Laurie S.

how do you buy the bodywrap? If i hit the buy button it is for the salt cave.

Virginia L.

The deal says one groupon per person, is it one treatment per person? I would like to try both.

You have to click the arrow next to the buy button :)

Is there a weight limit on the chairs in the salt room?

What is the expiration date on this? It just says “expiration varies,”

I clicked the arrow to buy both offers. Still can only get 1 at a time since there is no “shopping cart.” Are we to purchase both via two separate transactions? Thanks!

April C.

Question how long does the body wrap last?

Kelly K.

Timeless Spa and Salt Cave is Great~ The Thermojet treatement last 45 minutes and can be customized to your session too(heat levesl). The Salt cave has heped my Brain Fog frm Fibromyalgia disapperas after a Salt Cave and rest and relax in zero gravity chairs while listening to the sounds on relaxtion music and ocean:. I been there several times fo help my chronic fatigue and chronic pain. Jody has many healing treatments for pain and relaxation…….


Rosanna B.

I got confused when purchasing. If I bought two gifts (it seems like those cannot be changed once bought like the one for myself), one for my husband and one for myself, is that okay? I bought them for our 26th Anniversary. I did not buy one separately for myself (I was able to cancel this) because of this confusion.

I just sent an email about this groupon. I meant to order 2 of the thermojet treatments, one for myself and one as a gift. Unfortunately I got confused and ended up sending both as a gift. How do I fix this?

I just purchased 2 of each, one set for myself and one set for my daughter. Is it okay that I did not purchase the second of each deal as a gift and just did a qty of 2 for each deal?
Do you know if you can have both the Thermojet tmt and Salt cave during the same visit?

Courtney W.

I want to buy 2 of each – one for me and one as a gift. Can they (salt treatment & wrap) be redeemed at the same, so we can make a spa day of it?

Angel F.

Does this groupn expire?

Patty V.

Can you have the thermowrap done with a friend in the same room? Thought that might be hysterical! Also, are you alone in the salt room or can you do that together too?

Carol S.

I intented to purchase Groupons for one salt cave and one thermojet treatment from Timeless Spa for my personal use. I wound up with one salt cave Groupon and two thermojet treament Groupons. I was not successful in cancelling the second thermojet Groupon. How do I fix this?

Stephanie S.

This is my first time using groupon and I bought two wraps one for me and one I will give someone. How long does it take to process the order? I have not received anything since I bought it about two hours ago?

I am wondering if I can use one groupon bought for me by me and a second groupon bought for me by a friend. Great minds think alike and my friend and I just bought eachother dual spa-days without knowing it. Thanks.

Colanne S.

@Stephanie – I think they say to allow up to a day, but it’s usually much quicker than that.

Carol S.

Edit purchase and then cancel did not work. I also sent an email to support @groupon.com. I guess I’ll have to be patient.

Is it weird that a man wants to do this?

Tim H.

Dennis, I don’t think it is weird. I’m doing it.

Lauren B.

I bought 2 of the wraps. Will this cause a problem with my order?
Should I have purchased one at a time?
They are for me and a friend…..I guess I will call the spa and schedule our appts at the same time…hopefully we can have the wraps in the same roon


I placed my order before 9am and it still says processing! do I need to give it more time?

mari b.

Ordered one of each spa offering and have still not received a confirmation. Looks like the purchase is still pending after a couple of hours. What do you suggest that I do?

Olesya K.

thanks Mike!

Lauren B.

Mike, thanks for all your help.

Can I purchase both the salt cave and the thermo wrap at the same time? I am looking to buy both for myself and both for a friend as a gift

Kelly K.

Guess I had too much Brain Fog from my earlier post about Timeless! Great Place to Be:)


Wendy M.

This is my first time using groupon. Purchasing one for myself and one as a gift is confusing, and it seems I’m not alone. Groupon, please make it more straightforward. If I use quantity of 2, there should be a way to indicate one of them is for a gift. I ended up doing 2 transactions to be sure. It’s a pain.

How long do the results of the Thermojet treatment last? I’m assuming it’s all water loss and the inch or so comes back quickly?

Paula S.

I bought 2 cave treatments and named it as a gift … I wanted 1 for me and 1 as a gift. But I bought both at once. The order doesn’t seem to have gone through, and now I can’t cancel it as it shows up as a GIFT that is pending for 2 cave treatments. Help. How do I cancel this one that looks like 2 gifts?

M K.

Thanks so much! This is going to be my “kids go back to school” gift. I bought one of each…for myself! ;-)

Julie C.

I was trying to order 1 groupon for the salt cave for myself and 1 for my friend as a gift and ended up buying 2 as a gift for my friend and not one for myself. I have two questions
1) the order has been processing for over 1 hour – if it is not done processing by the time today’s deal ends do I not get the groupon?
2) Can I use one of the groupon gifts and my friend use the other one, even though they are both “gifts” for my friend?


Lori d.

I am in the same boat as Julie C. My order is still processing 8 hours later. It was almost midnight when I did it. What’s up with that?

Kim M.

I ordered 2 of the body wraps yesterday and signed in. I forgot that my credit card listed had expired. I just went to fix it but I’m not sure if my order went through . . .

Patrice W.

I’m so sorry that I missed this groupon. How long will it be before it’s offered again?

Regan W.

hi, i thought you could cancel your groupon? how do i do that? is it too late once i receive the email and my card has been charged? i thought i read yesterday that you can still cancel as long as you haven’t printed your groupon. please help?

Just called to schedule…only 1 person can do the Thermojet at once :( A little disappointed about that since I thought it was 2. Can’t wait to get this done though!

Does anyone have a salt cave groupon they don’t want? I would like to buy an extra one.

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