Ratna V.

Can this have honeycomb .. if so what are the additional costs?. There are many 16 GB android tablets selling for $250 or less!. Why is this such a good Groupon deal?

Erik T.

That’s a picture of ab iPad, isn’t it?

…a little misleading.

Dan D.

This ad is misleading with pictures of iPads and iPad accessories (charger). I’m surprised Groupon would allow this type of business conduct. For non-technical people out there, I’m sure they will be thinking they’ll be getting an iPad.

Joshua T.

I found a product details page for it. It appears that Voxcom is just flipping this no-name tablet on Groupon. Not sure what it really is.

Okay, only a fool will buy this. And Groupon’s foollish to take it on. Judging by the Voxcom website, it’s the Sanford & Son of tablets.

yeah, i just wasted 20 minutes doing research and trying to find out more about it. this groupon is a joke:( c’mon groupon, we expect more!

Jodi N.

Does a generic Android Tablet require a cellphone contract to use WI-Fi?

Kelly Z.

Misleading and deceptive trade practice? Showing an iPad instead of the knock-off product?

Brian W.

Groupon has sunk to a new low. I hope this “Voxcom” marketing outfit is paying Groupon a good chunk of change for peddling their snake oil. If I were going to buy a 16GB tablet, I’d shop around and avoid this piece of crap. Btw, is it 4GB or 16GB? The poorly translated spec sheet doesn’t seem to know the difference between RAM, flash, and hard disk. I can’t even tell what I’d be buying. And an 8" screen @ 800×600? Is it 1998 already?? ABVOID THIS THING. Shame on Groupon for stooping this low.

Kimberly M.

What brand is the tablet anyway – all it really says is that it supports Android.

B R.

You don’t need a cell phone service to get WiFi (which is available free at internet cafes, bookstores, airports, etc… and at home if you have wireless internet.)

I’m not sure a deal site like this can offer products like this at true deal prices. (e.g. Groupon & the seller both split the amount you pay… but the seller still has to make money on a product like this.) I’ll stick to Groupon for sellers mainly trying to build a client list…


You do not need a cell phone contract for this product.

Dawn C.

The information shows that they think the regular price for this tablet should be $497… are you kidding? That’s the same price as an iPad! Something smells here.

Daniel C.

I’m actually a little offended that Groupon accepted this deal. The images on their site on especially on the Groupon site are blatant false advertising… to the point I wouldn’t be surprised if Groupon or Voxcom got sued.

Did you know this tablet has "Game function:Games of android version " and “G-Talk,MSN,Skype chating tools etc”. Yep! “chating” tools. I love me some chating.

Voxcom’s own website is a joke as well. They’re just a reseller who specializes in door-to-door sales AND residential cleaning. I always buy my electronics based on recommendations from the maid.



This is ridiculous…I just unsubscribed. Bye Groupon.

nitin r.

For the sake of the 10 folks who actually bought this , i hope there aren’t 5 more who fall for this. There are far better (and cheaper $150) android tablets on Amazon/ebay.

“Built-in 4GB Hard Drive \ 16GB Memory”
16 Gb Ram? i doubt it. Or did Voxcom figure out how to store 16Gb of data on a 4gb harddrive?
using ipad’s pictures and iOS screenshots. Someone’s going to get sued.

on the other hand, livingsocial has a good deal today :)

Wow! Thanks everyone! I’m glad I saw the comments box to click on and read before going for this deal! I’m very naive about computer and techie stuff so Thanks so much!

D V.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! This reseller (not even a legitimate retailer) is wholesaling these from China or Hong Kong and they are SMALLER iPad knockoffs. They are using iPad photos on their website but this is only an 8" screen compared to the larger 10" iPad. Very disappointed that Groupon is running these deceptive ads and between this and them ‘sharing’ (aka selling) your poersonal ‘habits’ and other information it is an example of the direction the ‘NEW’ Groupon is heading. I have reported this ad and product to Apple at counterfeit@apple.com and suggest you do the same.

Victor P.

