Cinnamon R.

The Tucson Botanical Gardens Groupon says: Expiration Date Oct 10, 2011. What is this the expiration date for????

Is this the expiration date to print it? Use it for the first time? Or what? I am confused.

I JUST obtained my Family Membership and it will not do me any good if it expires on Oct. 10th 2011.
The Groupon further states that this is a year membership and more slots are remaining. How can that be if it expires on Oct. 10th? I am assuming it does NOT expires on the October date but I need to know what October 10th 2011 is the expiration date for the Tucson Botanical Gardens..

Brette V.

Hi Cinnamon,

This expiration date for this Groupon refers to the date you need to activate your membership by, which is October 10, 2011. Your membership will expire one year from the date you activated your membership.


Forum Moderator

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