. No cash back. Must redeem in 1 visit.

It does not mention that lunch buffets are out of bounds or that one Groupon can be used for a maximum of two people! A Sunday brunch for 3 will be $45- something that is not excluded by the conditions mentioned on the site (pasted above).

Completely agree with Sarah that this can be an opportunity for the restaurent to entice people to try. I for one, will be a first-timer, if I go. Groupon team- please reconsider!!

Lenay P.

Yes, this is all very confusing. Not sure why the restaurant would want to restrict use like that. If I came in w/2 people for Sunday brunch at $15 each, I guarantee we would find other ways to spend the remaining $10. Drinks, specialy items, dessert, etc. Lauren, you keep saying it’s not the best value to use it at a buffet, but I would still plan on using the full value, so to me, that is the best value. I can even buy an item to take home for later. Not sure why this has become so confusing.

I’m going to keep the groupon I bought, but this is a little frustrating. It should clearly be listed as “cannot be used on brunch” if that is the case.

My plan is as follows:

Place an order for $40 dollars worth of my favorite dishes such as chat-pata bhindi, bargara anda masala, mutton dalcha, bagaara baingan and mozzarella cheese sticks, and then create my own buffet which I will charge $9 for.

Win win.

Hi Groupies,

Further clarification about the BUFFET:

The buffet is not included in the Groupon.

As the fine print states: ‘Not valid with other offers’ the buffet is a special offer in itself and is NOT valid with the Groupon. The fine print also states ‘Limit 1 per table, 2 for tables of 4 or more’ which means 1 Groupon per table (of 2 people) and 2 Groupons for tables of 4 (people) or more. This is standard with Groupons as the value is intended for at least 2 people.

The editorial write-up highlights items on the menu and customer favorites and I apologize for any confusion over the fine print or details of the offer.

Lauren from Groupon

Lenay P.

Lauren, thank you for the clarification. And Stephen, I do agree. I can buy a lot of items off the menu for this price and, I get to check out a new restaurant to boot! This is a good deal.

Chris D.

Thanks Groupon for this deal! When I’d normally be spending $20 for 2 people on the buffet because thats the best deal I can spend the same amount with my Groupon but get $40 worth of whatever I want!! The buffet is always there, this deal isn’t!

Regarding the discussion on clarifications, I think it would be helpful if Groupon specifically states in each deal whether carry out orders are accepted with the groupon. In this current and past deals, I’ve recalled people asking about it occasionally, and in most (or all) cases, the answer was yes. By stating it up front, you avoid having people ask the unecessary question. That question will no doubt come up very often for restaurant deals.

And might also help to mention whether deals at restaurants with buffet options apply to buffets or not, upfront. Rather than have to go through the discussions.

But definitely I think whether groupons can be used for carry out should be stated upfront.

Margie V.

Wonderful Deal Group-On, one can have the buffet any day of the week. Very excited too try out anything on the menu with my purchase on this Group-On Deal, and having a 1 year expiration date is even better. Not sure why so much confusion. can’t say I’ve known of any coupons or deals that ever included buffets or carry-outs. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GROUPON/LAUREN. Your ACES in my pocket-book.

Caroline A.

“To clarify any confusion, the Groupon is encouraged for you to enjoy the dine-in experience at The Mynt with a Groupon offer of $20 for $40 limit 1 Groupon per 2 people. However, you can also use your Groupon for carry-out.”
That was said earlier, and now its just you cant use it for the buffet? I know its been noted but really you guys need to be more clear and figure out what the fine print means exactly before you post the deal. I love groupon and all but come on.

Hi Caroline,

None of the terms of the fine print have changed throughout the day. The fine print is intended for limitations/restrictions and since the Groupon did not have any in regards to dine-in or carry-out nothing was listed. Just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss the rest of that explanation you quoted as it also went on to say that the buffet was not included as it was explained that the buffet is a special offer/value in itself and as noted in the fine print the Groupon is not valid with other offers.

We do our absolute best to be as transparent as possible with the least amount of restrictions/limitations to offer you the best deals with the most flexibility! I apologize for any confusion you experienced and hope it has since be clarified!

Have a great weekend,
Lauren from Groupon

To All-

Thanks for all of your comments and feedback throughout the day! The discussion board is a great platform for you to express excitement, concerns, or questions.

Have a rockstar weekend Groupies,
Lauren from Groupon

this is a great value… (and a great restaurant)
but with all due respect…is Groupon stating that buffet is a special offer WHEN the buffet is part of their lunch line? I understand that you can order off the menu during lunch but that is off of the dinner menu. With other Groupons, there are SPECIFIC restrictions stating something to the effect of: “not valid for brunch, buffet, happy hour, ect.” Saying that buffet/brunch is a “special offer” is not very kosher and should be updated in the restrictions accordingly…

Wendar F.

I think this deal is really great, but WHY is the buffet a special deal? Nowhere on the web page indicates that the buffet is a special deal, and the price is clearly indicated on the web as the regular price.

Yes, the fine print never changed throughout the day, and obviously it was never clear either, otherwise there would not be so many inquiries on the same subject. Also, the fine print for the deal says: “For $20, you get $40 worth of cuisine at The Mynt”. Is the buffet not part of the cuisine at the Mynt?

It is totally unclear to the consumers that the buffet is not part of the deal. I agree with many who responded that it’s best to indicate clearly in the fine print that the deal does not apply to buffet to prevent future disputes.

It is good that I learned of this limitation now, since I originally planned to purchase several so my whole family can go and try out the buffet soon. It would be horrible if I have discover the limitation at the restaurant. I have enjoyed several other wonderful deals from Groupon, and I hope this type of confusion does not happen again.

Michele R.

I agree with all of the other commenters who have said that a buffet at a restaurant would not normally be considered a special offer. I am new to Groupon, and I would definitely say that any sort of restriction like “not valid for buffet” should be listed up front BEFORE purchase. Far better to err on the side of caution with notifying buyers about any restrictions.

With this offer, I was disappointed to learn about date restrictions only when I went to print the coupon. Here too, I think this restriction should have been disclosed PRIOR to purchase. It’s a bit of bait and switch to disclose it afterwards.


Caroline A.
When you say the buffet is not included as it is a $10 per person buffet you would not be getting any value with this Groupon. I wanted to get the buffett and order drinks and it might exqual to 40 dollars and if not it would still be saving money. Thats where my confusion and frustration was coming in because I would be saving money.

do these deals ever repeat?

Hi Hy,

We don’t have anything planned now as the feature just ran but we definitely like to re-feature our subscribers favorites so stay tuned!

Lauren from Groupon

Ratna V.

I tried Mynt with Groupon.
The food and ambience are excellent.
I will definitely go back to Mynt. Thanks to Groupon for bringing out this excellent restaurant to my notice!

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