This is an awful deal. This tablet should cost about $100 or even less. Please people, just since this is on Groupon, does not mean it’s a good deal. Be wary and careful with whatever you buy. I surely hope that two more people do not buy this so the deal will not go through! Also, as others have said the images for this are clearly altered to make this appear like an Ipad! Not cool Groupon! Someone at Groupon needs to be a little more savvy about stuff like this. Also, where are the shills on this one telling us how this is such a great deal? Very sad

Good Morning Minneapolis,

There seems to be a lot of confusion over the deal today, which is understandable. This is a brand new product and it is a very unique feature for us.

The Tab-e is a tablet computer with Google Android 2.2 Upgradeable to 3.1. It has a built in 4GB hard drive and each order comes with an insert-able 16GB TF memory card to boost the hard drive size up to 16GB.

Each order comes with free shipping and a 1-year warranty automatically included.

Voxcom has a great presence in the wireless technology industry and an A from the Better Business Bureau, we are excited about this partnership.

I hope you all enjoy this great new product.

-Matt @ Groupon

Amy Z.

Whooa whoa…DV, aren’t you supposed to be at the Harry Potter movie right now? I’m surprised you have time to report this to Apple when you have to get into full costume before the show starts.

All I am saying is that this deal WITH SHIPPING and a free 1 year warranty is $250. Right off the bat, you are getting a sweet tablet for MORE than half the price of an iPad. Also, if you don’t like a deal [BC], then don’t buy it. No one is forcing you to purchase any deal you don’t like—do you want some cheese with that whine?

Reasons not to buy this tablet:
1. Their website attempts to mislead you. The very first picture on http://voxcominc.com/featured/ is a picture of Apple’s iPad and not of the Tab-e. In fact, because the picture was actually made by Apple, they could sue for copyright infringement. Another pictures that is of Apple’s iPad is the one under “External buttons and controls”, which even says “iPad” on the top left of the screen.
2. Their website doesn’t provide you with nearly enough information to lead you to believe that the product is actually worth anywhere near $500. For one thing, the GPU power of the device is completely omitted, so you have no idea how fast the device actually is.
3. The company selling the device does one other thing, residential cleaning. Would you trust the quality of your device to a cleaning company based in Minneapolis? Or to a globally respected electronics company like Samsung or Apple.
4. You can’t return if it you don’t like it.
5. It’s called the Tab-e. That has got to be the lamest name for a tablet ever. Saying it out loud makes it sound like “tabby.”
6. Apparently, this device has not existed on the internet until just recently, leading me to believe that they might have made this device for the sole purpose of having it on Groupon for whatever reason. If you search for “Voxcom Tab-e” on Google, all you get are sites talking about the Groupon deal.

Don’t waste your time. If you want a decent tablet for $250, buy the Nook Color. If you want a tablet that’s actually worth $500, by an iPad.

Victor P.

What type of processor does it have in it and what speed does it run at? Thanks.

The website doesn’t tell you at all. You should read the above post.


The CPU is a Dual core 800MHZ .


Wow, this really is a new low for Groupon. Unfortunately it looks like they got suckered in as well.

It took me just a few seconds of searching to find the identical front panel image from a legitimate iPad – (h t t p:// f r e e i p a d s . n e t / i m a g e s / i p a d / i p a d . j p g)

And of course this front panel image matches the knockoff Groupon is trying to sell… Picture: ( h t t p : / / v o x c o m i n c . c o m / w p – c o n t e n t / u p l o a d s / 2 0 1 1 / 0 6 / M 8 2 2 _ P i c 1 . j p g )

If you erase everything after 06/ in that last URL, you can view the rest of the pictures they didn’t post for the product…

roger w.

Groupon, please remove this deal. It is not a legitimate representation of the device offered!

Teresa T.

Yikes, I’ve just lost a lot of respect for Groupon…can’t believe they would offer this obviously scam product., that is using pictures of an ipad to tout it…

Ratna V.

Amazing – 30 people got suckered into this deal.

I don’t blame Groupon for this bad deal .. since I don’t expect Groupon local sales staff to be savvy on every deal they bring to market.

