Terry S.

Eight dollars sounds like a steal for a good time …BUT, why does the deal indicate that it is 60% off when it is only good for a $10.00 show? Could explain why not many people have jumped on this “deal”.

Robyn D.

This is $8 for 2 $10 dollar tickets. So, its $4 for each ticket which is a 60% savings off the $10 regular price.

Brent M.

Has any one been B4? Is it like the Punchline where they cram you in?

Justin H.

No, nothing like the Punchline. There are more than 120 seats and if you get there early enough you can claim a fluffy couch all for yourself.

Sybil B.

Can anyone give me a ‘rating’ on these shows? G – PG – PG13, etc…

Justin H.

G would definitely not describe an evening at The Village Theatre. I would put it somewhere between PG-13 and R. The actors only follow the directions that the audience give them, but some times the actors have to veto suggestions that are just too “blue.” They keep it as clean as the audience does.

this is such a great deal! village theater is by far the best comedy club in atlanta..

justin you rock btw.

Justin H.

thank you anonymous facebook poster. come back and have some fun with us again.

S. A.

heckuva deal…a night out for $8 bucks. In the parlance of our times…

sooo byob?? is a cooler okay??

Marybeth C.

Whyare all of these comments from 6 months agO/ I guess there was another deal then. Any new reviews??

Marybeth C.

Sorry for the horrible grammar errors above! Hit ‘Enter’ too fast.


What happened to this deal? Sold out?

I s the theater wheelchair accesable?

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