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The OC Center for Facial Plastic Surgery - Irvine Medical and Science Complex

Laser Eye Lift for the Upper or Lower Lids or Both at The OC Center for Facial Plastic Surgery (Up to 53% Off)

The Fine Print

  • Expires Aug 21st, 2013.
  • Limit 1 per person, may buy multiple as gifts. Valid only for option purchased. Must be 18 or older. Services must be used by same person. Not valid for pregnant or breast feeding women. Full refund for candidates not eligible for lift. Consultation required. Must avoid aspirin, blood thinners, and alcohol for 1 week prior to treatment.

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Is it safe for my eyes after I have lasik? In your experience, how many percentage of the unsuccesful result after the procedure? Can I drive home by myself after the procedure? How many days for full recovery? Thank you.

Widya N.  asked on  Aug 16, 2012


It is safe after lasik as long as there is not significant dry eyes. Very rare and uncommon to have an unsuccesful result. You will need a driver after the procedure. On average, 1 week for full recovery.

Dr. S.  from  Merchant  replied on  Aug 18, 2012


Is this a procedure for an Asian woman 46 yrs of age?

lauren c.  asked on  Aug 17, 2012


Yes. If there is excess skin that drooping onto the eyelashes.

Dr. S.  from  Merchant  replied on  Aug 18, 2012


How does this procedure differ from a blepharoplasty? Is this procedure useful to correct dark circles?

Adrian  asked on  Aug 15, 2012


Dear Adrian, It is blepharoplasty using a laser instead of a blade. Regarding dark circles, it depends on the cause. There are about 5 different causes of dark circles. If the dark circle is caused by the shadow of lower eyelid bags, then yes. Thank you.

Dr. S.  from  Merchant  replied on  Aug 15, 2012


I Just want to clarify. Does $1,499 covers only one eyelid or both?

Susan B.  asked on  Aug 15, 2012


Dear Morgan, Both :) Thank you.

Dr. S.  from  Merchant  replied on  Aug 15, 2012


Why so much for this procedure? You can almost get a more permanent plastic surgery procedure for a little more. This procedure is too cost prohibitive.

 asked on  Aug 14, 2012


Dear Deborah, This is the most permanent plastic surgery procedure. It is not laser resurfacing of the skin! Thank you for your interest.

Dr. S.  from  Merchant  replied on  Aug 14, 2012


is this permanent or how long this this last when you get this done?

sun h.  asked on  Aug 14, 2012


Dear Sun, Thank you for your interest. It involves removal of excess and/or fat. So it is very long lasting. It is impossible to say exactly how long in each individual because some people develop the excess skin and fat bulging more slowly and some people more quickly. However, it usually takes many years. Please see below for other frequently asked questions.

Here are some frequently asked questions on this feature.

Q. Are you good at this procedure?
A. Dr. Sepehr is board certified and he is also a fellowship trained in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He is a published expert. He has focused on plastic surgery of the face and eyes and performs all the procedures personally himself.

Q. I have heard this procedure requires a series of treatments with weeks to recover in between. Is this true?
A. I believe you are referring to different types of laser procedures for skin resurfacing. This type of Laser procedure that we are referring to here is an all laser, a bladeless method to remove the excess redundant skin from the eyelids – to rejuvenate the area – and for many women – making it much easier to put on make-up etc. – for many men & women – a better first impression to people in social or business situations….
The procedure is done in ONE session – - and will need a brief follow-up in about 1 weeks time. Hope this clarifies your question.

Q. Can I get this if I have had my upper lids done before?
A. Yes, if there is enough loose/drooping skin to remove.

Q. Are there sutures? Do they have to be removed?
A. Yes, but they can be the self dissolving kind that don't have to be removed.

Q. Can I get this done if I have other medical problems?
A. If you have Grave's disease or Sjogren's syndrome you are not a good candidate for this procedure. Otherwise, yes.

Q. What type of laser is used for this procedure?
A. The laser we use is the Cynosure Smartskin CO2 laser . This machine is considered by most to be the “Cadillac” of lasers as far as effectiveness, purity of energy, and dependability.

Q. How long do the results of this procedure last?
A. It is always interesting to think about how long a procedure lasts; the accurate way to look at the procedure is that we are able to knock off many years of aging from the eyelids – restore them to what they looked like 10 or 20 years ago depending on the individual; however, even the sophistication of our laser cannot stop the march of time . We are turning back the hands of times regarding your lids , but we cannot stop the progression of time. If you are taking care of the lids (protection from the sun & UV light ) we expect that you would not be noticing any progression of more bagginess for many years.

Q. Also, how long have you been performing this particular procedure and about how many per month do you average?
A. Dr. Sepehr has been performing this procedure for about 7 years. We are excited about the laser technique , because of the precision of the results, and the minimal swelling in the post-op period. We do not track exact numbers, and these numbers do vary, but Dr. Sepehr has done over a hundred of these procedures.

