Whitney L.

I think this is a great Groupon!

I bought it and am just confirming that there isn’t anything else I need to do to make sure the money goes to water.org. It says “redeem online” under their website link AND it sent a groupon to my available groupons on my account. Am I supposed to go to their site to complete my donation or am I done once I pay for my groupon?


richard y.

Same questions. I want to make sure they get my donation…

richard y.

Wow, you can learn just by reading. I “printed” the coupon and it has instructions. You need to go to the Water.org website to redeem the donation.

richard y.

Not as simple as I made it sound. No indication on the water.org site on how to redeem. I hope they can correct that.

Mary A.

Don’t just go to the main water.org site – you have to go to MY.water.org/GROUPON (like it says on the coupon). There you’ll see a green banner at the top of the screen that says “Click ‘Join the Community’ below to redeem your Groupon.” It’ll ask you to sign up (user name, enter your email, pick a password, etc.), and then you’ll receive a confirmation email. In that email there will be a link to click on to activate/confirm your membership. I’m assuming becoming a member of the site is what triggers payment of the “anonymous donor’s” $10 contribution. (Your $15 contribution should already have gone through on your credit card.)

richard y.

Just got confirmation that no action is required for Water.org to receive the donation. Reponse below:

On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 11:55 AM, Utility Emails <utilityemails@water.org> wrote:

The Communications Director tells me that the moment you purchased the Groupon we have credit for the donation and the match. I am hearing that joining the community does not affect the Groupon donation, as you surmised. Rosemary Gudelj | Donor Care Specialist | Water.org

THanks everyone for clarifying the process. I just opted in due to the clarity of response.

Patricia C.

Another great groupon. I forwarded to my friends and family. A lot of drops will fill a bucket of water. The more drops the more buckets.

Water sustains our physical bodies, “Living Water” sustains us spirtiually. A great cause. Thanks for donating everyone, God Bless.

Paul D.

By joining this fantastic charity foundation, I believe as a whole could save millions of lives of those poor African children and their families. I pledge to donate $400 dollars to this foundation so that I know I could have done everything I can for the ones who are less fortunate than I am. I hope all for the best. Let us all contribute to help decrease the amount of lost hope in the African nation. Thank- you
Paul D

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