Ray F.

Love the Vin club! my favorite place in SF by far! and so close to Tomasso’s =) Perfect match!

Kelly g.

It’s is a great place….but it’s in North Beach, not Nob Hill…..duh.

Angela W.

Definitely in North Beach! This is a chill space with excellent vino. Make a night of it and head around the corner to Tomasso’s for the best pizza in the city… or have it delivered straight to the Vin Club, which is not only allowed, it’s encouraged! You can’t go wrong with this buy.

Can you use this Groupon on Friday for their $5 wine by the glass deal? Can you use this Groupon towards food from Tommasso’s (if you have it delivered to Vin Club) since they are owned by the same people?

Probably not Sophia… the fine print says not valid with other offers.

Do we need to make a reservation since it could get crazy with all the groupon users?

I know it says that in the fine print, but it always does and some of the other ones I have used have let you use it on happy hour prices. Can someone from Groupon respond to my questions? Thank you!


sofia – the deal can not be redeemed on Happy Hour/Fri 5 for $5 nor Tommaso’s food items (also, anything ordered from Tommaso’s has to be picked up and brought over, Tommasos DOES NOT deliver. It’s just across the street tho). I hope this helps.


We are planning on dropping in Sunday evening to check out the Vin Club for the first time! Do you think there will be mobs of people? I have a lot of Day-on-the-Green experience getting up to the front (alas but I was a wee bit younger then). Either way, the mom and I are game. Can someone from the Sunday night crowd respond? thanks

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