Q. I had deep laser resurfacing three years ago and was very happy with the results. In this procedure, do you remove excess skin and glue (or something) the area back together? With a blepharoplasty, sutures are required to bring together the area after tissue is removed. Will you please explain how this differs?
A. Our Cynosure Smartskin laser can be used for resurfacing as well as for cosmetic eyelid surgery. This upper eyelid lift (also known as blepharoplasty) is done in a unique was by us because of the use of the laser. The laser precisely and cleanly makes the fine incision , and the bruising is minimized because the laser simultaneously is cauterizing any small vessels along the way. A fine suture is utilized , creating a fine , discrete incision that is in the fold of the upper lid. The suture is easily removed after two weeks. Because of the minimal swelling , an individual is able to return to work and other normal activities very quickly.

Q. When would I be able to schedule an appointment?
A. You can schedule your consultation with your Groupon by calling us at 949-371-MYMD (6963). During this consultation, we will be able to meet each other and explain the experience to you in more detail to increase your comfort level.

Q. Where can I see before and after photos?
A. You can see a couple of expected/usual results on our website
We can also show you more photos in the confidential environment of our office.
We’ll look forward to meeting you !

Q. How is this procedure different from a brow lift?
A. A brow lift involves a surgical elevation of the much thicker tissue at and above the brow. Our Groupon deal involving the Laser eyelid lift addresses the eyelids as opposed to the brows. We are focusing on the drooping of the eyelids with this Groupon. However, if during the consultation Dr. Sepehr finds that you would also benefit from a brow lift he will demonstrate that to you and our Groupon patients would be eligible for a 25% reduction in the brow lift fee.

Q. Do you have before/after pics on your site.
A. We have some pics on our website.
And you can see more when you come into the office.

Q. Is this procedure painful?
A. During the procedure, we are able to keep you comfortable with the local anesthetic – feels like a momentary mosquito bite on the surface of each eyelid. This anesthetizes the whole area and you are comfortable for the rest of the procedure. If necessary, we can also give you some mild oral sedation. After the procedure, we find that people are significantly more comfortable with the laser method as opposed to the traditional method because there is generally significantly less swelling. Most people are able to return to light activities by the following day.

Q. The Groupon must be used by 1 year. Do you personally perform all the surgeries? How many per day are you comfortable performing, as I wouldn’t want you to be rushing?
A. We expect that a significant proportion of people, after taking advantage of the purchase of the deal now, plan to have the procedure months down the road. We have previously decided that from a scheduling standpoint we will do what it takes to accommodate our patients schedules.
Dr. Sepehr does all the procedures. We have a great team of staff; we pride ourselves on performing the procedures efficiently and meticulously. Utilizing the laser (as opposed to the traditional scalpel) helps that efficiency. Dr. Sepehr never rushes and takes his time to make sure that everything is just right. It is clearly to everyone’s benefit to utilize whatever amount of time is needed to perform the procedure. We generally allocate 1 hour per procedure; that usually is more than enough time. We are quite comfortable with our capacity for this groupon feature.

Q. What formula do you use or how do you go about determining and agreeing with your patient on how much upper lid will be visible in the final result?
A. The Laser technology we use is part of the “Science” of medicine: determining the amount of tissue to remove is part of the “Art” of medicine. Our goal is to remove just enough tissue that the fold of the upper eyelid is restored without any excess tissue. Our experience with eyes gives us the background of respecting the importance of not over-doing it, since we are always cognizant and respectful of the health of your eyes as well. Everyone’s lids are a little different, and part of what we discuss when we see you will be a customized plan for your individual circumstances, always in the background respecting and communicating what is best for the final appearance as well as the health of your eyes.
In short, our patient's goals are always our goals, but it is only with detailed communication during the consultation that Dr. Sepehr gets a clear picture of those goals and also helps in defining what may or may not be the safest and most natural results.

Q. I hear that this procedure can be covered by insurance if your vision is somewhat impeded. I’m considering this procedure one way or the other, but was curious if you accept insurance for this procedure.
A. Insurance companies occasionally cover eyelid surgery if there is drooping of the lids that is so extreme that it obstruct vision. This Groupon deal is for cosmetic improvement of the eyelids as a result of drooping. As you are aware , no insurance company will cover any cosmetic procedure.
In addition , on the occasional covered procedure, where the eyelids are actually obstructing vision, insurance will NOT cover the use of the laser – only the old scalpel method (with its issues of extreme post-operative swelling & bruising – unlike the laser procedure)
This Groupon deal is not a procedure that is covered by insurances.

Q. Is this safe?
A. Your eyes are protected throughout the entire procedure. It is very safe.
Complications are rare and you can reduce the risks by strictly following the instructions before and after the procedure. There may be tiny whiteheads that your surgeon can remove. There may be slight asymmetry before and after procedure. In some patients the eyes may open slightly during sleep causing dry eyes; very rarely this condition may be permanent. As with any procedure, there may be bleeding or infection. However, the benefits that laser upper eyelid lift affords, like an enhanced appearance and improvement in sight for those with extremely droopy eyelids, are long-lasting and can be life-changing.

Q. Is there an age limit?
A. Its never too late to get this done and look your best...especially with the technology available today. While most people who undergo eyelid surgery are older than 35, those who have inherited droopy eyelids sometimes undergo the procedure as early as their 20′s.

Dr. S.  from  Merchant  replied on  Aug 14, 2012

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