But those who are buying this deal … I am not sure what to make of them!!


Boo Groupon-

“Nothing is more important to us than treating our customers well.
If you ever feel like Groupon let you down, give us a call and we’ll return your purchase – simple as that.”

Here’s your call Groupon!


Well, I wasn’t stupid enough to purchase this, but you’ve let me down regardless.

Mami I.

Such a misleading picture! That picture itself just made me not want to buy anything from this company. Even the (white) accessories such as the charger look like they are trying to mimic Apple products.

Nothing bothers/frustrates me more than a dull touch panel. Cheap tablets (often times made in China…) tend to have that problem. I would rather pay few hundred dollars more and buy iPad which is guaranteed to work well and for a very smooth touch panel function. It definitely is not the area to be a frugal (especially I would use it everyday once I purchase it). It’s also just a bad idea to buy tablet before you actually touch it and test its function at stores.

Groupon didn’t get suckered. Groupon isn’t the reputable company in this equation. Just because Groupon, in the past, has offered several fairly good deals (a $20 for $10 at your local restaurant)… but Groupon’s adds 9 out of 10 days revolve around scams and shady business practices (spa treatments, weight loss, teeth whitening, etc).

Groupon is a joke. It’s for old spinster housewives, but somehow is in a tech bubble. This Groupon fad is going to die once the company is exposed more and more for crap shady deals like this one.

This is not misleading in any way, and if you thought this was an iPad, then you didn’t read. It clearly says Voxconn, nowhere does it mention apple or the ipad. The picture is exactly what the product looks like. It clearly has an android UI on it and it is made as an iPad knockoff. Also , I doubt groupon took that picture, it’s just the one that the company took.

Hey Matt @ Groupon… They’re not “hard” drives, they’re flash memory. And how does a 16 gig card plus 4 gigs internal = 16?

Basically, this 800×600, 8" pad is NOT worth $497, and when held up against similarly priced pads by Motorola, HP, Toshiba, and others at that price point would fail miserably in comparison. Claiming it’s a $497 value is disingenuity bordering on lying.

Hey Minneapolis,

I’m sorry that you do not feel that this is a great deal. We were excited to bring you a cool tech deal and get you a comparable product to an ipad at half of the cost. Voxcom was the ideal partner with their ability to find a great product and get it in large volume.

We are always striving to bring you great offers, hopefully tomorrow brings you something you love.

Matt @ Groupon


“Dual Core @ 800MHz” is much too vague to list as a specification for a CPU for a product. One could state my LG Optimus S (LS670) has a “dual core” CPU due to the Qualcomm MSM7227 (clocked at 600MHz) has a secondary core dedicated solely to modem function. The Samsung Galaxy Ace would be an example of a phone featuring the same CPU clocked at 800MHz.

Without knowing more CPU, GPU, and RAM information (as well as where exactly Honeycomb can be found for this device), the B&N Nook Color seems like it would be a much better deal over this for only $1 more.

Adam D.

I see no mention of a TOUCH-SCREEN interface….

So uhm…. what exactly is this?

If touch-anything, it’ll require a stylus….

Hell, does it even have a battery? or only AC powered?

Hi Adam,

This is absolutely a touch screen, no stylus required. Battery powered as well.


Battery and power:

Built-in 4500mAh High capacity Li-ion rechargeable battery Working for 7-8 hours Charging via power adapter or USB to computer system

0 bought
Limited quantity available
The deal is on!
Tipped at 10:10AM with 15 bought

This is at 11:50pm Friday the 15th. Did Groupon finally come to their senses and remove it?

Ratna V.

Great .. Looks like Groupon realized how bad this deal was and removed it …
This is great. Groupon cares its customers and is ready to rectify mistakes of local sales staff ..

The sales guy who brought this deal should be PROPERLY trained!!!

B R.

Thanks, Groupon! (I never lost faith in you.)

No so fast.. It looks like the Deal is tipped which means in Groupon lingo the deal is good to go.. Yeah your garbage for the fools born every minute.

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